Hello hello! I know its been forever since I updated. This year has been hectic. I hope you understand. New boyfriends, new computers, a lot of stuff with school.

Anyway, I've come to inform you that….I am no longer writing this story.,.KIDDDDDING!!!

Im here to tell you I am going to be taking away the last two chapters I put up. I am older now since I started and have had better ideas and ways of writing. Since this story started I started writing a new story on Fictionpress. Under the same username of course. The story is called Look What I Did…

If you could it would make me really happy if you read it ( its about gay guys tho. If you don't like that then please don't read it.)

I'm sorry to do that…but I don't like the direction it was going and how Bella was acting. Its…..not her. And after reading the newest book and seeing the movie. I have better ways and ideas to throw into this story that for some surprising reason people actually like to read.

Again, I am sorry for the long wait for updating. I hope to get a fresh new chapter up for everyone to read in the upcoming days here. Be prepared for usual weekly updates!! For I now I have a new much better computer to work on.

Thanks you guys. I'm really happy people are actually reading this. It feels great to know that one of my stories is actually doing well.