-Forbidden Secrets-

Chapter One

-The Red Room-

How Hitachi came to being a porn director, he didn't know. Maybe all these weird, but wonderful things just happen to him because he deserves it? Trying to think back though, he was discovered after shooting a big hit film in the porn industry. That film was called "..." well nevermind. Itachi was known for his 'hard' acts. That's what got him filthy rich in the first place. He started out with no money, ended up with it all, he knew his dick would get him somewhere in life. But the problem is it didn't get him what his heart wanted.

"Cut!" Itachi yelled out annoyed as shit, for these idiotic producers and actors. The actors were drenched in sweat and cum, which wouldn't look attractive to even a homeless person at this rate. Itachi rolled his eyes all the way to back of his head, until his eyes eventually shut from exhaustion. "Itachi, wake the fuck up!" Kakashi yelled right smack in his ear, further annoying him at this point. Itachi opened his eye closest to Itachi, it scarlett red, filled with raw anger.

Kakashi could tell he was tired but giving a fuck right now was far out of the question, but still cringed at seeing Itachi in such a foul mood, so he slowly leaned back half frightened at his eye. "I have only gotten two fucking hours of sleep in the past four days, so dont order me around, I'm the one forking out my 'hard' earned cash for this shit, Kakashi."

Kakashi slightly rolled his eyes, then sighed defeated, the bastard was right, his case was no better. Still, he wasn't acting like a prick for his lack of sleep. All well, his boss only could get away with it because he was the boss. But still he knew his boss could afford this like it were pocketchange.

Itachi dragged his ass up, and went over to the actors and shouted, "If you dont do, what it says to do in your scrips, when the fuck it says your supposed to do it, then I shall personally see to it that your sexual organs are in jars and mailed to your closest family members." Itachi smiled warmly, showing he wasnt messing around. He even tilted his head, with his messy hair to fall down, daring them to disobey his orders. Smiling for Itachi, was on a rare occasion, so they hopelessly nodded, and got back into positions, grabbing towels and wiping themselves to be cum-free. "If you guys fuck up again, next time if you dont cum when I say you can cum, then well I shouldnt even have to say what'll happen to you, unfortunate people."

With that Itachi, plopped back down onto his beachy looking chair and sighed. How long till lunch? Kakashi looked at Itachi and smiled, He looks a mess, a yummie one at that. He remembered when he shot a video with Itachi, how fun that had been. He couldn't walk straight for a couple of long weeks. Mistake? Hell no.

"Kakashi, water now." Itachi sneered, already holding his arm out, expecting it. Prick, even if Itachi was known over many many countries around for his incredible sex, he was still an asshole. Kakashi got up quickly and took out a small water, from the black mini fridge and handed it to him, before he opened his eyes, because if he did, well that would just be bad, lets say that.

Itachi snatched it and opened it to gulp it down within the minute and throw it behind him carelessly. "Better." Itachi said lazily, he was too damn sleepy for this shit, it was four in the morning after all. Who's idea was it to shoot this at four in the goddamn morning? Oh wait, it was his. Shouldn't have drank that much last night, damn.

Itachi sat up in his chair, and took the microphone. "action!" At the moment the attempted seduction voices were heard with the puffy microphones and camera men were recording, making way for all the heavy wire to be tripped over. luckily they missed the wiring, and so far all went as planned.

Itachi, was half paying attention to the screen and half thinking about an invader in his mind named Sasuke. Yes, his brother. Ashamed? No. well kinda, but nobody shall take note of that. Kakashi even noticed the refreshed tension, with his boss. "What is it, boss?" Kakashi asked, actually concerned. Itachi never showed anything, emotion-wise that is. "Nothing." Itachi snapped, not even noticing he said it. Kakashi saw it coming though so wasn't surprised. What could actually consume Itachi's mind more than a cum session?

