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Secret Santa

Summery: Christmas. The time of Joy, Friendship, Kindness and Love. But Hino never thought that finding a present for Secret Santa would be so hard. Especially since where ever she goes, her Santa follows.

(Sorry if the characters seem OOC)

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" Hey Kahoko!" A male voice yelled. Kahoko turned around to see Ryotaro running towards her. She smiled and slowed to a stop.

" How are you?" She asked once her caught up. She started walking towards the gate.

" I'm good but Kanazawa asked for a emergancy meeting. All of the participents have to be there." Ryotaro said as he started to

turn back. Kahoko followed suit, walking behind Ryotaro towards the music room.

They walked into the room just as Kanazawa slowly walked in just a few steps behind him. He walked over to the chalk board writing

something that made all of them speechless. There was 3 words written on the board.

Secret Santa Partners.

" Well now. Since it is the holidays and all. I decided that since everyone is having a good time in the concours, I thought that we

should do something special." Kanazawa held up several peices of paprs and a red santa hat. Kahoko groaned. How was she

supposed to get something for someone whom she hadnt even known for 3 months?

" Know you all can leave once you pick someone. And since there are an even number you all will get someone different. Lets see

who should go first?" Kanazawa scaned the room landing on a green haired trumpet player." Kazuki. You get the lucky first pick."

Kazuki stood up and walked to the front of the room sticking his hand down into the hat. Kahoko Hino. Kahoko Hino. He chanted

the name inside his head pulling out a folded peice of paper.

" Alright open it up already." Kanazawa said watching as Kazuki slowly opened to read the name inside. Azuma Yunoki. Well it

wasnt bad but it wasnt the best. " Alright. Lets see. Shoko come on up here and pick your Secret Santa partner."

Shoko stood up and quickly walked down to the hat and picked the first peice of paper she touched. Quietly opening it she read the

name as her face lite up. Once back at her seat she buried her head in her arms hiding the blush.

" Okay then. How about we get Ryotaro, then Azuma, Keiichi, Len and finally Kahoko up, then we all can go home." Kanazawa held the hat as one by one the last 5 came up and picked their papers.

Of course I have to be last. I knew something like this would happen. But maybe I will get someone easy, like Ryotaro or Shoko. Yeah just keep positive thoughts about this. Kahoko thought as she reached in getting the last peice of paper. As if on cue all 5 of them opened their papers one after another. Kahoko looked at her paper rereading the name over and over until it made her dizzy.

Just my luck. I just had to get him. Kahoko looked down at the paper one last time. Sure enough she had read it right. It had said the one person she did not know anything about. Tsukimori Len.

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