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Halo Emblem: A New Crisis

the world of tellius is vast. But it is not as vast and the universe of whic the Tellians know so very little. this story is aboutt he even that changed everything..then event that would thrust tellius into the alrger conflict.

the conflict of TERROR


when we last left master cheif he was drifitn gtowards and unknown plantet in a cryogenic sleep the the back half of a ship. they were not going to be rescued for a long time and master chief ad not brought his XBOX 1080 and so he was very bored. so he went to sleep. he did not think he would be needed but he found out tha the would soon be needed. because they were crashing onto the unknown planet

"master chief you must awaken for you are needed " said cortana

the ship burneded like a shooting star as it approached the planet

for 5 minutes it did this until finally it slammed into the plaet with a defeanting roar. but master chief did not die so easily and he busrt out of the wreckage

"cortana you must wait here i will scout out the lands" said master chief and he got his guns and left the ship


meaningwhile in crimea mia (3) and edward were fighting to see whow as the best. they were both trubelades and thie rfight was even but eventually edward was overcome back the allure of her breasts and he was defeated

"ha! you lose" said mia

"you cheated" said edward as he begna to cry. suddenly they saw a big green man approaching

"it is the algeeman" sad edward. "dont worry mia i will prove to you my strength: he ran at the green man

"enemy sighted. engaging enemy" said master chief to no one as he loaded his gun. he aimed at edward, fired, but missed

"what the h-e-double hockeysticks was that" said edward as he narrowly dodged the bullet. "no matte, i will defeat you!" and he swung at master chief but his puny sword and low str counted break the MJOLNIR armor mc was wearing.

"you are weak" said mc as he fired his gun right at edwards head. he hit and blood came cushing from the wound as edward crumpled into a heap. but mia was unharmed so it didnt matter

"i knew he was stupid but i didnt know that he would do somethign like that" said mia. "so who are you"

"i am master chief" said mc "but you can call me john. because my name is john and not anything else" he said

"ok and im wayu but you can call me mia :D" said mia. suddenly like 15 knights rode up to where they were standing.

"what has happened!!!" said the ehad knight. "and who si this strange man form a distant land"

"this is john" said mia. "he saved me from this lower"

"yues he does look like a loser" said the knight "carry on then" and the 15 knights rode off to get coffee

"there is no time. i must speak with your leader" said john a.k.a master chief. "where is he"

"SHE is in the castle at crimea" said mia. "i will take you there!"

and so john and mia set off an a most excellent adventure

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