Memories haunting my evenings,

Eyes watching me through the moon

Olive and Chuck had grown close over the past two months. The once burning hatred that Olive had held for Chuck had been replaced with sympathy and perhaps an underlying, secret love. It was hard to not be fond of the brunette with the dazzling smile. She smelled like honey and lavender. It was a smell that Olive had grown to love and one that she knew she could not live without. If she couldn't have Ned, Chuck was the next best thing.

I never have seen an angel

I gave up watching the sky

Whisper softly to me honey

Olive's golden hair was so soft when Chuck would run her slender, white fingers through the strands. It was like perfectly spun golden straw that Rumplestiltskin would be jealous of. The gentle heave of Olive's chest and the soft sigh that would echo in the quiet room felt like some secret kind of wonderful that Chuck was allowed to share in. The fact that Ned had touched Olive and had kissed her made Chuck feel like she was touching Ned in her own special way. The simple touch the two engaged in provided the greatest amount of comfort that either could ask for.

I still see you when my eyes are closed

And tell me why I can't let go

"Olive?" Chuck whispered.


Chuck usually slept in Ned's apartment, but tonight she had wanted to be with Olive. She wanted to be with someone that she could actually touch. A person who had a hand that she could lace her fingers with. She still loved Ned, but it got harder every day not being able to touch him and Olive quickly became her temporary fix. Chuck rolled over onto her side to face Olive. The two usually shared her bed when she slept over.

"Thanks," she smiled, her crooked finger reaching out to stroke Olive's creamy cheek.

"You're welcome," Olive smiled back, knowing exactly what Chuck was thanking her for.

Their lips brushed together in a tender, gentle kiss before they pressed their foreheads together. They were each others replacement for the one man that neither could fully have.

I still smell you inside of my clothes

Oh, honey