Chapter one- Mistake From The Past

Pairings: MitsukixTakayuki OOCxHaruka later in the chap it changes to takayukixharuka ShinjixMitsuki

Author Note: First time writing an Rumble Heart Fanfic.If anyone wants to be my beta reader,please e-mail me at his dreams he remembered seeing an woman with long hair two ribbons in her hair,sitting in the wheelchair.

"Lets say our farewell with an smile okay?." She asked.

The man nodded slowly,as he turned away with tears flowing down from his face. He sat up from his bed still in deep thought.He could feel the tears falling from his eyes.He didn't bothered to get out of the bed.An woman walked into the room.

"Takayuki get up.You don't want to be late for work do you?" An blue hair woman asked as she was standing in the doorway of their bedroom looking at him with an smile.

Takayuki nodded and got up.It has been 4 years, since he had last spoken to Haruka, telling her how much that he loved Mitsuki.How she told him that they should say their good bye to each other.He married Mitsuki 1 year after saying good bye to Haruka.He still felt that he had feelings for her.Even when they said good bye to each other.Mitsuki glance over to Takayuki who somehow was in deep thought thinking again.

"He's sulking again." She thought.

Takayuki just tooked an bite of his breakfast,still in deep thought.Mitsuki sighed looking at him,with an slight frowned but still worried.

"You still love her don't you?" She asked.

Takayuki looked up at his blue hair wife.

"Love who? You know that I only love you Mitsuki.I had always have." He replied.

Mitsuki smiled as she begin to laughed looking at him.

"I know that you still love her.Even though you both said your good byes.Do you regret doing this?" She asked.

Takayuki looked shocked at Mitsuki question.

"No not really if that is what she want.Than I guess that's the way that it has to be.I mean I don't really regret it.I am totally fine with it.I have to go now.I don't want to be late working at the family restaurant." He said.

He stood up and gave Mitsuki an kiss.As he walked out the door.Mitsuki looked over at the doorway and sighed.

"Somehow you do regret it.I do too it was my fault.I was the one who encourage Haruka,to tell you that she likes you.Thanks to that accident her being in an coma for three years.I shouldn't have gave my dream.I think he really does love her.He just doesn't want to say it." She thought.

Takayuki sighed standing behind the doorway,with tears falling down from his face.

"I regret letting her go.It is an mistake from the past." He thought.

As he went off to work.Meanwhile in an mansion,an woman was sitting in the chair.As she was looking through her book an picture book of her childhood years.Than she stopped to one photo of her with her friends even someone that she had loved since high school.She even regret the most was that accident that had happened too.Even to let him go too.

"I am sorry for everything.I wish I could turn back time to the high school year where I was happy..If that terriable fate didn't happened maybe you and I would've been still together." She thought.

Tears can be seen falling from her eyes.

"Oh Takayuki." She cried.