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"Here are the results you asked for, Dr. Beckett." Dr. Addy said

"Thank you Isabelle. Could you do me a favor please?" Carson said, going to a low whisper

"Yes, but why are you whispering?" Isabelle asked

"I need you to watch Ronon for me." Carson said

Isabelle's face turned from pleasant to WTF!? in a split second.

"You want me to do what?!" Isabelle said

"All my nurses are busy and you're the only one who isn't' imitated by him" Carson said

Isabelle glanced over at Ronon, who looked bored out of his mind.

"Why does he need babysitting? He just looks bored." Isabelle said

"He's prone to escape" Carson said

"Hhhhmmm, how did he hurt himself?" Isabelle said

"Teyla whacked him while meditating, purely his own fault" Carson said

"Oh yes, the case of the stupid idiot" Isabelle said

"Just watch him, I wont be more than an hour" Carson pleaded

"You owe me so bad" Isabelle said

Carson rolled his eyes and turned to his more pressing task at hand. Isabelle turned towards Ronon and braced for the next hour.

"You don't look too happy" Ronon said

"You noticed" Isabelle said sarcastically

"It's pretty obvious" Ronon said

"Is it? I've got DNA thats processing, blood to ID, and TOX screens to run." Isabelle said

"Nice to know that." Ronon said evenly

"No comment. Oh, and..." Isabelle smacked Ronon on the back of his head. Hard. Ronon gave her his wide-eyed WTF?! look.

"What was that for!" Ronon demanded

"Your own stupidity. But don't worry, I also smack federal agents and idiot marines" Isabelle said

"Dr. Addy, sorry to interrupt, but could you run this for me?" Dr. Cole asked, handing Isabelle a test tube.

"No problem. I'll start as soon as I'm done babysitting. But wait, where's my tribute?" Isabelle said

"Ugh, must we go through this again?" Dr. Cole asked

"Yes, we must. I demand tribute for the work I do." Isabelle asked

Dr. Cole sighed "Oh hail! Ye all mighty squint! Queen of the lab and miracle worker of Atlantis!"

"Why thank you. We still on for tomorrow night?" Isabelle asked

"Duh! Your office is the biggest!" Dr. Cole said

"Bye-bye, I'll get started ASAP" Isabelle said

"Gook luck!" Dr. Cole said

"I don't need luck!" Isabelle said

"No, I meant with him." Dr. Cole said

"Again, I don't need luck!" Isabelle said

"What ever!"

Isabelle turned back towards Ronon.

"No offense was meant" she said

"None was taken" Ronon said

"Good. Now why did you disturb Teyla she was meditating?" Isabelle said

"I forgot the reason" Ronon said


"This sucks." Isabelle said

Ronon was drooping off.

If I got get something from my office, will you stay?" Isabelle asked

Ronon nodded in his half asleep state.


Isabelle left and 5 minutes late came back with last months issue of "Forensics Monthly".

"Here's a magazine." she said "educate yourself"



Angela was freaking out. With a day left until the departure for Atlantis, she was at a total loss of what to wear going through the gate. Camille and Temperance sat on her bed, unable to help her make up her mind.

"I don't see why you're worrying about this so much. If you're going to impress somebody, it should be with your work, not your cloths." Temperance said

"First impressions are everything. I want to look friendly." Angela said

"Angela, you look friendly all the time, no need to worry about that." Camille said

"But still, we're going to be meeting peoples of other plants, I want to look my best." Angela retorted

"Angela..." Temperance started to say before Camille cut her off.

"Temperance, don't even try to convince her otherwise, its a worthless effort" Camille said

Temperance didn't reply, but just sat on the bed rubbing her temples. It was going to be a long night.


Teyla just had to laugh when she saw Johns chest after he got out of the shower. Right smack dab in the middle was a boot shaped bruise, a memory of Dr. Brennan's mad kick-ass skilz.

"Yes, laugh at the injured man." John groaned

"It doesn't look that bad" She said

"To you!" John said

"Poor baby" Teyla said.

She wrapped her arms around him and kissed the bruise. She moved her hands across his back, searching for his 'spot'. mind outta the gutter!!

"What are you doing?" John asked.

Teyla gave no reply, just kept moving her hands until she heard John snort with laughter, upon having found said 'spot' (upper right shoulder, by the way)

"Stop it!" John said

Teyla kept rubbing the spot

"Stop it or else!" John said.

She still kept rubbing it.

"Thats it!" John said

With no waring, he flung Teyla down on to her bed, and began to wrestle and tickle her.

"Alright, alright, I'll stop, I'll stop!" Teyla said between laughter.

"Too late" John said evilly.

They rolled around on the bed for a minute before coming to a stop, with Teyla pinned under John.

"I told you to stop." John said before kissing her neck.


Ronon was plotting. He recently crossed John and Teyla off his list (their pitiful PDA had confirmed his suspicions). Now he set his sights on Booth and Brennan...

Good Lord, what is that boy plotting? He he he!! Only he and I know, right Ronon? Ronon nods, with his evil grin on his face.


"I told the witchdoctor that I was in love with you!..." Randomness!! LOL