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3 years later

"sakura! Wake up! Tsunade-sama wants you to come over today. She wants to talk to both of us about something" said a girl as she woke Yuki.

"Am up. Since when do you just come here with out knocking?" Yuki asked as she stood up from her bed. She was warring a black tank top and blue pj pants.

"Sorry but you sleep like a rock so I had to come in" she said

"Find you can go ahead Tenten I'll be over their after I change" Yuki said

"Ok Sakura see you in a minute then" said Tenten she left Yuki's house. Yuki went over to her dresser and took out her red Chinese style dress and she put shout under it (like the one Sakura wear in Naruto) she also took her small hip bag and put it on and then it was her headband. Her headband had a life on it. Before she left she saw the 2 pitcher on her table and smiled at them. They where of her teammates and her. She was in 2 different cells one with Naruto and Sasuke and the other was of all girls it was made out of Tenten who is her twin sister , Ino, Hinata and her as team leader. Their sensei use to be a missing nin but he was now good.

Yuki\Sakura POv

Our sensei is Itachi who also live with me but his off to a mission. No one know about him being in the village Tsunade is still trying to get the elders to accepted him and that why he live with me, so I can keep an eye on him. But like I said he was send to a mission so he was gone for today. And the guys of the rocky 12 are gone too will all but Naruto and sasuke they have been gone for the last 1 years on a S-rank mission. Naruto promised me that they would be back by my 18 birthday, so its just us girls here for the moment the guys should be coming back tomorrow and then we can show them what we have leand since they where gone. I got out and stared at a run to the Hokage tower. I got there in no time.

"Sakura come sit I must speak to you and Tenten" she said our grandfather was the late Hokage but because am still to young to take his please Tsunade took the place until am old enough. She is trending me to be a good Hokage and ninja she will deiced when I take her place she is also my aunt, I sat in front of her.

"OK first of all both of your birthdays are coming up this Saturday and there will be a patty for both of you. I want you both to be on you best behaviors. Sakura i know you don't like parties but you must be there for the first hour of it and the last 2 hours so look your best."

"Yes Tsunde-sama " we said together

"Now second you cousin Sara will be coming here with her school. The first group will be here tomorrow morning Tenten you will take them and show them around make such you look you best I don't want them to think that I favorite Sara which is not turn both of you have proved to me not just me that you can take care of things as how you are and that you don't need your vampire power don't mean your weak. Tenten you will make a great house wife one day and a good assied to sakura and Sakura you will make a great future Hokage; you both work vary hard when it comes to fighting and I want to show everyone here in the village and your cousin that as will." she said

"Everyone in our village know that Tsunde they know that we live to protect them." Tenten said

"Yes but not your cousin. The second group will also come and Sakura you and your girls cell will show them around after you come back from the mission I gave to Kakashi, he'll tell you more about it when you see him. Will that is all for now, you may leave. Oh and Sakura i would like to see that you get ready to also be a wife. The day that you will marry is coming soon and i want you to be prepared for what comes your way"

"Oh Tsunde that wont be in about 2 or 3 more years." Yuki said as she and Tenten left.

"I'll see you later i have to go see master Kakashi." Yuki said as she wave good bye to her sister

With Yuki and her pov

I want to the river where master kakashi told us to meet him at. We have 2 other member on our cell since sasuke and Naruto are gone. They are sai and Rin who is a close friend of mine and she has the same name as my mother she act a little like Naruto and sai is a lot like sasuke. When I get there I thought back at how I get here. Yes it will be 3 years am now going to be 18, and soon i will me married. Lots have changed since i left home it feels just like yesterday...

Flashback 2 years ago

it was a month since Yuki left cross Acanamy and she had meet some really nice people on her way and other not so nice. She was heading to a new town when a snow storm hit. It reminded her of when she was little, she couldn't turn back so she kept walking hoping that she would make it in the next town soon. But she fell and lead on her knees she looked up and saw that someone was coming. To her it looked like Kaname but she passed out and wasn't such who it was…