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Shadow's powerful nail enamel

Chapter 1: This time, they're five

It's been a looooong time since Link, the legendary hero, sealed Vaati (Gufuu) with the Four Sword. He made it with the help of his four 'copies', or 'clones', whichever you want to call them. Telling the truth, that looong time is only one month. But in Link's mind it's like an eternity. He's been in a deep depression lately, due to the lack of good friends. The boy in green would like to argue over the most nonsense things ever with Blue, his rival. But he kind of was missing him later. He was missing Red too. That girlish, short, optimistic boy. Missed Vio, the nerdest and smartest. The boy missed Shadow too. He helped them defeat Vaati by breaking the black mirror and killed himself doing that. Link considered that the most heroic thing ever that someone could do. Being the shadow of a hero, what Shadow would be like? The opposite or like him. First, he chose to be an opposite being. Later, he decided to be a hero, too.

The sun shined bright in the sky, killing, burning or torturing all the living things he could. The deads were smarter. They hid in the darkness, so the sun could not torture them. Plus, how would they die if they are already deads? That's a mystery. Link could be seen in the castle garden, bored. He was, more or less, one hour and half ago in his fencing class, training to be a knight one day, like his father. The youth was thinking about his friends, like he did most of the time. The hero in green, with nothing better to do, decided to go to the Four Sword Shrine and to pull out the Four Sword of its pedestal.

He thought to himself,

"Enough! I can't handle that much of loneliness! Who cares about what my father, that decrepit old man, will think?! There MUST be a way to seal that evil monster, Gufuu, that loves eyes, without having to put the Four Sword like a 'key' to seal him forever."

So, guys (or girls), never, EVER, let a boy alone, especially with nothing to do. He walked to the Four Sword Shrine and pulled out the Four Sword. Soon, his wish came true. Link now had his four friends with him again and recovered his long forgotten nickname - Green. A bit after that, Gufuu could be seen attacking the boys. They tried to attack him, but he escaped soon after the tries. Soon after that, Blue turned to the leader asked him,

"Green, why do you pulled out the Four Sword of its pedestal?! You're such a fool, do you knew that?! Now, we'll have to fight with that monster, again!"

"Please, guys, don't fight! It's alright! I'm sure we'll defeat Gufuu!-", Red said, "Oh, Blue! It's soooo nice to see you again!" And the shortest boy glomped Blue.

Blue blushed and screamed like he was going to have a heart attack, "Red, please!! For the godesses!! Quit creeping me out!!!"

"Okay...", Red let go of him, almost crying.

They noticed that someone was looking at them, from the shadows of the trees, and looked at that direction. To their surprise, Shadow was standing there. They wondered, for a while, how on earth Shadow appeared from nowhere. To them, that shadowy boy was dead. Vio decided to ask it to the boy, " Shadow, it is good to see you again. I was, really, missing you.", At that, Shadow blushed DEEPLY. Looked like he was going to bleed until the death. " So, tell me, was not you dead? I mean... I thought you died when you broke the black mirror."

Shadow, yet blushing, replied,

" Yeah, Vio. I was supposed to be dead. But, in the truth, I was sealed together with Gufuu."

" Oh, understood. Hey, Shadow, I remember that you said that you wanted to be more than just a shadow. Do you know some way to do that? "

" I remember, from a long lost memory, that Gufuu placed a curse upon me. I think I heard he saying something like this during the curse, ' If this boy kill me alone, without the help of anyone, he'll be a person, not a mere shadow.' Guess that I heard he say, too, something about a 'nail enamel that can reflect light'. I was half asleep when he was cursing me. And Gufuu spoke it too low. This is why I don't remember very well what he said. I think, 'how do I'll kill him alone, without killing myself?' ".

" Oh, I see. Hey, I think we can help you find something about that nail enamel. What do you guys guess?"

" Good idea. Finally I have something to do. Stay in this place all the time is WAY boring. Let's go! ", Green replied.

" Yes, let's go! La di du!" Red sang, happy.

Blue shouted, "Red and Green! Stop screaming in my ear, please!"

"Okay.", Red replied, very sad.

Green, agressively, replied,

" I'll scream in your hear EVERY time I want to!"

"Guuuuys, don't fight, pleeease!", Came Red's imploring voice, in a way that made the heart of the two arguing boys melt, like ice.

Vio asked,

" So, guys. May we go?"

" No, Vio. I can't get out of here, remember? If I step in the light, I'll die."

"Oh, Shadow... Sorry, I forgot. Hey, I have an idea!", Vio said, happy. " You can stay behind me all the time, being my shadow. That way, I will make sure that the light will never catch you."

" Oh, Vio... You're so smart...", Shadow replied, blushing. And blushed even more when perverted thoughts ocurred to him. " That means I'll have to sleep behind you and to take baths with you?"

This time, was Vio that was blushing to death. He replied, in a shy way, "I guess that, if you blow out the candles of the bathroom, you can take a bath, without dying. And you can just sleep alone if one of us blow out the candles first and close the windows with a massive, heavy curtain. But I must admit that I would love to take baths and sleep with you."

Shadow, at this point, was redder than a ruby. Looked like he was ALMOST fainting. Vio wasn't far from this state, too.

" So, you lovebirds. Shall we go?!", Blue questioned, with an annoyed tone.

" Ok, let's go", Vio replied, putting Shadow behind of him, " But to where? "

"To Hyrule Town!", Green replied.

And to Hyrule Town they went.