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Lights adorned the grand hallway of the Tamaranian Palace. The celebration was scheduled to last a week. Galafore and Prince Wildfire had returned! It was a cheerful moment for the people of Tamaran. Throughout the partying, Robin had not seen Starfire at all, despite his best efforts to locate her. So it was that Robin, former sidekick to Batman, Earth's greatest detective, was stumped. For while he had been on Tamaran, he had not been able to have a full conversation, or even see the girl that held his heart. Well, I'm going to have to do an entire sweep of Tamaran then... that should be fun. "Cyborg" Robin shouted over the extremely loud music, "get over here!"

Cyborg waded through the wave of partying Tamaranians and finally reached Robin. "What's up, man? Need to get your party spirit going?" Cy joked.

"No. Have you seen Starfire? I haven't seen her since we landed."

Cyborg sighed. "She's been acting weird since we got here. Well, strange to me. She looks depressed, even with Galafore and Wildfire back. Think it has something to do with Beast Boy and Raven not being here?"

Actually, Robin hadn't thought of that. "Come to think of it, did you ever get a lead on them? Anything?" Cyborg's face drooped. "Don't worry, we'll find them," Robin said, "after all, how long can they hide?"

This did little to brighten Cyborg's mood. "Raven can travel to other dimensions. Beast Boy can change into any creature, big or small. They up and left the same time Starfire did. Think it's related?"

"What would make all three of them leave? Did they have a fight, was Trigon somehow back from the dead, or a new threat? If it was an internal dispute, we could have gathered together and solved it. Everybody would be home." Home. Robin thought about the home he'd been living in for the the past four years. Over that time, he had welcomed the Titans, not only into his life, but into his heart. They were his family, and he would do anything to protect them. Even if it meant his life.

"I don't know, Cy. I don't..." Robin stated, "...wait." Suddenly, he remembered yelling at Raven, at being angry for her and Beast Boy breaking the no dating rule. He had been furious, and, in the heat of the moment, had let his emotions get the better of him. Something Batman had trained for him not to do. Control your emotions, or they may have dire consequences. Bruce was right. "It's my fault," Robin whispered. His face betrayed the sadness that was welling up inside him. Dashing from the room, Robin nearly crashed into a few of the guests, who just glanced at his retreating form before returning to their activities. As he reached the end of the hallway, Robin dove into an open doorway, and stopped at a balcony. Cool night air caressed his face, and old memories resurfaced.


"Remember, Robin, control your emotions. If you let them get control of you, the consequences could be dire. Friends you have may turn against you, forever leaving a gaping wound in your soul. You cannot take any words back, so be careful of what you say."

"Robin, Beast Bo-"

"What's he done now? I told him to leave you alone!"

"It's nothing like that, Robin. Beast Boy and I are… are dating."

Robin just stared at her, jaw dropping open. "What! Dating compromises the team," he screamed, "how could you put your teammates in danger? I thought you knew better that that!"

"Please Robin," Raven begged, "stop screaming." Tears were beginning to form in the corner of her eyes. "It started after Trigon, we went to the Dark Moon café and soon we were holding hands, kissing. We were going to tell you sooner, but after what happened with Starfi-"

"Don't use that as an excuse! You and Beast Boy have been lying to the whole team for; let's see," he said, trying to think how long it'd been since they defeated Trigon, "one and a half years! I should kick you off the team! Instead, I'll give you this; break up with Beast Boy, or you both are off the team!" his screamed, face turning a dark shade of red, giving him a somewhat demonic look. He breathed in deeply. "Also, I think you two should explain to the rest of the team that you've been compromising their safety and apologize, you inconsiderate witch!"

That did it. Raven turned her back to Robin, tears streaming freely down her face. "I-I'm s-s-s-sorry."

-End Flashback-

He had been foolish, arrogant, and inconsiderate of his teammate's feelings. Dating compromised the team, why couldn't they see that. Then again, who was he to deny them happiness? Who were they to possibly break up the team? All sort of questions floated around in his head. Was he right to do what he did? Was it right for Raven and Beast Boy to break the no dating rule? Questions pertaining to the subject of the secret romance nearly gave him a headache. "Robin, what wrong?" Cyborg asked worriedly. The cybernetic teen had never seen his friend looking so sad. "Robin....Richard?"

The masked teen looked back at him, all the guilt, sadness, and pain he was feeling lay flat stretched on his face. "It's my fault they left, Cy. It's all my fault. I broke it off with Starfire, I yelled at Raven.. I"

"You yelled at Raven?!" Cyborg exclaimed, complete shock on his face. "What for?"

"She and Beast Boy started dating, after I implemented the no dating rule. When Raven told me what they had done... well, I lost it. I said some things that I shouldn't have said. That's why they left. It never occurred to me until now." Robin sighed, his face twisting into confusion. "I don't know what to do. The team's fallen apart, Cy. If we can't get the others to come back, it may very well be the end of the Teen Titans soon."