"Whatever you say then, sir." Kakashi smiled. At the same time trying to think of who it could be. He sat there deep in thought as the minutes passed, scratching the back of his head. "I've got it!" Kakashi said aloud, pointing at Itachi, who was no longer in his seat. What the hell? I thought he was tired.

It seems that he needed to talk to the executive producer about something, right. Any excuse to get away from his friend in crime. As soon as he was done talking to them he headed straight for the EXIT door to his black 08 Bentley. And opened it...Kakashi was sitting in his usual seat, hungry beyond all reasoning, and when he looked over expecting to see Itachi's seat empty, it was all but that. He had a gigantic basket of fruit in his lap, and was eating it like an animal.

He just watched the hungry man, downing lots of fruit, it was rather funny, because when he got to the banana Kakashi couldn't erase the multiple dirty thoughts running through his mind. Itachi noticed the look on his face, and smiled with the banana in one of his cheeks. Then he started to get really into it, he started to suck on the banana as if it were the last thing to suck on earth, and started to deep throat it, Making Kakashi sweat drop, And wipe his face, deeply aroused. 'How I wish that were my cock in his mouth' He thought. "I...need to go to the bathroom." Kakashi said sternly. As soon as he scrammed towards the bathroom, Itachi found himself chuckling, 'what a loser, but I dont blame him, must have brought back some fun memories'

About a half an hour later, Kakashi came trudging back, looking refreshed. Itachi hid his growing smile under his black jacket, absolutely struck with amusement. His eyes, were his best weapon, showing no feelings towards anything.

A couple hours later, the film was shot, everything was ready to be rewatched and edited, but thats somebody elses job. "Bye boss, see you after our christmas break."

Itachi was hoping not to, he was tired and wanted to sleep for a week, good thing he was naturally built or he wouldn't be able to afford that, for his looks that is. "Hai, Kakashi." He said, not looking at him but towards his sleek car. He opened it, and sat in it for a while. Gripping the steering wheel, he thought about going to his parents house, and seeing the one person he loves to think about all the time. Sasuke...I miss you...I wonder how your doing... As soon as hsi thoughts subsided, he started his car and revved his engine. He then without another thought sped off, if he would have been going by any radar, trouble would have been the least he would have been in.

About fifteen minutes later he arrived in front of his parents house. It's been three years... He slowly got out and locked the car, taking one step was a challenge in itself. He wanted so badly to go there, but hesitated, knowing of the worst case scenario. Still he went on, zipping up his jacket, since suddenly he was so damn cold.

He hoped to Kami, they hadn't moved away. If they did, he didn't want the trouble of tracking them down, afterall he was on vacation. The wooden door held signs of aging, something his house had not, it was made of glass of the highest bid. Well his house was made of several things actually. Like metal, brick, the finest wood, wait... what the fuck am I saying? You'll visualize it later.

Itachi stopped right at the door, frozen on there cheap looking mat. He glared down at it..Welcome to our home! It said. 'Welcome my ass' Itachi thought, then before he could stop himself, he rang the doorbell. Not fifteen seconds later the door swung open, revealing a worn out Uchiha. None othen then Itachi's father. The brightness of the outdoors blinded him momentarily, squinting he said, "Itachi?" Even though he said it with no feeling, he still recognized him, which was good.

His eyes never excelled in size, as he looked at him, but stayed half-closed. His father slumped on the door frame in a black robe, and partially messy, black hair.

Rolling his eyes he said, "Come in." Extending his arm to expose the inside, which from this way looked in order. Itachi walked in, without saying so much as a word. Well, it would seem, he was there only for one reason; Sasuke. He seemed absent at the moment though, and where was the person that gave birth to him, so called a 'mother?' this time he decided to ask that aloud. "Where's mom?" he said with no emotion, not truly caring but trying to pass the silence, so he could wait for Sasuke.

