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CHAPTER 1: First Day

It was the first day of seventh grade for Sakura Haruno and her friends. She was waiting for her two closest friends, Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha, just outside the front entrance. Just as she was about to give up and go inside she heard a familiar voice yell her name. She turned her head to see Naruto and Sasuke walking towards her.

"Hey Sakura!" yelled Naruto as they got closer.

"Hey Naruto! Hey Sasuke!" she said back.

"Hn" said Sasuke

"Were not late are we?" Naruto asked.

"No but you were cutting it pretty close. Come on let's go in and get our lockers and schedules.


Inside they picked their lockers and got their schedules.

"So what classes do we have together?" Naruto asked them.

"Let's see… History first, Math second, Gym third, Lunch, then Mission Strategies fifth, Language Arts sixth and lastly Science."

"History, Language Arts, Gym, Lunch, Mission Strategies, Math and Science." Said Sasuke.

"I have the same as you Sasuke. That means the three of us will be together for every class but math and Language."

"Hn… Great!" Sasuke said with a smirk. Sakura laughed and Naruto didn't even seem to be fazed by what Sasuke had said. Just then the first bell ring.

"We better go. I don't wanna be late on the first day" Naruto said.

"Wow Naruto I've never seen you this excited for school!" Sakura said.

"I bet by tomorrow he'll be complaining!" Sasuke said.

"You'll win that bet!" Sakura laughed.

They walked into their first class and immediately fan girls of Sasuke were yelling hello. Ino was the loudest of them all.

"Hey Sasuke!!!!!" Ino yelled.

Sasuke ignored them all and went to a desk in the back of the room, Naruto and Sakura followed him and sat down. Naruto looked around the room.

"Hey look the nine of us are in first hour together again." Hey what's up Shikamaru? Hey Kiba and Shino and Ino and Chouji and Hinata!! Can you believe we have class together again this year?" Naruto yelled.

"Troublesome" said Shikamaru.

"Hey Naruto! Yea pretty cool isn't it? Will you keep it down now?" Kiba said.

"Oh yea, sorry!" Naruto laughed.

"Really Naruto you're starting to scare me with this whole being excited about school thing. I hope Sasuke's right and you go back to complaining." Sakura told him.

The late bell rang and class started. The teacher began to go over school rules and policies and soon class was over and they all went into the hallway.

"Well, I'll see you guys in Gym. Have fun in Language!" Sakura said walking to math with Hinata.

This is only the first chapter more to come!!!!