White Walls Specked With Blood

My breath is rapid and rather uneven as I turn another corner in this familiar maze of hallways all leading to my doom. The white walls were specked with blood and for a second the only sounds that were following my continued footsteps were my sharp in and exhale of breath.

I peak my head around, no one is there, I turn my two guns pointed out in front of me, my only protection against the oncoming foe I must protect my self from. I heard a couple shots in the distance and I pause leaning up against the wall. My guns pressed close against my body as I wait. Nothing.

I run and for a second I think I'm safe. However, as I turn another corner I see a flash of red and I feel the nervousness build back up in my throat making it impossible to swallow. I can feel my hands grasp on my gun becoming weak and I almost drop the thing. I can do this. I will not get killed.

I turn my CMPISO duel weld in front of me and for a second time seems to slow down on itself. I fire, and I miss, I press the trigger again and another rapid burst escapes the ends of my guns kicking back against my wrist. I missed again. I duck being a pillar my sweaty grasp of my gun am holding me back. I hear the sound of her bullets hitting the concrete wall that I'm hiding behind and I can feel my anxiety build up again.

A loud click ran out and I realize for a second she's reloading. I know this is my only chance, either I get her or she's going to get me. I pop out from where I was hiding switching my gun from my duel CMPISO's to the K7 Avenger and I fire.

The rounds sound like cannon fire as my head swims against the sound. One shot hit her body and she shook violently. However it didn't slow her as she reloaded her gun quicker then I could have imagined and returned fire on me.

The bullets felt like burning liquid as they entered my body and I soon lost my balance falling to the floor. I wasn't ready to take her on and I was in no way able to beat her. My body was growing cold now as I shake unwillingly on the floor. I see her give me a glance before taking off again leaving me to die. Her leather shoes making hollowed footsteps as she continues on and I close my eyes feeling deaths' cold grip wash over me.

This is my end.


I open my eyes and glance around the room. A MagSec 4 lay on the floor a couple inches away from me, I snatched it up rather quickly checking its contents, it was fully loaded, along with that I snatch up a few near by ammo packs. I tighten my grip on the ruff handle of the gun and I turn the corner, only to come face to face with my foe again. She fires, and I die.