Beginning of Eternity: Important Note

Author's Note

I have not died, yet. I am having the most difficult time trying to finish this story. I am suffering from a great amount of writer's block and finding it very hard to come up with any more plot points. I may have to go back and re-write all of it to fit in what I am hoping to fit in. I am going to make Bella less self-absorbed about being a vampire, more open to the idea. I am going to make it less of a pity-party for her, because it has simply ruined all my new story line. She is supposed to be very strong in this and not so weak and miserable. I am finding it so very easy to write my Alice and Jasper story. I have added a new chapter, so please read it. I am going to re-write all but the first few chapters of Beginning of My End. I will start from when she is turned and work from there. Thank you for your patience, please stay with me.