Forbidden Secrets


Why had she been silent for that long. Keeping a child, his child a secret. How dare she. All these thoughts jumbled in his head yet not spoken. He was at a loss for words. He had never felt so deceived. He never deserved to be betrayed. Not like this.

Never had he wanted to hit a woman like he did now. Of course he refrained. How weak. No, he didn't want to set a bad example in front of his son. Not that there was much he could do now.

He was sure the image she already had engraved of his absent father was tainted by now. There really was not substitute for a real father then. He finally found his poisoning words.

"We need to have a discussion." He said, eyeing the boy's mother viciously, his son. He wanted to do things ridiculously illegal to that woman. His son saw the look and returned it just as powerful. A look already developed at age six, he'd be rather intimidating when he grew up. Just like his father.

He ghosted past her gripping her arm harshly on the way. She was nearly dragged like a ragdoll on the way out down the hall and outside. Feeling the bruises start to form on her delicate skin, he grabbed her yet again, mumbling about 'taking a walk.'

"I know you're angry with me, Itachi-san." She whispered.

"Angry doesn't even begin to describe what I feel." He began, looking at her eyes blending into the colors of satin red. Tears started to well up in her eyes as she didn't let them spill over into embarrassment.

"I know that and I'm sorry. But, when it came down to the choice, I couldn't do it. I couldn't kill what we made, that would be murder. I lied to you because I hadn't decided yet and I didn't want you to be disappointed in me, not that it matters now. I'm so sorry Itachi, I really am. I never meant to hurt you. I was so scared what would happen. So scared." She finally broke into sobs as she leaned on him. He didn't move.

"You remember that day I told you I would help you. I never would have abandoned you, I specifically told you that, yet you didn't hesitate in deceiving me you snake." He whispered to her quickly as to the people outside wouldn't notice.

"I would kill you right now if we didn't have a son to raise." He said that as a matter-of-factly.

"Actually, I am now engaged, a man I had been dating for quite a while wants to be a father figure to him, Hiro knows him quite well." She said, looking to the trees for self pity. They granted her nothing.

"Right. That's why you couldn't keep your filthy little hands off me at the club, only a few days ago you wretch." He said snarling. How dare she try to lie to him. Kami, he was starting to sound dangerously close to his father, authority not questioned.

"I..I know that Itachi, and when I was coming into the club I came to tell you the great and surprising news, I lost my train of thought in my own lust for you. You are still to this day, the only one that has ever and will always have that affect on me." She said, her voice croaked, her pride thinning out.

She really didn't want to admit to that. But, he had to know.

He sighed, "I don't care, since he is our bastard child, we are going to have to arrange times throughout the week for me to see him. He will be quite aware who his real father is." He whispered and yelled at her. Too late.

Before she could retort, she saw Hiro standing in front about 5 feet away, glaring at them both. He still had yet to say a word. Rude and calculating to a large extent, just as exaggerated as his father.

Her mouth agape she lightly held her arms out to him as Itachi muttered an exasperated, 'fuck' as he was rather quickly walking away. Sighing, she whispered quickly at him, "Itachi, watch your mouth. Kami knows he's already picked up quite a few words already.

As if on que, he flipped her off rather discreetly walking away. Back to the hospital of utter depression. Back into Sasuke's room. Sasuke saw him right away and snarled at him, "You need to sign me out. I need out."

"Before we go, we need to talk." He said, running his thumb along his pocket, confirming the vial's presence. Still there.

"What the hell could I possibly have to say to you? You...LEFT, end of fucking story. These past few years I always debated on being happy upon your return or angry. I suppose you can just guess which one I decided to go with brother." Sasuke spat.

"I understand your feelings Sasuke, I really do. But, there are things that you need to know and I am not sure whether what I have to offer you will work, although I pray it does, but know that before you take this, willing or not, I am sorry for what I have done. I haven't done a fucking thing in my life right Sasuke, let's hope this is my first." Itachi said, remorse sinking into him. He never tried to hang too long on the things that he had done, but sometimes, it was inescapable.

"What? What are you talking about Itachi? Are you doing drugs? Did dad put you up to this, because I swear that asshole will..." Sasuke fell back unconscious.

The drug had already taken effect. When did he…?

Itachi sighed deeply and exhaled; he got up and closed the door to his room. This was going to be a long hour considering he was simply spectating and not experiencing.

