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Peter Parker. Full time photographer, part time superhero. But, of course, you know all about him.

Forrest Hills, Queens was not usually a dangerous place. Yes, there were robberies and there were thefts; the usual, as all neighborhoods have them. Peter Parker sat at home next to his girlfriend, Mary Jane, as they watched the news. It was the weekend, and, like all weekends, they spent it in the 'place'.

The 'place' was where Mary Jane met up with either Peter Parker or his alias Spider-Man. It was some sort of old abandoned wear house. Mary Jane would sew his costume, they would chat about recent fights or about school projects, and they would listen to the radio Peter had fixed to listen to police networks, and they would watch the news.

Right now, according to the TV and radio, the city was pretty quiet. Mary Jane was sewing the last hole in his costume--it had been pretty ripped up after his latest fight with Doctor Octavius. Doc Ock's tentacles always did a number on his costume. The four razor-sharp pincers tore it to shreds--not to mention rip off chunks of his flesh and a tooth.

"Almost finished with the hole in the leg," Mary Jane told him.

Peter jumped from the bar he had been doing pull-ups on and flipped over to his girlfriend. He kissed her on the cheek on plopped down beside her. "I should've payed more attention in Home Ec. class," he told her.

"Ya think? We learned how to sew! Didn't you make a teddy bear?"

"Yes, and Mr. Fluffawuffakins is doing fine, besides his missing eye...I wonder how that happened...anyway, thanks for helping me out."

"Like I had a choice?" Mary Jane said. "You don't have any costumes! This was your back-up! I don't even know where to start with your other one."

"I could wear my thermal costume. It is getting cold outside."

"Not yet. You'd be sweating," Mary Jane argued.

"Fine then. I claim you, Mary Jane Watson, to be Spider-Man's savior."

"Darn right!" she laughed. She bit off the threat from her needle and switched her color from red to blue. "You had to have a multi-colored costume..."

"Excuse me, I'm trying to make a fashion statement, thank you very much."

She looked at him and exhaled. "You were on the worst-dressed list!"

"Who makes those things, anyway?"

"I dunno. Good question."

They laughed, enjoying each other's company. After that it was quiet, except for Mary Jane swearing after she stabbed herself with the needle. Suddenly they heard the television play the theme music that meant 'breaking story'. Peter jumped over to the couch and watched.

"Doctor Otto Octavius, also known as the villain Doctor Octopus or Doc Ock, has been spotted in Princeton, New Jersey--"

Peter's mouth fell open. "Jersey? I don't even know anyone in Jersey!"

"Perfect timing! Your costume's done!" Mary Jane said, throwing it at him. Peter smiled and her to look the other way as he changed. Before he pulled his mask on over his face he kissed her cheek. Mary Jane closed her eyes, and when she opened them her boyfriend in his red and blue tights was gone.