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Shadow's Powerful Nail Enamel

Chapter 11: To Death Mountain we'll go!

"Light blue light... Is this one of those portals which will bring us back to the light world...?", Vio asked, a puzzled look on his face. (The know-it-all Vio finally asked something! =O)

"Yeah, I think it is."

And so they hopped on the shiny portal and went back to the light world. They were lucky enough to find themselves in front of the other Links.

"Vio?!! Shadow?!! You aren't dead!! I'm so happy!!", Red greeted them, together with a massive glomping, which made everyone (including Green and Blue, who were behind them) fall down on the floor. They laughed and stood up. Well, Blue was a little jealous due to the glomp. But he didn't do anything. He was too happy because of what he heard Red say minutes ago. (If you don't remenber, read the end of the last chapter).

Green asked, out of curiosity, "Shadow and Vio, what happened when the laser thingy hit you?"

Vio was the one who replied, "Well, we were sent to the Dark World version of Hyrule Town. There, we saw a weird, mirrored tower and decided to explore it. And then we found this hematite.", he showed the hematite to them.

"Did you have to battle against the dungeon's boss?", the leader asked.

"Yes, we did."

"Then this stone must be important. Anyway, we're going to the death mountain. Is there something you want to do before climbing it? "

"No, we don't!", the Links replied in unison.

"Let's go, then!"

And so they started climbing it. After going up for fifteen minutes, which means they haven't clomb that much yet, Red shouted, cheerful as always:

"Holy Din! The view over here is sooooo nice!"

"It will get better and better from now on.", Vio said.

Now the Links were standing beside a piece of plain land, and they had a lot of ways they could walk into. But would all of them take the boys to the place they wanted to go? Probably not. So the Links decided to look for help. Then Green remembered something:

"Hey, didn't the Blue Maiden say we could ask the gorons for help?"

"Ah, now that I think about it, I remember she did do that.", Vio replied.

"Let's look for a goron, then."


"What do you want, brother?"

"Aaaahhhhhhhh!! A monster!!!", Red screamed. It happened because when he approached a rock, it stood up, started talking and had a humanoid appearance. The "rock" was a goron, obviously.

"Calm down, Red. It isn't a monster; it's a goron.", Vio explained, in a soothing tone.

Then the goron asked,

"Do you want something, brothers?"

"Yes, we do.", Green replied. "Well, it goes like this: we want to reach the top of death mountain, but there are a lot of ways we can walk into. So we'd like to know which one can take us there. Can you help us?"

"Well, I was going there too, so you can go there with me. Just follow me, okay, brothers?"

"Okay. We'll do it, then. Thank you."

"No problem, green brother.", Green thought this new nickname was weird, but he couldn't do anything about it. His current "name" is a nickname anyway.

The trail they went by was very pretty. It had lots of flowers and a reddish soil, which was redder due to the bright sun. Everything was wonderful and gayish, until...

"Waaaahhhhh!! A dragon! I'm scaaared!!!", Red shouted, then started to cry like mad.

Well, things kept being gayish, but this time they were going to have a bit of trouble. A magma-colored dragon appeared out of nowhere, spitting fire at the Links. They dodged on time and hid behind a rock, save for Red, who got his legs burned.

"Oohhhhhh!!! My goddesses! It hurts!!", the boy shouted. Blue became really worried and, to protect the short one, he piggy-backed him.

"Now we have to defeat it really fast, for maybe we won't get to take him to a doctor on time.", Green explained.

"But how will we defeat it?", Shadow asked to Green.

But Vio replied instead: "Do you remember when we almost fell into a pool of magma and Red used the Ice Rod? Maybe it will work out in this situation as well."

When the dragon was about to attack them again, Blue shouted:

"Red, gimme your Ice Rod!!"

The boy gave it to him, and he used it as fast as he could. The dragon froze. Blue, with all his might, broke the block of ice with his hammer. And then the gay purple smoke came out of it. But a weird red stone came out as well.

"Yay!! We did it!!", the Links shouted, happy.

Green saw the red stone and picked it up. Maybe it would be useful of their journey. Then they ran to the top of the Death Mountain.


"Is he going to be okay?!!", Blue asked, nervous, to the goron doctor on the Goron Village on Death Mountain.

"After lookin' at it and yadda yadda, I bet he's gonna be okay after two weeks or so. He'll have to stay here 'till then, yeah?"

"Okay. As long as he's fine..."

"I bet you like him a lot, right, blue bro?"

"...", Blue was just too shy to say something like that to the goron.

"I see.", was what the goron replied.