"End the Titans? Are you serious?! We can get the team back together, we can be a full family once again. Think about it, Robin. Just think, okay? I've seen Starfire. Haven't had a chance to talk, but she looks like she doesn't want to be here. Like she misses the home and family she had back on Earth. She might not want to go, but I'm guessing that's a long shot." Crossing his arms, Cyborg glared, although sympathetically, at Robin. "Titans Together, Together Forever. Night, dawg."

-Later that night-

Cyborg lay on a steel table fast asleep. His batteries charging, Cyborg gently rested, his dreams most revealing.

He was in Steel City. "Merry Christmas!" someone yelled. Looking around him, Cyborg noticed the streets were almost empty. Well, better get over to the Tower. Nearing ever closer to the Titans East Tower, he stopped by a gift shop to get something for Bumblebee. The shop was full of people returning gifts, or getting extremely late gifts. Walking around, he found a golden necklace, with a heart shaped diamond at the end. On the necklace itself, there was an assortment of jewels, all brightly shining, a rainbow of colors that stood out from the rest. Perfect.

After paying for said necklace, he dashed over to Titans East Tower. It was getting late, and he wanted to give Bumblebee her gift. Entering the Tower, silent and full of the Christmas spirit, he bounded up the stairs, through the hallways, down the corridor leading to the living room, where there was sure to be a party in full swing. The doors slid open, and there was Bumblebee, dressed in a green and red version of her uniform, chatting with Speedy. "Hey, Karen! Roy! How's it hanging?" They seemed not to hear him, so he went and gave Bumblebee a hug. Except, he went through her, and nobody noticed.

"Hey girl, what are you doing? The night is still young!" Bumblebee exclaimed. Cyborg looked over at where everybody, meaning Titans East, were looking. There were a few wolf whistles. Cyborg's jaw, however, slammed to the ground in shock. Try as he might, it just would not close. There, just entering the room, was Raven. Next to her, a green skinned Beast Boy in a black tux. Raven herself was wearing a beautiful twilight blue dress, with a amethyst collar that matched her eyes, and the tips lined with gold. She was breathtaking, and Cyborg stared. He tried getting closer.

"Raven, Beast Boy!! Am I glad to see you! Hey lovebirds, over here!" Cyborg shouted. He was nearly in front of them when everything began to fade.

"Sleep cycle complete."

Groaning in frustration at being woken from his dream, Cyborg ran to find Robin. After what seemed like an endless maze of hallways, partying, and the occasional Royal Guard, Cyborg found someone he was not looking for, but happy to see nonetheless. "Starfire! Have you seen the Robin?"

"No," Starfire said sadly, "I have not. Though I have been meaning to talk to him. Why is he here? Surely he does not have the feelings for me, correct?" Noticing his concerned expression, she asked, "what is wrong? You look as if a yeifta is coming."

Cyborg inhaled deeply, and explained the situation. "So, we've been searching for Raven and Beast Boy ever since," Cyborg said, wrapping up his very detailed explanation, "and nothing has come up. Until my dream."

"If friends Raven and Beast Boy are missing, then why have you and Robin traveled here?" a curious Starfire asked. "You should be looking for them. Is not keeping the Titans together important?" She had declined to say that Robin should stop beating himself up for the breaking of the team. Reason being that she believed he deserved it, though she hated the idea.

"He loves you, Starfire. Without you, he became more withdrawn and depressed than Raven usually appears. Robin thought he was doing what was best for the team. He didn't think that you'd leave, or that the team would break up over the no dating rule. Peterson's Second Rule of Unintended Consequences: You mean for something to happen, but it goes in the opposite direction of what you intended, usually negative." Starfire looked at him with a raised eyebrow. "Like the Church and the Crusades.* I'll explain later."

This was confusing. Starfire didn't understand. He broke up with her, clearly that means that he has no feelings towards him whatsoever, right? "H-he loves me? Impossible! He did the breaking up, he enforced the no dating rule, and for what? That we may look good in the eyes of the public? Be good role model to our fans? There is nothing wrong if teenagers on your planet date, correct?"

Cyborg nodded. "In most places, it's okay. Though sometimes there are arranged marriages and age restrictions on dating. Listen, I need to find Robin and tell him. See you later?"

"No, I shall assist you in the finding of Robin. Do you think there is some kind of manual for Earth boys? Some things would then be easier to understand..." Starfire replied.

Half an hour later, they found Robin, arms folded over his chest, head drooped, eyes closed in thought, leaning against the Western side of the Royal Family spire. "Robin, we wish to converse with you." Starfire said coolly. Not the best way to start a conversation, but it got his attention. Robin turned to look at them, arms dropping to his side.

"Man, I know where Beast Boy and Raven are." Robin's mask widened in surprise.

"What? How? Where?" Robin stammered.

