"Are you kiddin me!?" Ichigo's loud, shrill cry echoed throught out Urahara and Yoruichi's prized cavern. Urahara laughed, tapping his cane to the ground as he nodded. "You expect me to train with them?" Yoruichi grinned as she stood across from the orange haired boy, beside stood a very un-enthusiastical Kukaku.

"Whats wrong with us, Ichigo?" Yoruichi purred, taking a step towards him. Ichigo blushed madly, looking from left to right as he searched for Urahara.

"Kisuke's gone kid." Kukaku puffed on her stick, blowing smoke in the air as she began cracking her neck. Ichigo glanced from both girls. This was not good. Dealing with one of them was hard enough, literally. Not only had to deal with goddess' teasing, he had to deal with the firey-ness of Kukaku. And the two did not mix well. Yoruichi took another step towards him; Ichigo backed away.

"We're not going to force you to train with us. If you don't want to become stronger, suit yourself. We can leave whenever you want us to." Folding her arms under her chest, Yoruichi shifted her weight onto one leg, cocking her head to the side. "The choice is yours, Ichigo." The look in her eyes, Ichigo knew. It was the look of want, of lust. He was very familiar with it when it came to her. She often came onto him, not that he minded of course. But being that his part was of the shy boy, he had to abide by such characteristics. It didn't take long for the reaper to answer.

"No, I want to become stronger. Alot stronger." Ichigo said, determination lidding his voice. He stood straight, staring into Yoruichi's eyes. "Alright. I'll train with you." Yoruichi smiled.

"Good. Do you want him first, Kukaku?" The cat glanced back to her old friend. Kukaku grinned, throwing down her cigarette as she cracked her knuckles, getting into a fighting stance. Ichigo gave her a dumbfounded look.

"You want me to fight you in hand to hand combat?" Not even two seconds after he'd asked the question, he was on his back, looking up at the fire cracker gal herself. His nose was bleeding; he hadn't even known he was hit! Kukaku smirked, getting off of him as she let him up.

"Listen kid, I ain't going easy on you. Get up." Kukaku ordered, resuming her previous fighting stance. This was not going to be easy, that Ichigo could tell. Yoruichi smirked as she watched from her perch on a rather large bolder. She sat indian style, arms folded as she studied him. Ichigo had alot to learn, but his basic instincts were sharp. She was glad they didn't need to start from scratch. She watched as Kukaku kept putting Ichigo's ass on the ground a bit longer, then stood, flash stepping her way to him. To Ichigo, it was a blurr. One moment he was getting up off the ground, the next, he had Yoruichi on top of him.

"Hey!" He shouted, squirming wildly. "Yoruichi, what're you-"

"Calm down." Yoruichi soothed, getting up off of him. She stood back, revealing a steaming Kukaku. Yoruichi looked up to the hole in the mountain behind him. "If I hadn't have interfered, you'd have a hole in your chest right now." Ichigo sat up, eyes wide as he looked back at the damage. Had Kukaku seriously meant that attack for him? Returning his eyes to Kukaku, Ichigo lifted his finger accusingly.

"You just tried to kill me!" He growled, standing. "I thought this was only training."

"Do you really think your opponent is gonna go easy on you?" Kukaku glared, her gaze without any emotion. Ichigo dropped his hand, nodding his head. She was right. He had to be taught the hard way. "Again Ichigo. Keep your eyes on me at all times. When in battle, nothing else matters but defeating your opponent. If you become distracted, you'll end up with a hole in yer ass." Ichigo understood the logic of it. It was simple, yet the way Kukaku had put it made it seem quite intimidating. Inhaling, Ichigo assumed a stance, his eyes focused souly on her. He blushed. It was rather hard to focus when your opponent was so..

"Ow!" Ichigo shouted, holding his head. Yoruichi sighed, scratching her head. Ok, so maybe it was going to be harder than she thought. Ichigo clearly was an idiot. She brought her fist down, folding her arms once more.

"When we say focus on your opponent, we don't mean checking them out in that way." Yoruichi smirked, seeing the bright red blush on his face. Kukaku rolled her eyes, her hands on her hips.

"Are we gonna do this or not Yoruichi?" Kukaku asked impatiently. Yoruichi looked to Ichigo who shrugged. Laughing, Yoruichi flash stepped back to her bolder, nodding Kukaku on. Without hesitation, Kukaku was back on Ichigo, forcing him on the defense as he tried to dodge her attacks. God, she was fast! How could he keep up with her? "Ichigo!" Kukaku's voice rang, Ichigo stopped dead in his tracks, her punch aiming for his gut. He quickly dodged, then came back with a round house kick. Yoruichi stood, clapping. Kukaku stood, brushing her clothes off with a grin

"Congratulations, Ichigo. You've just passed your first test."

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