His father rolled his eyes yet again, "She passed away, two years ago, it seems your a little out of date, Itachi." He just kept leaning against the wall, unmoved by the news. "hn." Itachi said, not having a care in the world, for that. 'She was a bitch anyways, if she hadn't died then, then she would have certainly died now, whether it be by me or my father.' His father smiled, "Yes, I'm the one that did it." Now that brought a smile to Itachi's face. "I expected it from you." His father shrugged, "It had to be done sometime, I hated her always, Sasuke was the only one that seemed to love and respect her, will I ever tell him I'm the one responsible? Fuck no."

At that moment, Sasuke opened the door, not even noticing Itachi he went into the kitchen dropping groceries off on the counter. He went back to the front door and took off his red scarf, hanging it up on the stand. Then he turned around, ready to ask his father a question when he saw Itachi, and was secretly delighted, but tried to not show it. "Hello aniki, its been a while." Itachi said, with his arms crossed. So much for not showing it, Sasuke walked over to Itachi and gave him a brotherly hug, worth three years.

Sasuke stepped back, "So what brings you back, niisan?" Itachi, loved when he called him that, oh how he could make him scream that repeatedly. "To see my brother, i've missed so much, what else?" He tilted his head, smiling slightly. Then something hit him like a bullet, his brother was MUCH more attractive now, his body had shaped up making his stone hard and slightly cuvry, his face was whiter then before, his cheekbones curvier, and his hair a little longer, and not to mention his skin was smoother then a babies. How fun it would be to creat friction, on other places of that skin.

"I've got to get ready, I'm leaving for a week on a private vacation." said there father, leaving them both clueless, but accepting of it since they wished to be alone anyway. There father went to his bedroom and started the shower, saying they were alone for at least an hour, which was good.

Sasuke sat on the couch, clasping his hands together fidgeting, for no apparent reason. Itachi stayed where he was keeping his eyes on his brother so he couldn't make a private escape, without him knowing the blueprint of his plan. "Why did you leave?" Sasuke half yelled half whispered. Itachi couldnt look in his eyes, for he knew that would be the end of his hard shell, so he caught himself looking at a picture of his deceased mother, to amuse him.

"I left because, I had to." Sasuke looked at him, while Itachi still was smiling in his mind as he tried to picture his mother's death by his heartless father. He and his father were much alike, cared for one thing in life, whether it be for a person or an object, as long at it's one thing only. Sasuke was like his mother, caring for anyone who cares for him, a very weak aspect.

"No, you didn't. You could have stayed for me, you know." Itachi was at his limit, "Lets talk about this another time, Sasuke." Sasuke just rolled his black eyes towards the ground gritting his teeth, but being smart enough to not push it.

Not wanting to talk to Sasuke and only want to fuck him, was hard. He'll end up doing it either way so it was fine, he'd just have to wait, and being the little kid mentally at times, he didnt wanna. Why was he so interested in his brother anyway? It's not like he had to pick him, he did have numerous people who would go to hell and back to be with him.

But then again, the attraction that has lingered for his brother, is still there, picking at him, and making him feel guilt. And its not like his brother wasn't fucking hot, some would say he was half as hot as him, which was a lot. His brother was only seventeen while Itachi was twenty three, not too bad of an age difference. It would be better though to wait for his eighteenth birthday, that is, if he could. He would try his best.

"So Sasuke, you'll be graduating soon, ne?" Itachi asked bored, "Actually, I already graduated, niisan." Sasuke said. "Congrats, aniki." Itachi said still bored, but trying his best to add enthusiasm to his voice. "Early graduate, just like you, Itachi." Sasuke smiled. 'this is great news, now I can have him live with me.' Itachi thought.

"So what do you plan on doing now?" Itachi asked looking straight at him, "Well, I dont know. Working, to get some money for college, I suppose." Sasuke said, a little confused. "How would you like to live with me until you can raise money?" Sasuke looked at the ground, unaware of Itachi's whole situation, so he considered it. Then finally decided. "Let me ask dad, but I'm pretty sure he wont care." Sasuke said with mild excitement showing at least.