Sasuke moaned deeply. His erection wasn't hidden under the sheets. And all Itachi could do was watch, completely helpless. Sweat poured from his temples, soaking his chest and the hospital gown, his skin glowed. The heat from his pores ghosted the room and coaxed Itachi in every way possible being the biggest tease anyone ever has been. He knew he couldn't touch him. And it damn near killed him. He also knew what Sasuke was experiencing.

Pure ecstasy, even better than that. Such a drug, should never be sold, not even on the black market. He also knew what was soon to come. Pure, horrifying, excruciating agony. Should happen in about an hour or so. Sasuke was in LaLa land, beautiful dreams and pretty little ponies for all he knew, the dreams were all about what and who he loved in the world. Your own deepest desires. Your perfect version of what life should be.

Lost in his own thoughts, Itachi soon realized the half an hour would be over in about ten minutes. There was only one person to call. And he really didn't want to call him, but he had to successfully have to get Sasuke out before he started screaming. Not much time.

He picked his phone out of his jeans and dialed a number. It rang twice.

A groggy voice picked up, "Hello?"

Itachi sighed, "Naruto. I need your help."


Naruto was there in six minutes hearing a one minute version of what had happened to Sasuke. The shock was soon gone as he realized he had to face his uncle to keep him from coming in to check on Sasuke.

It shouldn't be too hard. Naruto walked down the long hall, doctors walked past him, but he was soon to notice the only other blonde in the hospital resembling him in the weirdest of ways.

"Hey uncle." He said overly loud, as expected. The man had stopped in his tracks. Almost petrified.

"N-Naruto?" The man said, looking around him, to spot his nephew a few feet in front of him. Naruto gave an ear to ear grin as he eyed his uncle. "Naruto! I haven't seen you in forever! Like over a year!" he said happily.

"Hah, I don't think it's been that lo-"Naruto started looking confused before he was picked up high in the air, nearly hitting the hospital ceiling lights. Doctors and patients stared in wonder at the twin-like men. They didn't even resemble men, they resembled silly children.

"So, how have ya been?" Naruto asks smiling, giving off discreet hand signals for the 'okay' for Itachi and Sasuke's noisy yet unconscious body. Why was he making…those noises…?

"Erm, Naruto, have you heard anything I've said…?" His uncle eyed him suspiciously; he looked behind him to see nothing out of the ordinary. Naruto sighed, "Please start over, I am really tired, had a long night."

"Well, I was telling you, you should probably visit your old friend Sasuke, he's one of my patients today."

Naruto froze, and started bluntly stuttering, "O-oh, he is? I think I will." He starts laughing nervously, occasionally itching the back of his head, and sweating.

"Umm, Naruto, you don't look too well, maybe I can get you something." His uncle laughs lovingly, as he looks down at his clipboard. One glance back to Naruto's…shadows disappearing down the hallway.

"Why does he always do that when I am going to tell him something important?" Dr. Uzumaki asks himself truly curious. Dropping his clipboard to his side he walks in the direction of Sasuke's room. Opening to door, he cocks his head to the side. Empty.


Driving off in a very uncomfortable Bentley, Naruto could see his uncle run out of the hospital with a few nurses behind him looking for none other than Sasuke.

"Thank Kami that's over." Naruto sighed.

Sasuke lied in the front seat. Naruto in the back watching Itachi watch Sasuke worriedly.

And then…the screaming began.

Horrible shrieks filled the car rather quickly; Itachi nearly ran them off the road, but gained control quickly. Naruto yelled at Itachi and dramatically covered his ears wondering what the fuck Itachi poisoned his best friend with.

"Naruto! We can't be noticed! What Sasuke has in his system is very toxic; I need you to cover his mouth by any means necessary! Do it now!" Itachi yelled at Naruto, glaring at him in the rearview mirror, and reached over to strap his seatbelt on to calm his shaking.

It did little.

Naruto flinched from removing his hands over his ears and quickly covered Sasuke's, then flinched again. His skin was burning hot. He growled at his hands as he felt like he was purposely keeping them on a hot burner on a stove, but did it anyway.

Then Sasuke in his unconscious state, bit him. Naruto shrieked, almost pulling his arms back, but refrained. Itachi started to speed up, swerving in through traffic as he quickly switched on his radar. Using their horns, Itachi ignored the many people screaming profanities; he had to make it home.

About two exits from his off ramp, the world's most annoying colors of blue and red flashing lights penetrated his line of sight in his mirrors, he snarled, then quickly pulled off to the side of the road, screeching his brand new tires. Naruto gasped.

"Fuck." He sighed.

