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In the pass

Sakura, tenten, Naruto and sasuke where just 3 when it all happen to small to know why everyone in the village hated them…it all happen on sakura and Ryo's birthday they where all celebrating with Naruto and sasuke. They where have so much fun playing ninja.

"Come on Tenten lets go get Naruto and sasuke!!" sakura yelled as she ram fast. The village so did love the twin sister so much. Sakura had pink hair with green eyes which looked like Jims. Tenten had brown hair and reddish brown eyes. They looked so different and yet they could act the same. They where getting closer to where their friends where when they heard scrams. They all turn and ran to where they where. To see that there what 4 demons the leader seem to be a pick wolf. They where attacking the villagers. Sakura looked at her friends who seemed to be scared and want to run but she wanted to help the people. Sakura then saw the wolf attacking a child younger then her and she took out the Kunai

That her cousin Sara had given her for her birthday earlier that day and ran to the child. She put herself between the child and demon.

"Stay always." she yelled the wolf looked at her as if she was crazy and then laughed. Sakura turn her head a little and took the chilled to go.

"Will, will, will, you are vary brave to be a little girl with no power of your own." it said as it moved closer to Sakura

"Onee-sama!!" Tenten yelled scared to los her older sister. Sakura had her eyes and the wolf come at her Kunai what in front of her. Before the wolf could hit her it was thought feet always from her.

"Sakura are you ok little sister?" Said a girl who had her in her arms sakura open her eyes to see Sara.

"Onee!!" she said happy seeing her cousin. Sara smiled at Sakura and looked at the wolf.

"Sara took the kids back to your grandfather!" a woman yelled at her. Sara nodded and took the kids back to the Hokage tower where they would be most saved. Once there sakura, Ryo, sasuke and Naruto saw there partners and ran to hug them.

Then they all went to the room to think of how to get rid of the demons soon the women form the battle come in along with a man.

"Mother, father what are we going to do?" Sara asked as she hugged them.

"Don't worry honey we have an idea but we will need 4 bodies to do it. If we can seal them inside in 4 human bodies then we will be safe, but we need 4 willing people and I don't think we will find one," the woman said as she looked at the others. Sakura was the first to speak

"I'll do it." she said making everyone look at her

"Use my body I want to help." she said true she was only 3 but living for about 50 years she had become vary much wish. Now the reason what he lived 50 years was causing her along with almost everyone in the village where vampires…

"Sakura you must understand that we cant just let you do this you are much to young." her mother said

"But mommy if I don't who will? I don't want you to do it. Let me do it please momma I want to do it. I have to so that the village can be safe again." she said Naruto and the other nodded to them self and said

"If onee-sama going to do it me too,"

"Ya we want to help"


"But you can little sister you have more to live for.' Sara said to her with a hug sakura.

"No I want to help." she said being stubborn as ever

"I think they have a point but we will need 4 other to do the seals."

"I'll do it for Ryo." her mother said

"I do it for Naruto' Naruto's father said with a hand on Naruto's shoulder

"I'll do sakura's" Sara's mother said as she walked over to sakura

"And I'll do sasuke. " Sara's father said as he walked sasuke.

"Vary will but they will also loss their memories along with the seals they will not remember any of you are you should you want to do this?" he asked sakura and the others they looked at their family and nodded hugging them for the last time or so they thought so.


"Sara we are from the low branch we are to protect the main branch it is what we live for. Am sorry I was not born first if I was then you wouldn't have to have to marry someone you don't love." her mother said as she knocked her out.

2 weeks later

Sakura and her friend where in the hospital once they where up they looked at each other

"Who are you?" they asked each other

"I don't know but my name my name is sakura"

"My name is Ryo"

"Am Naruto!"

"HN am sasuke"

"So where are we?" sakura asked

"I don't know I don't even remember what my last name or how I got here" tentensaid looking at sakura who looked just like her hair and all.

"I see your up." a cold voice said as she came in.

"Where are we?" sakura asked

"Hospital' was all the nurse said as she gave them a dirty look

She then left to tell the Hokage that they where awake.

"That's ward dose she hat us?" sakura asked as she and the others looked at the door.

"So what to do now?" Tenten said as she and sakura got out of bed and took off the needles.

"Lets look around am such we can find something fun to do Naruto said as he walked to the door only to run into the Hokage

"Now where are you going?" he asked smiling at them.

"Who are you mister?" sakura asked him this seem to hurt him.

"Sakura Tenten I am your grandfather come and sit and I'll tell you what had happen." he said as he walked them all in the room again

X-15 minute later-X

"Oh so what happen to them?" sakura asked him

"They are died along with 1\3rd of the village if we waited any longer mostly everyone would have died. Will them sasuke you will keep living with you mother and father Naruto we have a place for you to live in and there but first you will live with sakura and Tenten and myself until you can take care of yourself then we will move you. Come on I will take you all home. He said as the kids held each other hands sakura what in the middle she seem to be the leader of the small group. They walked out and as they did they where looked at with hated from everyone

"Don't pay action to the look they will like us again one day." sakura said as they walked on she also seem to the hopeful one out of all of them. The Hokage took sasuke home to his family who welcome him with open arms. Then they head home once home sakura and Tenten saw that they looked alike the smiled and each other

"Grandpa who is older sakura or me?" Tenten asked

"Sakura is a few minutes older then you and her hair use to be pink and her eyes where green." he smiled they walked to sakura and Tenten room that they shared once there sakura saw that there was a photo looked like it have been taken out. But they ran to their bed and saw there was one more

"Naruto you will sleep her as will I hope you don't mine." He said seeing the young boy run to the bed.

"Sakura, Tenten let's go outside and play" Naruto said


They then ran outside as they ran the bummed into Sara.

"Ops sorry miss." sakura said looking at her she looked so pretty. Her long light brown hair was in a pony tail and she looked like she could be a mode. Her eyes where honey brown with a little red in them.

"Watch where you going you worthless garbage," and with that she walked always from them. There was hurt in sakura she didn't know why she felt so hurt she then ran off with Naruto and Ryo.

2 years later

Sakura was not 5 and she has gone quit a bit her and the others had become good friends and she had grown Naruto stilled lived with them. And even thought she was still 5 she was to be married to Itachi, they got along sakura could always get a laugh out of him she was his light and he was her happiness or at less that what she thought.

Sakura was outside looking at the snow in her arms was a teddy bear that Gaara gave her. She was his first friend and he wanted to thank her some way so he gave her the teddy bear.

"Sakura… come with me." Sara said as she came near to sakura

"What is it?" she asked her cousin she walked to her

"Go put on a clock on sakura and lets go for a walk." she said sakura smiled and ran to her room and took to her cold that she just got she was happy that her cousin was finally talking to her. Sara was usually mean to her and called her useless. Sakura come back to her cousin and Sara gave her a small smile. And took her hand. They walked for miles as sakura looked at the snow,

"Sara why is it that you don't like me?" sakura asked them

"Sakura its time to tell you the true. You see before the demons that are lock in you and the others, we where like sisters my mother sometimes said that I was more like your mother then cousin/sister. You use to call me onee at one time. But when we need the bodies you where the first to vonater to be one then the others followed you like they do now. The one who put the seal on you and died was my mother and my father did Tenten but I count bringer here cause her was not home then I remember that you and the others are vary close you are what pulls them together and with out you they will forever be miscible." what are you tal-" sakura could not finish her senates cause all she saw was black…

"You will not be coming back" Sara said as she took sakura's body and cared it far away from the village where her friends and family where……