About five minutes later, there father comes flinging out of his bedroom door, with some suitcases and bags. "Where are you going?" Sasuke asks. "Thats for me to know and you never to find out." He snaps, making Sasuke chuckle. "Father I have a rather big question to ask of you before you leave to where ever it is that your going." He looked up right at his younger son and sighed, "Well, out with it." Sasuke stood his ground and said slowly, "May I live with my older brother?" Without a second thought, The oldest Uchiha said, "Do whatever pleases you son." He then took his things and left the house, not even caring that he would probably never see his family again.

"I guess, I'm moving in." Sasuke said with excitement. "You have room for all my shit, right?" Itachi smiled. 'Do I have room? What kind of sick question is that? It's like asking if I have a gigantic cock. Oh wait, he doesn't know these things yet, but he will' Itachi thought with agreement. Sasuke rushed upstairs and gathered everything, and threw it in his bags, so by the time he got back his long white arms were occupied. Itachi wasn't too thrilled about all the crap Sasuke insisted on taking. But oh well, after all it's not like he didn't have room in his stupidly big mansion. Not to mention, the even bigger club under his house, that was ran by he and many close occupants he'd fucked up the past.

Itachi opened the front door and led him to the Bentley, while he shoved all his younger brothers shit in the backseat. "Damn Itachi, this is nice. Where the hell do you get the money to afford this?" Sasuke checking out the leather and slicks wood, while he was sitting in the front seat.

'This is gonna annoy the shit out of me, until he finds out about my employment.' Itachi thought. "It gets me from A to B." Itachi said mentally rolling his eyes, did people think so poorly of him?

Sasuke sighed, did his brother have to brag so easily? He can't be that rich, can he? Itachi backed up and once again sped off, and hopped on the freeway, not talking to his brother at all, which it wasn't awkward, just uncomfortable.

About fifty minutes later, they started pulling down a long driveway, that seemed to go on for miles.

The neighborhood, was well off, The lights were off in Itachi's big glass looking house. Sasuke got out of the car with mouth exposed to the air, he was impressed out of his mind, who the fuck did Itachi hold hostage to live in this? The path leading to his house was made of a light gray tile, and the house looked three stories, the bottom was glass for wall, but as it led up it was a silver metal, wrapping its way all around while the inside was a black granite, and the inside was all dark reds and no pictures, and the tables made of a dark brown expensive wood, and the kitchen a light cream with new installed equipment. He would enjoy living here.

Itachi disappeared with the Bentley to the garages, and came back opening the house for sasuke, while flicking on all the lights.

"Wow Itachi, it seems that you have it all."

"I couldn't agree with you more." he replied nonchalantly.

"Rich bastard." Sasuke whispered.

Itachi heard it but chose to ignore it and show Sasuke to his overgrown room, which had a dark green plastered everywhere, somewhere on the second floor, even with his own goddamn elevator.

Sasuke put all his things away and headed downstairs, to see Itachi at his own bar fixing himself a cocktail, He was sitting at the barstool and had a remote in his hands, while Sasuke didn't know what the hell it was for but soon found out. Itachi pressed something and the firepit caught aflame.

'figures I didn't know my brother was this wealthy' Sasuke bitterly thought.

"Itachi, are you ever going to tell me what you do for a living?" Sasuke said not even bothering to hold back all his interest in the subject.

"I'll let you figure it out on your own." Itachi roughly said, feeling a slight buzz hit him.

"Why you little fuc-" Sasuke started, but growled when the doorbell rang.

"Shit." Itachi said. "I forgot I was hosting tonight."

Before getting up he took the loose ponytail out of his hair, and reput it back in, still sighing.

Itachi once again dragged himself to the long metal door, opening it slightly.

"It's your turn Itachi." came a very excied voice.

