Teddy flew up in the sky and let his turquoise hair whip his face. He always flew his broom when he wanted to think, just like Harry taught him.

He finally got his acceptance to Hogwarts but he wasn't as happy as he thought he would be. As he flew around his house a couple times, he concluded that he probably wanted his parents to be there for him too.

Teddy knew he had his best friend, Victoire (also his crush), his grandmother, the Weasleys, and his godfather Harry yet, he missed his parents. He didn't care that he never even knew them because he knew that they died as noble people. How he wished they were here…

Teddy felt a tad bit left out since Lily was born. Harry didn't have nearly as much time for him as he used to. He turned a sharp corner, barely missing the chimney, and set his broomstick back on the ground.

"Teddy, where are you?" Victoire's voice brought Teddy back into reality and he leaped off his broom to show himself.

"I'm right here." His voice answered back croaky but he shook it off and placed his broom against the house.

"You know Teddy; I would think you'd be more excited to start Hogwarts soon.

"And who says I'm not excited?"

"Well-." Victoire luckily inherited her father's smooth voice so she was easier to understand then her mother. She took his hand and they both sat down on a patch off dry grass. "You're riding your broom."

Teddy mumbled under his breath really quietly so Victoire wouldn't hear. He wasn't surprised to know that Victoire could read him like a book. He wasn't, however, going down without a fight.

"I always ride my broom."

Victoire giggled, obviously enjoying his acts of denial. "Teddy, we both know that every time you're upset, you ride your broom around the house so that no one can see you."

Teddy was lost for words so instead of answering, he turned his hair a bright shade of yellow and smiled. At least I still have Victoire…

"Why did you need me?" Teddy was desperate to change the subject.

"Uncle Ron wanted us o watch the kids while they discuss adult issues." Victoire rolled her eyes when she said "adult issues" because they both knew that they just wanted to get away and reminisce with each other without the kids. They burst into fits of laughter while entering the always crowded Burrow.

James sat in a corner experimenting with dungbombs that George left lying around while Rose and Albus did somersaults. Teddy and Victoire looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders.

"At least we'll get paid for this." Teddy couldn't help but imagine all the money he had hidden under his floor board back and his grandmother's house from baby-sitting.

"There you guys are." Teddy and Victoire spun around at these words that were uttered out of Hermione's mouth.

All in a crooked line were Hermione, Ron, Harry, Ginny, Charlie, Bill, Fleur, George, Percy, Neville, Luna, Andromeda, and Mr. & Mrs. Weasley. (Try saying that three times fast.) They were all grinning at Teddy and Victoire.

"Now as both of you know today is Harry's birthday." They both shook their heads pretending to listen to Ginny knowing already of the tasks hat laid ahead. "We'd love to take you guys along with us but we need someone to watch the kids. Are you guys okay with that?"

All of the adults looked at Teddy and Victoire with innocent looking faces. They knew that whether or not they agreed to baby-sit that they'd have to look after the kids one way or another.

"Yes. We're fine with that Aunt Ginny. We are 100 capable of watching the little pai- I mean kids." Teddy pinched himself for almost calling his cousins pain in the butts but luckily none of the adults noticed because of their excitement to getting out of the house. (Except maybe George noticed)

"All of the adults took one step to their left, their legs itching to leave, but Hermione stopped them all and turned her head toward the kids.

"I just wanted you guys to remember that-"

"Dinners in the oven and desserts are on the counter. Don't answer any owls you don't know about and emergency addresses are levitating above the owls. Lily is sleeping and feed her a bottle every two hours and you all love us very much and want us to have a good time." Victoire obviously memorized the baby-sitting speech forwards and backwards. She finished he explanation by staring back at the adults who were impressed by Victoire. Bill was even beaming.

Hermione was obviously unexpecting being interrupted and straightened up. Ron was hiding his laughs and Teddy was waiting for their usual chorus of "byes" With that last bit of business done, all the adults practically ran out the door to get outside to apparate.

"Love you."


"See yah."

"Be Good."

"Have fun."



"Ba Bye."

"Be careful."



"Don't play with dungbombs."

"See you later kids."


Once George said his "Bye" and closed the door with his wand, they listened silently for fourteen apparition pops and high fived each other.

"We finally have the house to ourselves."

"And the way you memorized Hermione's speech, you're a genius."

However, Teddy and Victoire spoke a tad bit to soon because at that moment, the dungbomb that James was playing with… exploded.