Author's Note: God I've been such a slag for not finishing this. I'm sorry everyone. I'll try to be quicker; I'm trying to focus on my writing more now I really am. I am truly sorry.

Jeff Hardy had thought he was crazy before, but he was slowly learning that wasn't true. He knew what crazy was now, what it was to be driven insane. It was having to see Shannon Moore, his personal assistant all bright eyed and dressed perfectly to the nines, no matter what he was wearing every damn morning while Jeff himself was still fuzzy eyed and trying to grasp a coherent thought. Or at the very least a coherent thought that extended beyond "must fuck." This was one of those mornings.

Shannon grasped the sheets his boss was trying to pull over his head once again, just like he did every morning with a small smile. He was beginning to care deeply for Jeff and found habits like wanting five more minutes or taking a half hour in the bathroom to "beautify" himself endearing where others wouldn't. He couldn't help but laugh softly as Jeff grabbed the sheets from him and pulled it over his head again. It really was endearing, especially the way Jeff pouted when Shannon tried to get the sheets off of him again.

"Jeff, you've got to get up you have a photo shoot," Shannon sat on the edge of his bed. He'd slept in himself and couldn't believe it when he woke up finding that he had to have Jeff up dressed and ready in two hours.

Groaning Jeff shook his head but rolled over; looking up at Shannon he squinted. "Why?" He practically whined, tucking the sheet in around himself as he studied Shannon's appearance. For once Shannon wasn't fully dressed, his jeans hugged him in all the right places but it was the wife beater that got Jeff's attention. It showed off those gorgeous muscled arms and he knew when muscled arms were gorgeous, he worked around them practically twenty four hours a day it seemed.

"Because people like you, and they want to see you on covers of magazines and in magazines. They need to see you because otherwise it's like you're dead," Shannon replied softly, patting him on the back he resisted the urge to stroke the smooth line of his back that wasn't covered by the sheets. It was getting harder and harder to stay away from Jeff lately; often finding he was barely able to hang onto his control.

Jeff groaned and tossed his covers off, looking up at Shannon. "Now I remember why I needed a personal assistant." He muttered gruffly, trying to ignore the sight of Shannon looking just too damn good in the morning. "How long do I have?" He questioned, managing to get up he gripped the nightstand feeling a little teetery.

"Two hours," Shannon responded, wincing in anticipation for the explosion that was to follow.

"Shannoooon," Jeff whined, already heading for the bathroom as quickly as possible. "That's almost impossible," He told him, grumpiness seeming to settle in on him already.

Shannon just shrugged his shoulders lightly, used to the way that Jeff was by now, used to the other mans mood swings and anger. He walked back into his room grabbing his clothing off the bed and headed into the shower. He couldn't help but think about what Jeff could possibly be doing to take so long in the shower. He cursed himself softly, knowing that he wouldn't be able to get that image out of his head from that point on and it would most likely drive him to the brink so to speak. He could feel the heaviness that was his arousal, his attraction for Jeff in the pit of his stomach and fought to ignore it through his shower, changing the temperature of the water.

Jeff showered as quickly as was possible for him, jumping out he made his way into his room, clutching the towel around his waist he knew he was going to be in a foul mood for the rest of the day. His assistant, despite being gorgeous had a habit of sleeping through his alarm just as Jeff did his and despite that Jeff didn't have the heart to fire him. Why? Partially because he was excellent at his job other than that; partially because he was fucking gorgeous despite his shy nature.

"Shannon I need your help," Jeff bellowed, feeling petulant and childish, mostly just because he could. He knew it was stupid, he knew his dad would most likely cuff him one upside the head for that tone of voice and the attitude he had when he didn't get things the way he wanted them.

Clambering out of the shower Shannon wrapped his robe around himself and quickly made his way into Jeff's room, not wanting to keep him waiting when he was clearly so impatient and in such a sour damn mood. It got to the point where some days Shannon was happy to do pointless errands for the other man because he could be such a pain in the ass.

"What do you need me to do?" He asked once he'd reached the room, his voice coming out choked when he realized that the other man was in fact only wearing a towel. He could forgive Jeff anything if all he wore most of the time was that towel. In fact he would do anything to get Jeff to wear only a towel, permanently, professionalism be damned.

"I need you to call the people who are responsible for the photo shoot and ask them if I am to dress for the occasion or if they have something in mind for me as far as wardrobe goes," Jeff told him, sitting down on the bed he began drying his hair, propping one leg up he didn't seem to realize or care that the movement caused his towel to slip open slightly, revealing part of the delicious V of his hips.

Shannon stared, completely open mouthed frozen in shock he breathed deeply a few minutes before grabbing Jeff's itinerary off of the nightstand and heading into his room and slamming the door shut between the two. He made his way to his bed and dialed with a shaking hand, not caring what his employer thought of him for his behavior or if it would get him in trouble. If he spent another second in that room with Jeff he was going to find himself in a world of trouble and that was one of the certainties in life.