Without saying a word he swung upen the door and lifted his arm, signaling for his entrance.

The redhead looked over the place and caught eyes with Sasuke, looking slightly disappointed, as to seeing he already had company.

Sasuke saw this and was instantly pissed, acting as if he were a child, and rolled his eyes. "Sasori this is Sasuke, Sasuke this is Sasori. Now that you know eachother you can stop acting immature. You two shall get along or you both can go find other places to stay, understand?" Itachi said coldly, waiting for there responses.

"hai, nice to meet you Sasuke."


"Where's the rest of the crew?" Itachi said, already knowing his response.

"Downstairs, there ready to shoot. Your a star in this one don't forget." Sasori said casually.

"I know." Itachi said tiredly, he was not in the mood to fuck, being this tired that is.

Sasuke was clueless, what the shit were they shooting? He couldn't figure out anything at this point, he wanted to see thats for damn sure.

"Ita-" Yet again cut off, "Sorry little Sasuke, this doesn't include you." Sasori said with a smirk.

"Sasuke, go to bed." Itachi said while rubbing his temple. It was transparent Itachi didn't want to do this. Who knows how long this film was going to take, hopefully he didn't pass out while filming.

"But I wan-" Sasuke started, but for the third time was cut off by Sasori,

"Shouldn't you do what he says, especially since this lovely home does belong to him after all."

Sasuke was pissed, but bit his lip and still tried to protest.

"Sasori, shut up, I will tell my brother what to do when to do it, not you." Itachi said glaring at Sasori hard.

"Gomen." Sasori said, choking his pride.

"Sasuke, I'm not going to ask you again."

Sasuke stood up with fists clenched and headed upstairs to slam the door at the top, making Sasori bubble with happiness. It had been a long time since he had shot a video with Itachi, the sex goddess, and he was aching for this tape to be done.

Itachi took his jacket off and put it on the couch while looking at Sasori, "Do you wish to warm me up?" He said while smirking, Sasori replied quickly and happily, "But of course." With that Itachi took him to the bathroom downstairs quietly as to not make noise to 'wake' Sasuke.

As soon as they were both in the bathroom Sasori was already working on Itachi's pants, lightly licking on his lower belly, making him moan slightly. Sasori savored that sound since it was rare to ever hear a reaction from Itachi, but that was a sensitive spot and only he knew that. Sasori took both his hands and slid his index fingers within the wasteband of his boxers feeling the skin get softer.

Itachi could feel his member throbbing and pulsing from the bloodflow. He was about twenty five percent hard while Sasori kept antagonizing him, So Sasori pulled the waistband down to where he could see the base and kept it there, waiting for him to be fully erect, besides he liked doing this to Itachi, he took his thumbs and groped his outer thighs while massasing the area above his cock, he loved it since it seemed to increase his bloodflow faster every time.

His cock now fully erect, and his boxers soaked with precum, Sasori ripped his boxers all the way down while looking at the very delicious cock. He took his fingertips and brushed lightly against his pained balls and heard a soft groan from atop, which made him grin.

Itachi said in a deep throaty voice, "Hurry the fuck up Sasori, we have a film downstairs to be shooting." Sasori smiled, but understood. He grabbed the cock among his shaking hands and had the cock sunk deeply in his throat in ten seconds, coating it in saliva. He sucked on the head, swirling his tongue around sucking the precum until there was none left. Even though only about his head and a little more fit in his mouth, he enjoyed the taste to the fullest..

After a couple minutes Itachi finally came hard, in his mouth. Sasori was prepared for it and sucked on the salty substance, letting it drip down his throat. Itachi was panting lightly, but soon pulled his boxers and pants back on, while Sasori was opening the door and escorting Itachi out, Itachi looked at Sasori and saw lone drop of cum at the corner of his mouth and with a thumb wiped him clean.

Sasori smiled, while they headed outside, getting ready for the events downstairs.