Avatar's Girl

by Lady Wolfy, a loyal Kataang author.

A Kataang (no duh...)

Disclaimer: I might not have created the Avatar, but that doesn't mean this story isn't amazing!

Chapter 1: Aang's Girl

A bright, gleaming sun shone down on the faces of the Gaang as they walked through the Ba Sing Se marketplace, filling their baskets with fruit.

"It's like the royal treatment," Aang commented. "I feel guilty, taking all this free food." Sokka laughed loudly.

"Aang, c'mon, you deserve this. Avatar, master of all four elements, world savior? We traveled all around the world training you up, and its finally paid off. Free food, the best house in the city, and getting to do whatever we want." Sokka yawned widely and tossed a mango in the basket lazily.

"But all these people have to pay with their hard earned money, and we're just taking...and taking..." Aang took the mango out of the basket and put it back, causing Sokka to role his eyes.

"We'll just take what we need." Katara glared at her brother. "Besides, it's not like we're just a bunch of lazy, royal-blooded kids. We did earn this."

"I suppose..." Aang was about to say 'let's go home' when Katara ran into some taller guy. His hair was slick and shiny, his teeth perfect and white, and his body trim and rock-hard. Aang didn't like the look this kid was giving her. Not one bit.

"Oh, excuse me." Katara was about to side-step around the guy when he placed a firm hand on her should. A little too firm.

"It's no problem at all. The name's Yuan... My dad owns about half this city."

"Whoa, hands off her buddy." Aang glared at the guy, slapping his hand off Katara.

"What is he, your body guard?" Yuan laughed. "Sweetie, wanna come with and maybe find a shaded spot to do a little kissing in or what?"

"Don't talk to Katara that way!" Aang shouted, stepping in front of Katara. Sokka opened his mouth to speak a little too late.

"Yeah, the Avatar can kick your slick n' sorry ass," Toph spat, joining in.

"The Avatar is it?" The guy stepped back. "Sorrrrrryyyy Mister Avatar. Didn't mean to get my paws on your girl." Katara's eyes widened at his words. He walked off before any of them could comment.

"I didn't even get a chance to punch him," Sokka muttered as they resumed their walking. "Aang's even more protective then I am!"

"I don't like those type of guys. Seriously, he asked Katara to go...kiss him... he's a slimy jerk..." Aang's voice trailed off. He seemed overly interested in his feet.

"He called me your girl..." Katara whispered with amazement coating her voice.

"That is basically what Aang's body language was pointing towards. Every part of him seemed to screamed 'get your hands off my girl!'" Toph chuckled. "It's no secret Aang's in love with you Sugar Queen." They had reached their house. Sokka flung the door open and put the basket on the table. Aang, still being quiet and distant, walked to his room without looking at any of them, totally unaffected by Toph's casual use of the word.

"Whas wib 'im?" Sokka asked, his mouth full of fruit.

"Gee, I wonder..." Toph muttered. Katara walked outside, having no interest in listening to them argue.

"Aang's girl?" she whispered to herself, staring at the grass with a confused expression spread on her face.


Another long story I've decided to start. "Avatar's Girl" ... I'm not sure how long this will last. I'm still looking for more ideas.

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