"In a dream. I saw them in Titans East Tower. Bumblebee's been lying to us. Not only that, but the rest of Titans East seems to have been in on it."

"Kyd Wykkyd?"

"Don't know. He wasn't in my dream, though. So, what next?"

An awkward silence fell. Neither of the three teens gathered knew just what to say. During the whole time, Starfire had been silent. She had been about to say something, but her voice seemed caught in her throat. She wanted to ask Robin if he had the feelings towards her. If he still loved her. Despite what Cyborg had said, she doubted that he felt anything for her. The air was tense. Her steel heart was cracking, the barrier that withheld her feelings began breaking. Starfire thought she had buried those feelings for good, but they came back stronger than ever. "Maybe we should leave soon," Robin said, breaking the silence. "We know were Beast Boy and Raven are. Bring them here. I'm sure they'll want to congratulate you," Robin said, glancing at Starfire. "Then, uh, maybe we, uh, could train?"

Starfire and Cyborg laughed. Robin gave them a look that said 'what do you find so funny?', which made them laugh harder. "Train, dude, we're on Tamaran. Christmas is tomorrow. It's almost New Years! When grass stain and Raven get here, we party! Or did you, the Boy Wonder, forget?" Cyborg grinned. "Oh me, oh my, what day is it?" Cyborg mocked in a high squeaky voice that sounded nothing like Robin. "Is it training day? Or extra training day? Maybe kick back and relax day? Well, I know it's someday between January and December." By this time, Starfire was rolling around on the balcony, laughing her head off. Robin glared, and if looks could kill, half the universe would be dead. "Oh, I know! It's,"

"You're getting three hours of extra training every day for a year when we get home." It was now Robin's turn to laugh. Cyborg was white as a ghost. There goes some of his gaming time.

The tension had broke, and an almost cheery atmosphere surrounded the balcony. Once everyone had gotten over their laughing fits, Starfire spoke up. "Robin, I must ask you something." Cyborg left, claiming that he was hungry. "Robin, what are your feelings towards me?"

Robin gulped. "Well, uh, you see, u-u-uh, um..." Robin stammered, trying to find the right words. Starfire crossed her arms. "I like you. A lot. You have a great personality, the reddest hair in the galaxy, the greenest eyes,"

"I believe friend Beast Boy has greener eyes than me."

Robin then started babbling, and Starfire couldn't understand half the things he said. It reminded her of Tokyo. Oh, joyous time. Of course, he didn't babble as much. He was trying so hard, though, to get his feelings out. He was making something of a fool out of himself, and Starfire was enjoying it.

"Robin," Starfire said sweetly, "shut up." She then proceeded to kiss the boy wonder, at the same time giving one of her infamous hugs. Starfire pulled away a few minutes later, giving Robin ample time to catch his breath, before kissing him again. "Robin," Starfire said cheerily, "I'm glad were together again."

"BOOYAH!" Cyborg yelled, making the couple fall over. Noticing the pissed off glares he was getting, Cyborg backed away slowly, and made for his room. He did not come out until the next day.

"Merry Christmas, y'all!" Cyborg boomed. Robin and Starfire smiled, interlocking hands. "Ya know, I wonder how Raven and Beast Boy are doing. Hope they're all right." Cyborg whispered, almost to himself.

"Don't worry, Cyborg. We'll see them soon enough. In fact, you'd better get the T-Fighter ready. Be prepared to launch in a few hours."

Gasping in delight, Cyborg replied, "so, Star's coming, too? What about being queen?"

"I am queen no longer, friend Cyborg. My brother is the king now, and there shall be a coronation and much more celebrating when we get back."

After doing his victory dance, Cy went and prepared the T-Fighter. In a few hours, they'd be heading home. Well, home planet. They'd be paying a visit to Titans East Tower. A somewhat unpleasant visit. Cyborg grimaced that, on Christmas Day of all days, their family would be in conflict with each other. Ready or not, here we come.

Sorry for the long update. Anyways, thank you to the author who suggested that I have Beast Boy and Raven's location revealed in a dream. (Name withheld by author's request.) *Pope Urban started the Crusades to drive the Islamists, who were expanding their empire, out of the Byzantine Empire and the Holy Lands. It was also a chance for him to be the leader of a reunified Church. However, the Islamists were not driven out, Constantinople, capital of the Byzantine Empire sacked in 1204. Byzantine Empire collapses in 1453 AD. The power of the Church, which was sought to be strengthened through the Crusades leading to a reunified Church, as opposed to Western Catholic and Eastern Ortodox, was weakened. A hundred and twenty years after the end of the Crusades in 1291, there was bubonic plague, the Hundred Years War, (actually lasted 116 years), and the Western Catholic Church split again! There was a Pope in Rome and a Pope in Avignon. Church power weakened supremely. Well, there's your history lesson for today. Au revoir!