This is my first Reaper fic, so I hope I did ok. Just a little one shot.

Sam's life was beyond hectic at the moment. Not only did he have to struggle between his love for Andi and his low paying job, but he now had to bring escaped souls back to hell where they belonged. What's a guy supposed to do?

Sighing, Sam put another box full of nails on the shelf and hoped that the clock would wind faster than it already was. Suddenly, the low roar started from the aisle besides him. With fear in his heart that it could be another strange demon with mommy issues, he grabbed a nail gunner and silently waited for the creature…ghost…animal…thing to come for him.

But it was just Sock on a riding lawn mower. The bigger man waved at him and pointed happily at the fact he got the lawn mower on in the store.

"Dude, what about Ted?" Sam asked as Sock trudged along on his new vehicle.

"El luncho breako." He said as he past along, humming to himself some 80s rock ballad.

"Careful, Sock, you are going to run into something." Sam said over the roar.

Sock snapped his head back and caught Sam's attention. A glint of childness and seriousness shone in his eyes.

"Listen, buddy, listen. I'm a perfect driver. No way in hell would I get hurt riding a lawn mower going at walking speed."

"Um, Sock…" Sam was interrupted.

"Not done yet." Sock still held his gaze and the lawn mower moved on, causing him to talk louder. "I will not have anybody thinking that just because I have crashed my car more times than the fingers on both my hands means that I will crash a riding lawn mower!"

It was then the uncontrolled lawn mower hit the wall, causing Sock to fall off. Sam watched in shock as boxes upon boxes of utility material came crashing down on his best friend's head. When the dust had cleared and the boxes were settled, Sock was shown sitting up in a daze. He smiled and rubbed his head.

"Wasn't the first time a dozen boxes filled with heavy plastic drills have landed on me, and wont be my last." Sock said as he slowly stood up.

It was moments like these that made Sam forget about his hectic life and dead end job and just laugh.