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Melanie Perry was designing her latest line and all she wanted to do was pack up and head home to her husband Jake and their 17 year old daughter, Holly.

"Mel?" Called a voice

She looked up to see her husband Jake Perry standing there.

"Hey honey," He said kissing her. "What's wrong?" He asked

"Jake, I've been thinking. We can still run our businesses, can come here when needed. But I think we should head home to Alabama."

"I agree with you." Jake said watching his wife

"You do?" Melanie asked shocked

"Mel, as much as I love the city. Alabama is our home. It will be a good place to raise Holly. We wouldn't have to worry so much about her. I think we should move back."

"Well Mr Perry," Melanie said getting up and wrapping her arms around her Jake's neck. "I agree with you."

"Good, now all we have to do is tell Holly." Jake said

Perry's apartment

"Did you both hit your heads or something?" Holly asked looking between her mother and father

"No." Melanie and Jake said in union

"Then why move back to Alabama?" Holly asked

"It's a great place to live." Melanie said

"NYC has everything." Holly said staring at the floor

"It has good high school, the boys have their heads screwed on and you'll have more freedom." Jake said staring at his daughter

"I'm about to start my last year of high school! I have friends! I won't fit in Alabama! I hate you both!" Holly stormed into her room and slammed the door behind her.

"That went well." Jake said

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Earl Smooter, Pearl Smooter and Stella Perry were standing on the porch Of Jake and Melanie's Alabama home.

"My babies are home!" Pearl shouted

"Hey mom." Melanie said before getting pulled into a hug

Jake shook Earl's hand and then he hugged his mother.

Holly got out and rushed inside the house.

"What's wrong with Holly?" Stella asked

"She doesn't want to be here." Melanie said worried about her teenage daughter.

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