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Summary: Troy and Gabriella, are best friends but deep down.. they are in love. When Troy buys gabriella two tickets for a basketball game, a tragedy happens. One that will Change Troy and Gabriellas life. Even though troys time is limited will he be able to tell Gabriella how he feels Before its too late ?

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"Good Morning mami, Good Morning papi!" exclaimed a Overly Excited Gabriella Montez as she walked down the stairs. Today was the big day.. she would turn 15! In spanish culture it means she has become a woman.

"Happy BIRTHDAYYYY!!!" Maria Montez,Isabella, and Carlos Montez Shouted as the now 15 year old came and hugged them both.

"Oh my god! Daddy your home!!! I thought that you were in the hospital with treatments"Gabriella Frowned as she remembered her Dads cancer.

"The doctors let me out for your birthday,Gaby." Her Dads Raspy Voice said.

Tears Welled up in Gabys eyes as she ran and gave her dad a huggeeeee Bear hug.

Maria just Smiled at how much her daughter loved her father.

"Listen Sweetie, I have to take your dad back to the hospital by one for a check up. But he will be back by 3 take a shower get dressed because were going out for Lunch. Your sister is coming with me and Carlos because she has to drop something off at school which is next to the hospital" Maria Kissed her Daughters Forhead as Gabriella did to her Dad.

"ISABELLA!! Come downstairs right this instant! Were gonna leave without you!!"

---- 3 hours later.

It was 3:57 and no sign of Maria, Carlos or Isabella.

Gabriella was getting worried, she already finished her Geometry Homework, and her mom nor sister was answering her phone.Probably Phones died and Traffic.

She got on her computer and was listening to music when someone knocked on her door, she looked outside her window and saw police lights… suddenly everything clicked…

She ran downstairs and opened the door.

"Hello im officer Burke..umm im looking for an um….gabriella Montez?"

Gabriellas Face Went Pale.


"Well maam im sorry to inform you but… there has been an accident. An 18-wheeler ran a stop sign and ran into a Maria Montezs vehicle.. It has been reported that Carlos Montez and Isabella Montez died on Impact as Maria was unharmed."

Gabriella Fell down and Cried hysterically her Father whom she hugged hours before was gone, and her sister the one who didn't get to make it to graduation, the one that wanted to become a lawyer so she can defend girls who have gotten raped, like herself..was gone..


1 year later.

Saturday March 14,2007.

Gabriella Montez walked through the doors of East High School only to be greeted by a familiar Blonde.

"GABRIELLA!!!!" Shouted Sharpay Evans, East Highs Drama Queen.

Gabriella and Sharpay have gotten real close ever since the winter Musicale.

Sharpay was a Petite Blonde with Light Hazel Eyes and Really Blonde Hair. She was wearing a light blue Tank top that had the words HAPPY BIRTHDAY GABY! In Dark Blue Font and Washed out Denim Capris.

"SHARPAY!!" The brunette Responded as she ran and gave her Best Friend a hug.

"Oh MY GODD!!! Gaby!! Today your 16 !!" Gabriella Giggled at Sharpays Excitement.

"Haha, Sharpay calm down…Its just a birthday.." Gabriella Frowned as she remembered her last birthday.

"oh..Gaby..Im so sorry" Sharpay realized.

"no no no .. its ok." She gave her a reasurring smile as they walked to class.

All her problems went away when she spotted a certain blue-eyed basketball captain coming her way.

" Happy birthday GABSTER!!" Troy shouted from the other end of the class.

"MR.BOLTON please stop disrupting the learning environment" A very Angry Ms.Darbus Snapped.

"Rawrr" Troy mumbled under his breath.

Gaby Giggled as she went and gave her best guy friend a hug.One that sent shivers down their Spines.

"Listen, I got two Alberqurque Bulldogs(A/N made up) Basketball tickets and since its your birthday I wanted to spend the whooooooleee day with you" Said a very excited troy. Which Received Glares from some Eavesdropping Cheerleaders.

The rest of the day went by pretty fast. Gabriella raced home and went into her closet she grabbed a yellow Baby doll top and jean skirt that ended just above her thighs, Added Yellow Earrings that said the Words Birthday in one ear and girl on the other each with a musical note, being a gift from kelsey. Some Jewelry and Yellow Pumas. Put on some eyeliner, light amount of blush and N.Y.C Lip gloss in Pink Sand, Curled her hair and picked it up halfway tieing it with a yellow ribbon. Gabriella Montez looked Beautiful.

Once in the car with Troy, Gabriella kept on Sneaking Glances at him, He looked really handsome A dark blue Button-up shirt that really made his eyes pop and black denim jeans. But..there was something different about him. He was Much Paler and his eyes were Grey…

"So Troy.. What did the Doctor Say?" Gabriella Spoke Up. She forgot to ask him how it went yesterday. He has been really sick.

"Nothing, just allergies.." He responded…his voice sounded so distant.

"Umm, ok" he obviously didn't want to talk about it so she Just Let it Go.

When they got to the arena they walked to their Seats.

"Listen Gaby, umm im not feeling too well ill be right back" and before Gabriella could respond he was gone. She Just Sat there in front row.. thinking to herself. I really don't think he likes me.. she immediately frowned when she heard Screaming. She Ran Towards the bathroom to see about a middle-Aged Man Shouting


Gabriella Couldn't find Troy Anywhere..

She searched and searched everywhere.

Her eyes went wide as she Ran inside the bathroom to see a young man with a blue button-down shirt and black denim jeans.. White as a ghost.

Gabriellas POV.

When that guy shouted I was scared, I just wanted to find Troy and wanted him to hold me like I know he would.. except I couldn't find him anywhere.

Wait.. Troy said he wasn't feeling good..and probably went to the bathroom.

OH MY GOD!!! I Immediately Ran inside the boys bathroom to see Troy on the floor. I started Crying as Chad came and held me…when did he get here?

I was calming down when the nurse came and said.…



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