"Not one word. Don't even blink. I will handle this." Itachi whispered dangerously.

It was a lady cop. So far, so good. Walking up slowly to the vehicle the woman kept a straight face. Itachi rolled down his window looking one last time at Naruto nearly crying with his fingers being bitten down on. Itachi took out his hair. Nothing wrong with a little effort.

"License and registration please." She says boringly, she avoids looking at his face, as he quickly grabs it from his glove compartment. Sasuke had calmed a little, at least he didn't look suspicious. He was making fists, and slightly tearing at his own shirt. Itachi needed to do this quickly.

She takes it looks at him, stops herself from publicly gawking, and mumbles, "Be right back Mr. Uchiha."

Itachi shakes his head slightly, "She didn't even look at my driver's license. Perfect." A grin plasters on his face. Naruto's head hits the back of Sasuke's seat. Sasuke whimpered. He felt around until his hand reached for his lap in very inappropriate areas. Itachi nearly froze.

"He even tries to molest me when he is asleep. Unbelievable." Itachi grumbles before moving his pale yet strong hand away from his crotch. "Naruto. Hands…" He says in an obvious tone. Naruto groans, then tries to grab one, failing horribly.

The older blonde walks back rather quickly. Itachi looks at her big light brown eyes and smiles. His eyes then get drawn to her bust. He certainly wouldn't mind playing with those.


She runs her tongue along her teeth, and smiles in a flirtatious way. Her brown eyes following his black ones.

"Do I know you from somewhere?" She giggles and hands back his information to him.

Cars pass and honk. Itachi inwardly rolls his eyes but keeps it hidden, he smirks at her smugly.

"You tell me. Hmm, have we fucked before?" He asks her winking. It no doubt annoyed the shit out of him to be flirting with a woman, but he did what he had to.

She blushes and fidgets slightly. "I wish. But, I don't think so, Itachi-san. But, I have definitely seen you in a few videos…"

"Oh?" He asks, acting like he has no idea what she is talking about.

"Well, Mr. Uchiha, it looks like your records are clean. No warrants, etc." She laughs nervously. He smiles slightly.

"So, I am guessing I am free to go then." He looks at her grinning.

"I'm afraid so." She giggles.

Sasuke gives off a screamed whimper. God damn it. Why after all this time couldn't he have waited a few seconds? She pauses at the noise and frowns.

"What was that?" She asks putting her cop voice on. Tapping her foot, she takes out her mini flashlight and points it through the window. Naruto looks away but doesn't move his hands.

She saw Sasuke and his current condition, and what the blonde in the backseat was doing to him.

She quickly took out her gun, and pointed it at them, "What the hell is this?" She asks looking around, betrayed eyes at Itachi. Naruto gasps loudly, and nearly takes his hands away when he sees Itachi looking at him with those eyes. He doesn't move an inch. Mesmerized into this own duty, he followed his recent commands.

The lady cop frowns and shakes her head backing up away from the car.

He turns his beautiful eyes on her. Swirling black wheels in satin red eyes, he looks at her, as she listens very intently to his next orders.

"You are going to get back into your car, erase my information you just punched into your computer, and act like you had never seen us, is that understood?" He asks her seriously with his silky voice coaxing her moves.

His eyes swirling a little with what seemed every other word.

Her eyes lost in what seems another world of betrayal, she nods slightly and almost robotically walks back to her car and does exactly what he said. He fully smiles when no one paid attention, as it disappears when Naruto snapped his neck back into reality.

"What happened?" He asked. "I felt…strange. So…unreal." Naruto claimed mysteriously.

Itachi shrugged slightly and put his signal on before cutting off and speeding down to his on ramp.


Sasuke lying on Itachi's bed, he was close to waking up, he had about ten minutes to go. And Itachi closed his eyes in anticipation. The last ten minutes mattered most, the healing, took the most out of the drug. The most agony as well.

Naruto sat on an expensive wooden chair about twenty feet away rubbing his soar hand.

Then he cringed when he heard it.

Sasuke started screaming like no one else before. Itachi sitting next to his unconscious, sweating body made him clench his strong jaw. He knew what he was experiencing.

And there wasn't a damn thing he could do about it.

But, like magic, Itachi stared at Sasuke's head, the hole was slowly but surely closing, the fresh cuts on his arms were also, the bruises and scrapes dissipating into normal pale skin. It was like an invisible angel skipping the healing process and feeding him energy. But to Sasuke, he felt as though the devil himself were caressing him instead.

