Author's Notes: I'm not sure where this came from. I just felt like writing a little thing for Chris, and I pondered the idea of what it must have been like for him to be Wyatt's little brother and Melinda's older one. He's definitely my favorite character next to Piper, if you all hadn't gotten that by now. Heheh. Still don't own these people by the way! Alas. Please don't forget to review!

It was tough being the middle child.

There were times where Chris would come home with a good grade on a paper, only to have his brother Wyatt do better on one of his own. When Chris tried out for soccer and didn't make the team, Wyatt had no problem making his youth baseball team. The days in which Chris would try and help his mother bake things, his little sister Melinda would usually already be right there by her side, baking up a storm. Even though he was allowed to help, part of him always thought that maybe it was just his mother being nice and letting him do it so he didn't feel left out. After all, when it came to things like that, she almost always asked Melinda first, even if she was only seven years old and couldn't even see over the counters very well.

Chris wasn't particularly amazing at anything, which seemed to make him shine the dullest in his family. Wyatt could do whatever he tried to and do wonderfully, and his sister Melinda got the kinds of encouragement that Chris could only dream of. Wyatt was close with their father and Mel, with their mother, much more so than Chris was.

They all made him feel left out, left over, and worst of all, alone.

But whenever Chris was feeling particularly jealous, inadequate, or any number of things, there was always one thing that he could do to help it…upstairs in the attic lay the one thing that could make him feel better about himself.

Although they weren't allowed to use the Book of Shadows for magical purposes yet, there were plenty of other things inside of there that he could read that helped raise his spirits. There was one thing in particular that he would read over and over again that would always give him a lift, and that was the part of the Book towards the back that talked about how Chris' actual birth, a version of him from the future came back and changed things...changed them so that they would be able to live in the peaceful existence that they had currently. His mother had always stressed how complicated and uncontrollably wild time travel was, and it made him feel good about himself to know that at some point, he was able to do something that Wyatt seemingly couldn't; that he had done something better than either of his siblings had ever accomplished. He had even been his mom and aunts' whitelighter.

In that respect, Chris was someone really important. With that, he meant something.

And that was all he really wanted every now and then: he just wanted to be recognized.