Jeff gaped at the door, slightly surprised as he'd not seen Shannon react that way to anything in the short time he'd known him, "Good god my assistant is completely fucking crazy," He murmured to himself before he unwrapped the towel from around himself and wiped away the moisture on his chest and back, pulling on a t-shirt and boxers he waited, lounging on his bed to get an answer from Shannon idly studying his nails and wondering if he should repaint them or if they would at the photo studio. He was horrible at doing his right hand and all of a sudden he laughed out loud, realizing that he'd not only nearly exposed himself to Shannon but that he was turning into a complete diva. "Next thing you know I'll be asking people to drop rose petals into the toilet before I take a piss." He laughed again softly, shaking his head and settled for turning on the television.


Shannon was beginning to question his own sanity at this point, wondering what the hell he was doing standing off to the side, watching Jeff get photographed like that. He could barely believe his eyes even as they feasted on the expanse of flesh. What had been explained to them once they had reached the studio had made even Jeff blush and Shannon thereafter as he watched the shoot taking place. Evidently there had been a plunge in females watching the show due to lack of storyline that truly interested them, lack of good female wrestling and according to the female photographer who thought she was the next Annie Leibovitz there was not enough flesh.

It wasn't really up to Shannon, but if it were he would say that the McMahon's had become certifiably insane, all in one night. That's all there was to it and he didn't even know what to say because it was required for him to be there as well so that Jeff wouldn't get uncomfortable due to it being an all female staff except for, oddly enough, in Shannon's mind the male makeup artist. He was a liberal guy but there was something up there and he wasn't quite sure what it was, well, he knew exactly what it was.

Shannon didn't like the way the woman was pawing at Jeff like she was a tiger and Jeff was her next meal. He wanted to be the one moving the sheet away from that tanned, smooth flesh. He wanted to be the one to kiss a trail along Jeff's flesh, he had wanted to do that to Jeff that very morning but he'd run out before he could. Why? Because he was worried about professionalism…Jeff flirted with him at every opportunity he could get.

Who gave a damn about professionalism? He certainly didn't right now as his eyes raked once again over Jeff's almost nude form. It was hard to resist, almost impossible. He stood up from his seat which he'd sunk into when realizing he needed desperately to do something about what he was feeling and raked a hand through his hair. He needed to get out, but he couldn't leave quite yet until Jeff was finished the shoot otherwise the older man would throw a shit fit.

"And that's a wrap!" The photographer declared in an over the top, whispy wanna be Marilyn Monroe type voice, her red hair flying as she headed to the bed shaking Jeff's hand once she got there. She dropped a card with her phone number on his chest and grinned like a cheap whore, "Call me if you ever want photos taken without the sheet."

Jeff barely contained a shudder of revulsion at her words and tore up the card the minute she was out of sight, sitting up in the bed he wrapped the sheets tightly around himself. "Remind me to take these with me so I can burn them, after I take a shower hot enough to melt the feel of that woman off my skin," He told Shannon standing up slowly.

Shannon nodded automatically, having come to realize that this was the response Jeff generally expected from him. His eyes were still drawn to what the sheet didn't cover, his pectorals, his side and the curve of one hip as it slid lower and lower.

"Right," He murmured huskily, licking his bottom lip and nodding once again. Shannon's face felt flushed and he imagined it was almost the colour of a Coke can.

"Are you okay Shannon?" Jeff asked actually sounding concerned for once instead of demanding like he'd been lately. The busier his schedule got the more stressed he became and even he had to admit he'd been treating Shannon like a complete jackass lately, something he did regret and he'd definitely have to do something to make it up to the other man.

Shannon cleared his throat and flushed even more, "Yeah…I was just…I mean I was…" He gestured helpless hoping flinging his hands to either side and nearly hitting Jeff in the face would explain something.

Jeff looked at him like he was losing his mind, apparently the gesture hadn't helped at all and added a degree of insanity to what Jeff must have thought about Shannon in that moment. "Right," He frowned for a moment then a sly grin crept across his face. "I don't suppose you were admiring my svelte physique?" He teased lightly and deliberately allowed the sheet to slide down just a little bit more.

Gathering his courage Shannon nodded, "I have been all damn day," He admitted taking a step toward Jeff and gripping the sheet, tugging at it enough so that the curve of Jeff's gorgeous ass was revealed. "So how about we get through the rest of your appointments and you can take me out for dinner then maybe, just maybe I'll drill you into the mattress later." He smirked, echoing Jeff's own smirk which was quickly falling from his face before turning and walking out.

Jeff stared after him until the door clicked shut then he laughed out loud, hurrying to get ready. If Shannon had just given him that motivation earlier getting dressed wouldn't have been a problem, well until after other problems were taken care of. He only hoped that the normally shy and timid young man would actually take the initiative and do it, but the fire in Shannon's eyes when he'd said those words was permanently burnt into the very core of Jeff's soul that was for sure.

Shannon felt terror grip him the moment he left the room and leaned against the wall, practically gasping for air. He was going to lose his job! He'd just propositioned his boss!

He calmed gradually, there were ways to lose his job. At least this one he would get some enjoyment out of.