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A week later,

Earl Smooter, Pearl Smooter and Stella Perry were standing on the porch Of Jake and Melanie's Alabama home.

"My babies are home!" Pearl shouted as Melanie and Jake got out of their jeep/

"Hey mom," Melanie said before getting pulled into a hug.

Jake shook Earl's hand and then he hugged his mother.

Holly got out and rushed inside the house.

"What's wrong with Holly?" Stella asked concern about her granddaughter.

"She doesn't want to be here." Melanie said worried about her teenage daughter.

An hour later,

"Holly?" Melanie asked walking into her daughter's bedroom to find boxes still unopened and her daughter staring out of her bedroom window listening to her IPod.

"Holly," Melanie repeated tapping her daughter on the shoulder.

Holly spun around and grudgingly took her ea-phones out of her ears.

"Yeah?" she asked.

"Honey, I know you don't want to be here. I have a deal to offer you," Melanie sad watching as Holly's eyes lit up.

"What kind of deal?" Holly asked suspiciously.

"We will stay in Alabama for six months. If you still hate it after those six months, then we will move back to NYC, so you can finish the rest of your senior year," Melanie said watching her daughter.

"O.k.," Holly said agreeing to the plan."You should start getting unpacked, we've got people coming for dinner," Melanie said walking out.

A couple of hours later,

Holly walked into the kitchen to find loads of people sitting around the table.

"Hey honey," Jake said as Holly sat down. "You remember Bobby Ray, Lurlynn, Sheriff Wade, Doretha, Clinton and our next door neighbours Matt, Shelly and their son, Chase."

Holly turned to see a tall guy standing there. His blonde hair shined in the sun and his blue eyes sparkled. He was tanned and was wearing jeans with holes in, a tight fitting shirt and boots.

"Hey Holly, good to see you again," he said eyeing her up and down.

"How could I possible forget Chase? He traumatised me when I was six years old," Holly sarcastically said.

"It was just one little frog," Chase said laughing that Holly was still holding that grudge against him.

"I was six and you put it down my back," Holly said staring into his eyes.

"I do apologize," Chase said sitting down.

"Holly, Chase will be taking you to and from school," Melanie said.

"Why can't I walk?" Holly asked.

"It's too far," Stella said eating some salad.

"I could get the bus," Holly said thinking of every option that wasn't getting in a car with Chase.

"The bus doesn't come here," Bobby Ray said understanding what Holly was trying to do.

"Can't you give me a lift?" Holly asked looking between Jake and Melanie.

"No," they both said.

"Do you really hate me?" Chase asked. "I am really sorry about that frog, I promise never to do it again," he said with a smile.

"Fine, looks like I have no choice anyway," Holly grumpily said.

"Cheer up Holly, I am going to make sure you have fun!" Chase said standing up and wrapping an arm around Holly's shoulders.

"Oh, this is such a Kodak moment," Pearl said getting out her camera.

"No o.k.!" Holly said pushing Chase's arm off her and storming out.

"She is certainly going to livening things up around here, isn't she?" Chase asked thinking about how close she had been to him.

"Trust us Chase, you'll never be bored," Jake said with a twinkle in his eye.

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"Morning sunshine," Chase said looking Holly up and down. She was wearing jeans, trainers, a black tank top, a black cardigan, a messenger bag and a baseball cap.

"What's your deal? Boy bands making a comeback?" she snapped as she passed him.

Chase smiled as he shut the door. "Things are never going to be the same around here again," he quietly said to himself.

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