On her way to work.Mitsuki stopped and looked toward the bookstore.Where she saw that it was very crowded.With reporters,parents with their children she stood there watching with curiousity.She just stood wondering what was going on.Meanwhile in the mansion.An maid bowed toward an woman walking down the stairs to the limo.

"Becareful out there." She said.

The woman nods as she entered.The driver closed the door.As he went back to the parking spot.

"Where to today?" He asked.

The woman looked up as she than looked back at the window.

"To the bookstore,I got book signing to do.Children book signing." She said.

The Driver nodded as they headed toward the bookstore.Mitsuki than glance back over at the limo that was coming.Where an group of people gathered closely.However the police pushed them away to let her go first into the bookstore.Mitsuki blinked twice,as she watched the person walking toward the door. Mitsuki decided to go and check it out.She walked into the bookstore,to see an lots of crowded people. An child standing there holding onto the book.He smiled over to this woman.

"I love your picture book Ms. Suzumiya,it has become my bedtime story everyday." He said.

The woman smiled looking at the little boy.Mitsuki gasp when she heard the last name.

"Haruka? Who would've thought she became an famous author for children books.I hadn't heard from her ever since Takayuki and her said their good byes.This is an surprise.I wondered if she still misses him.Even though,she knew that Takayuki said that he loved me.I still feel guity for what I had done before.When she was in an coma back than.I should wait for her till she done.I can miss work today and chat with her." She thought

She quickly dial her cell phone number,calling her work to let her know that she wont be in.She waited till all the children and the crowd was gone to chat with her.She walked over and just smiled.

"Didn't know that you were still in town.I thought that you had move away Haruka?" She asked.

Haruka looked up and as she smiled slightly at seeing the formilar figure.

"Mitsuki? It has been an long time has it? Its nice to see you again." She said.

Mitsuki nodded slowly.Still the hidden guilt that she had for an long time.She didn't want to tell Haruka,that she is married to Takayuki either.

"Say why don't we go and get something to eat.Also catch up on old times." She said.

Haruka nodded as she stood up.

"That would be great Mitsuki." She said.

In an small cafe the two woman sat in drinking some coffee.

"So I see that your doing great.I mean being an famous children book author writing picture stories all that kind of junk." Mitsuki said.

Haruka smiled as she tooked an sip of her coffee.

"Yeah,but I am also planning to become an teacher as well.Mitsuki,how is Takayuki doing? Now that you are married and living an happy life together." She said.

Mitsuki gasp,looking surprise about what Haruka said.

"How did you know that me and Takayuki got married?" She asked.

Haruka looked up,than looked back down at the table.

"I was there.I saw the wedding everything.It was beautiful thing that I ever saw.I stood there watching in the back.But I left when you both said your I do." She said.

Mitsuki looked at Haruka.She could tell that she was upset.She knew that it could be possiable that Haruka,still misses Takayuki.Even though they had said their good byes.

"Are you upset for that or something?" She asked.

Haruka looked up and shake her head.She almost was about to cry.

"No I am fine.I am happy when Takayuki confesses that he loved you ever since I was in an coma,for 3 years.The truth is Mitsuki,your my friend.I want that friendship to kept too.That the way it has to be." She said.

Mitsuki nodded as she stood up.She paid for the meal,than looked back at Haruka.She gave an smiled.

"Than why don't you come over to our house.I am sure Takayuki will be happy to see you as well." She said.

Haruka gasp than looked away an bit.

"I don't know.I will try come." She said.

Mitsuki blinked twice and just smile.

"How about not try? But you would really come." She said.

She waved slightly and left the cafe.

Haruka wasn't sure if she should go.After all she did say good bye to Takayuki way before.She doesn't think its right to see him again to bring back the pain.