Summary: Everything unravels in canon SailorMoonverse

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...ooO Unraveling Ooo...

A single crystal-like pearl rolled down one pale cheek, shimmering before it dripped off the smooth skin.

It was a lie. It was all a lie. Setsuna had lied to them about Everything! Crystal Tokyo was a sham, a facade manipulated into existence, a fragile paradise for an elite few that would splinter towards the inevitable end of all artificial societies. Chiba Mamoru, reborn soul of Prince Endymion of Terra was not her true soulmate; the attraction was an artificial bond created by the Venusian Queen to help foster a stable marriage that would mean a more solid lasting peace between Earth and the Silver Millennium Alliance.

She did not want this. She did not want to be tied to a future she did not want simply because of the wishes of ones with far too much power.

Usagi reached deep within her and drew out the power of her true birthright, power that came from being the last of the Royal Lunar Family, power that placed the Moon above all the other planets, power that did not entirely come from the Ginzoushou.

Her astral self fell within and followed the traceries of power to each Senshi. In the past each Senshi had drawn directly from the planets being born there. Today they drew their power but it was limited since the planets had been dead for centuries. None of their Royal Families had the innate power and skills of the Royal Lunarians. With grim satisfaction she cut and slashed at each slender strand leading to her.

Now none of them could find her. None of them could bind her. None of them could force her.


A savage smile spread across the usually happy face as Usagi reached out and 'twisted' the ribbons of power permanently putting the Gates of Time beyond the reach of Pluto. The only powers she would have access to would be her usual senshi powers and limited precognitive abilities. Enough to defend Earth if it were attacked which she doubted.

It was Usagis presence that destabilized everything, sent events surging towards the Ice Age. She was not meant to be here, to create so much positive polarity that chaos couldn't help but become stronger by her mere presence. Once she was gone everything would return to the way it should be. There would be no Crystal Tokyo but there would be no Ice Age and billions of deaths. But where could she go?

Then Usagi remembered other truths, another world, her true birth world and a blonde boy; someone who had been very important to her.

…ooO Begin Flashback … …

"I will always protect you Usa-chan."

"I don't want you to protect me! I want to be strong and protect myself!"

"Oh you are strong chibi-chan! But you are also very important to me. Let me look after you while you are still little. Very soon you will be all grown up and able to protect yourself from any attackers!"

"Oh all right Minato-kun! But only if you help me with my trap making!"

- - -

Strong solid arms around her, half-carrying half-dragging her along the ground to avoid the worst of the smoke.

Usagi choked and coughed and inhaled the cold night air.

"We are safe Usa-chan. We are safe for now but we must move away from the fire."

Usagi turned and looked at the building they had just exited. It was on fire. So was many other buildings close by.

"Are the others okay?"

She did not get an answer. Worried she looked at the grim expression on her best friends face. It must be bad.

"I don't know. I saw Kaede-baa-san and Hirisho-jii-san a few minutes ago but no one is sure of what happened; if it is sabotage or just an accident."

Usagi froze at that possibility. Her biological parents and extended family had been killed by bandits. Her surviving relatives had brought her into town and left her with the Namikaze clan before they moved to less raid-prone lands. The Namikazes were the only family she had. She couldn't risk losing them!

"Where is Roshi-oyabun-san? Or Teuko-san?"

Minato shook his head. "I don't know. I'll go look for someone who might know. But you have to promise me you'll stay at least two blocks away from the fire! If the fire spreads hide in the Spinster Willow Tree. I'll come get you when I can. Promise me Usa-chan!"

Usagi blinked tearily and nodded.

"I promise Minato-kun. I will wait for you."

And then she stood and watched the boy she cared a great deal for run off dodging between the adults.

Then she stiffened feeling a large hand fall on her shoulder. She looked around and up into the dusky-skinned face of an adult lady with garnet eyes and green-black hair dressed in black pants and a dark green tunic-top carrying a bo.

"Come with me Serenity-hime."

Usagi blinked. "Ano, I think you are mistaken kunoichi-san. My name is Usagi."

The woman shook her head. "Iiie. You are Serenity. And you must come with me."

Usagi shook her head and tried to break free from the womans firm grip. "Let go of me! I don't want to go with you! I promised to wait for Minato-kun."

Reddish eyes flashed. "If you will not come willingly I will make you Serenity-hime!"

And then the world went dark.

... ... End Flashback Ooo…

It was all a lie. She was Tenshiko Usagi, daughter of Reiko and Touga, fosterling of Namikaze Yuuzu and Tenzou, best friend of Namikaze Minato, aspiring kunoichi. Once upon a time she had been innocent and trusting but no more. But still she yearned for her past, her true self, for Minato.

"Minato-kun." Tears fell faster. "Minato-kun! I want to be with you! Ginzoushou take me to Namikaze Minato, my best friend!"

The crystal in her brooch burst into life dissolving the world into colors.




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