A/N: Well it's time for my annual Christmas fanfic, I wasn't sure if I would do one this year then this idea popped into my head, if you not a South Park fan, don't worry, this fic will not contain any main characters and the first chapter may seem overly cute but it gets better by the end of chapter 2. And to those who are, it's a lot different than the episode from South Park as Luffy is willing to help them (unlike Stan) and will actually fight in this fic. I won't say who's in Kyle's role, that's going top be a surprise... as for other changes. Also there are two narrators in this fic, me (denoted with nothing) and the traditional Christmas Narrator (denoted with speech like /This/), since I'm a girl use a female voice the normal narrator while the Christmas narrator should be a male with a British accent. Enjoy the story!

Disclaimer: I don't own One Piece or South Park, if I did I'd be rich, famous and extremely sick person... not that I'm already am for writing this fic.

Luffy: O.o What do you mean by that?

Me: That's for me to know and for you to find out.

Straw Hat Critter Christmas

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: Luffy meets the Christmas Critters

/One day just a few days near Christmas on an island that's always winter. A little boy in a Straw Hat was walking along./

"What who said that?" asked Luffy who then shrugged.

/As he walked he came across several animals building a Christmas tree, there was Squirrely the Squirrel, Rabbity the Rabbit, Beavery the Beaver, Beary the Bear, Porcupiney the Porcupine, Skunky the Skunk, Foxy the Fox, Deery the Deer, Woodpeckery the Woodpecker, Mousey the Mouse, Raccoony the Raccoon and Chickadee-y the Chickadee./

"Where does that voice keep coming from?" asked Luffy, "Hey there look animals that's a nice tree!"

"You really think so?" asked Rabbity the Rabbit.

"Of course!" said Luffy.

"We need help we don't have a star." Said Foxy the Fox.

"I'll make one for you!" said Luffy.

/The boy in the Straw Hat took out paper from his pocket… where he got the paper nobody knew. And he made them the best star he could…/

"Is this good?" asked Luffy holding up a badly made star.

"That doesn't looks as good as it should." Said Squirrelly the Squirrel.

"Your right it doesn't…" said Luffy.

Luffy made another one, it still didn't look that like a star…

"I'm not that very good at crafts." Said Luffy as the animals laughed with him.

7 tries later…

"I think I got it right this time!" said Luffy holding up a green clover, a pink heart and a yellow moon.

"That's not right." Said Mousey the Mouse.

"But it's Magically Delicious." Said Foxy the fox.

With that joke everyone shared at a laugh… god I hate the Leprechaun…. I really do.

/Who are you/

I'm the second narrator/ author… I'm your back up and also your boss so I say what goes.

/Oh okay, well the Boy in the Straw Hat tried several more times/

"I think I got it right this time!" said Luffy holding up a menorah.

"This is Christmas Silly." Said Deery the Deer.

"Oh yeah… sorry, I forgot what I was making." Said Luffy.

Luffy and the Critters once again shared a laugh.

After a few more tries Luffy finally made the perfect star and the Christmas Critters placed it on their tree.

"Thanks!" said al the Critters.

"Your welcome." Said Luffy, "I'm Luffy by the way!"

"Thanks Luffy!" said all the critters as Luffy walked away.

/That night The Night the Boy in the Straw Hats, slept peacefully in his hammock as sugar plumbs danced in his head… who the hell writes this crap./

I do… I'm not that good at writing rhyming schemes…. It's not my strong point.

/I can see that./

I'll take over for now, Luffy snored and talked in his sleep, "Meat (snore)… meat (snore)… King of the Pirates (snore)… meat (snore)… I'll kick your ass (snore)…"

That's when the Critters came into the room and woke up Luffy.

"Luffy!" they al said.

"Huh! What!" said Luffy waking up, "Hey guys! What's up!"

"Porcupiney is pregnant!" said Foxy the Fox.

"The conception was immaculate." said Squirrely the Squirrel.

"She's going to give birth to our lord and savor!" said Rabbity the Rabbit.

"Really that's great!" said Luffy, "But why are you telling me?"

"We need someone to help us build a manger… we can't have our savor sleep anywhere else but a manger." Said Chickadee-y the Chickadee.

"Of course I'll help!" yelled Luffy.

"Luffy get some sleep!" muttered Sanji who looked up and saw the Critters, "That or leave and take those overly cute animals with you!"

"Okay!" said Luffy.

/So Boy in the Straw Hats and the Critters left the ship and went back to the forest where he helped build them a manger but like with the Star… he wasn't very good/

Try 1

The Manger fell apart the moment Luffy finished it.

Try 2

Same thing happened…

Try 5

The moment Luffy finished, it burst into flames.

"I don't think that was supposed to happen…" said Luffy with a sweat drop.

Try 16

They managed to build something correctly, but it wasn't a manger.

"Um… Luffy, isn't that a racecar bed?" asked Woodpeckery the Woodpecker.

"Hey is it… my bad…" said Luffy with a laugh looking at the racecar bed, he looked at then yelled "Mine!"

Try 22

Luffy was breathing heavily, he had managed to build a manger.

"Hurray!" cheered the Woodland Critters.

"Now Porcupiney can give birth!" said Beary the Bear.

That's when there was a loud roar that scared the critters.

"What was that?" asked Luffy.

"That was the mountain lion, every times one of is pregnant with our savor the mountain lion comes down from the mountain to eat her." Said Deery the Deer.

"What!" yelled Luffy, "That mountain lion must be evil!"

/What the boy in the Straw Hat didn't know was that…/

Shut up! You're going to spoil it for those who haven't seen that South Park episode.

/Wait this is based on a South Park episode?/

Yuhi you didn't know? Didn't you read the A/N and disclaimer?

(The narrator looks at the author note and remembers)

/Oh right sorry… just ignore this Boy in the Straw Hat!/

"Oh, okay." Said Luffy with a shrug.

Luffy looked at the Woodland Critters, "I'll kill that mountain Lion for you! So that you can give birth to your savor!"

"Hurray!" said all the critters.

"Where I the Mountain Lion?" asked Luffy.

"It lives on that mountain!" said Mousey the Mouse.

"You think you can kill it?" asked Deery the Deer.

"OF course I can!" said Luffy giving the big smile.

Luffy headed towards the mountain, along the way, he ran into a little girl.

"Hell there! I was wondering if you could open my lunch box for me!" said the girl.

"Sorry I can't! I have to kill a mountain lion!" said Luffy.

The little girl growled and walked away.

/What was that about?/

Well I'm helping out a friend with one of his fics, all I'm going to say look for that little girl in a couple more of my stories and read stories by winter knight.

/Um… okay, anyway, the Boy in the Straw Hat got to the mountain and saw the Mountain Lion./

"I'm not going to let you hurt those critters anymore." Said Luffy.

And with that the fight with the mountain lion begins!

Next Time: Luffy fight the Evil Mountain Lion... after he kills it he realizes many horrible things and not all is what they seem to be... what is it? Find out next time!