As though an invisible string were being pulled through his torso, his body seemed to lift towards the ceiling on its own, it didn't come close.

Sasuke finally opened his eyes, blood red, he saw the ceiling which felt as if it were coming down on him with dark and depressing colors filling his body with snakes. He couldn't stand snakes. His brother next to him seemed to be getting farther away from him smirking as if he enjoyed his excruciating pain. He reached toward him screaming at the top of his lungs.

"Don't leave me Itachi, please! I need you! Don't leave me again!" Sasuke whimpered and screamed, Naruto stared in horror at him, wanting so badly to move to him and comfort him, but Itachi told him he couldn't. That cruel bastard.

Itachi himself wanted to hold him in his arms. Wanted to tell him he'd never do so again. But, he knew he couldn't. The time was passing.

Four minutes left. The pleads continued as Sasuke's voice grew hoarse.

The boy couldn't scream anymore as his peak of agony left him finally. He was off his high, and exhausted from it. He passed out before seeing Itachi before him thinking him a traitor for not helping him. Naruto sighs and closes his eyes, it hurt him to see his best friend going through that.

"Get out of the room, Naruto." Itachi says plainly looking at his tiled floor.

Naruto hesitates. He glances in Sasuke's sleeping form one last time before glaring at Itachi and leaving the room with a loud slam.

Nearly dragging himself off his comfortable bed, he leans over his brother carefully and kisses his pink lips before whispering, "Happy Brother, little brother."


Taking in the quickest of breaths, Sasuke awakens quickly and nearly falls into the air had it not been for the gravity. He starts heavily breathing, as he had just felt that he had the weirdest dream in his life. It felt too real to be a dream. Way. Too. Real.

His stomach growled as he finally realized he was in his brothers bed. His scent was all over the sheets and it made him feel at home.


The memories came flooding back into his head.

The crash.

Everything before that.

His head hurt all of a sudden. His stomach didn't like the contents of nothing in it either. He booked it for the bathroom. Repeatedly emptying his already empty stomach into the porcelain god, he wondered where his brother was. That was what was most important. Compared to all the other things, he couldn't really force himself to care.

After his purge was done, he carefully walked back to the house phone and looked through the contacts. Kakashi. Perfect. He held the phone up to his ear and blinked rapidly, his vision was slightly blurry and it ached his head more.

"Itachi?" Kakashi's voice asked quick paced on the other side of the line.

"Guess again." Sasuke said groggily and unhappily. Annoyed to be on the phone in the first place.

"Oh, Sasuke, hey man, I heard what happened. I am sorry." Kakashi said sympathetically.

"Wait. Who in the hell told you? I just got back from the hospital, no matter how unwillingly, apparently, I was very intoxicated with some sort of drug. It…wasn't good in the least bit." Sasuke groaned as he felt he had to barf again.

"Well, Konan of course. She didn't go back into the hospital after her and Itachi had their little chat. She's too heartbroken." Kakashi said wholeheartedly.

"Yes, I had the wonderful surprise of finding out my stupid brother has a son. Lovely." Sasuke grumbled. He really had to throw up, he just held it in.

" Anyway, I don't really care about that, I care about where my brother is anyway. Could you possibly have an idea?" Sasuke asked in the same boring tone he normally has.

"No, I wish I did, he is supposed to be here to shoot in forty-five minutes! So, if you see him tell that bastard that he needs to be here! I can't fire him because he makes too much money." Kakashi sighed.

Sasuke snorted, "Of course."


He ran back to the bathroom. He hurled a few more times. Looking at himself in the mirror he realized how awful he looked. I best fix that, he said to himself. As he was about to get into the shower, he noticed his head no longer had a bullet-like hole in the side of his head.

What the hell was in that drug?

He put his finger in the place the hole should have been, just solid skull, not to mention his raven black hair was still in check. Under his black eyes lay red rings.

Oh yes, the shower.


Itachi knew he had a video to shoot today, but honestly, he was too tired, the days events scared the hell out of him and were not exciting. His muscles ached, and he didn't remember the last time he ate.

He had the solution.

He remembered having a bottle of Patron in his cabinet in his office.

To the office he went.


After coming out of the shower, Sasuke fixed himself up good. He shaved, used the expensive shampoo in the beautiful white bathroom. Rinsed out all the oil and sweat caked on his body. He put on a squirt of an expensive cologne. Tweezed his eyebrows, brushed his teeth, styled his hair, Sasuke looked good to say the least. He put on a simple cotton black shirt with a somewhat loose black hoody and dark ripped jeans. Something he felt most comfortable in.

He knew he had to open the club. But, just really didn't want to. Itachi was nowhere to be found, and he didn't like that one bit. Walking down the long road, he saw the people awaiting, gawking at his presence, some winking, some grabbing their own breasts and blowing kisses at him. He ignored it.

The security moved aside as he took the key and opened the door, slowly walking down towards the bar, as it seemed in all slow motion everyone in their slutty outfits molded him and then ran away. He ground his teeth. He really didn't want anyone stopping him from getting to his destination.

He saw Gaara creep up behind him. He didn't even need to look behind him to notice the obnoxious red. It was just like Pein. No wonder they were cousins.

"What do you want Gaara?" Sasuke asked, he nodded at the new bartender who smiled at him sweetly, and silently questioned his drink.

"Surprise me." He said plainly. And that she did. She gave him a very dry martini.

He sipped on it, staring into his own land of nothingness.

Gaara sat at the barstool next to him and sighed, "Just wanted to ask you a few questions is all."

"And what the hell would that be?" He asked irritably.

"I heard your brother ordered something very precise that I have been trying to get my greedy little fingers on for years. Tell me where I can get it." Gaara sweetly said.

"Well." Sasuke started, biting on one of the olives and chewing slowly on it. "I can tell you one of two things, feel free to accept either one. First, you can go fuck yourself. Second, I have no idea what the hell you are looking for, ask someone else firecrotch." Sasuke said nonchalantly.

The bartender heard what he said and giggled, once she saw the look on Gaara's face, she quickly turned to tend to someone else.

Gaara snarled, and pulled out a small handgun, no pulling it out, but making sure Sasuke saw it, he was interrupted by Sasuke, "Be careful, you might hurt yourself."

Gaara chuckles, "Only you."

"Yes, well, I have to be going, I have a club to attend to." Sasuke says, leaving the empty martini glass there, he thanks the woman and walks towards the back of the club leaving a gaping Gaara.

"Next time Sasuke, next time." He says as he puts his gun away and walks out of the club.

Sasuke, easily waving in and out of the dancing people, techno started blaring out of the very large speakers. People really started grinding on him then. He ground his teeth as he tried to keep his temper in check, he never noticed a pair of demented green eyes staring at him from across the very large room.

He cracked his white knuckles as he licks his lips. "I can't wait to meet you, Sasuke." He chuckled to himself.

Sasuke, completely oblivious to his presence ghosts past the people, finally making it to his brothers hall to his office. The hall sparkled with the fairly new paint and gave it a trippy red effect, which was slightly distracting.

He finally made it to the door and creaked it open to see his brother sleeping peacefully on his desk.

So, there he was. Everyone was looking for him.

Sasuke smiled warmly.

Walking slowly to his desk that brought back a few funny memories he chuckled. Something he never noticed on Itachi's desk now stood out to him. It was a photo.

Framed with sterling silver, was a picture of when Sasuke was seven and Itachi was thirteen.

He smiled again as emotion flowed through him. Looking down at his brothers beautiful face he lightly brushed it with his soft cold hand. Looking at Itachi now, you would mistake him for being another person.

The creases in his face were barely visible, his petite small lips looked softer than rose pedals, his hair was still out of the pony tail and hung loosely on his face, his eyelashes long and thick, his face wasn't contorted in anger, he was completely relaxed…and gorgeous.

Sasuke never could stop looking at Itachi's angelic face. He always thought his brother beautiful even as a child. Moving right above Itachi's soft face, he gracefully removed a strand of feathery long hair from his eyes, when he realized they were open.

Sasuke gasped and flinched. Itachi was up in a second staring an inch away from Sasuke's face, looking for the 'okay' and Sasuke, smiled and leaned forward, confirming it.

He had his memory back. Barely brushing his lips across Sasuke's damp, pink, luscious lips, he was slowly consumed into the slow but soon to be bruising kiss. Finally breaking apart for oxygen, Itachi moved slowly down his pale and vampiric like neck, exposing forbidden flesh, which he very gently nipped.

Sasuke gave a sweet moan as he melted into his brothers arms.

He whispered, "I love you."

Itachi then said, "I love you too. Do you trust me?" He asked with his hot breath making its way down his neck which felt like hot steam.

Sasuke nodded, before he kissed him fiercely.

Itachi then started pushing Sasuke back onto the smooth desk before pushing everything off of it including the picture which shattered.

Sasuke started undoing Itachi's belt.


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