It looked like a one of a kind Kodak moment with Rose and Albus cuddled up together on the floor like siblings and James just poking his brother.

Victoire stood up and announced, "I'm gonna go change into some dry clothes and take a shower." and walked off leaving Teddy alone with the kids.

Lily started to cry again and an infuriated Teddy walked over. Lily had red tuffs of hair and hazel eyes. She was a splitting image of her mother.

At the sight of Teddy, Lily stopped crying and motioned her hands for Teddy to pick her up. Teddy (Being the clumsy pushover he is) smiled and gave in. He carefully picked her up and rocked her back and forth.

"I swear to you that being the youngest has its props." Teddy smiled and talked to Lily for company because it was so quiet.

Teddy walked over to the couch still holding baby Lily. She started to whimper so to make her laugh, Teddy turned his hair different colors. He couldn't help himself so he showed off a bit by changing shapes of his nose too.

Teddy laid her down gently on the floor to get her bottle and did so as carefully as possible. Lily crawled over to her siblings and cousins and while she did so, Teddy tripped. (Even though Lily is only 3 weeks old, she is a witch and therefore can crawl at this early age)

This made Lily laugh even more while Teddy got up blushing from falling. He walked over to the counter to get her bottle and watched Lily while doing so. She cuddled up next to Rose and yawned.

He came back and scooped Lily from the floor and shoved a bottle down as gently as possible not wanting to hurt Harry's only daughter. He thought she looked so peaceful in his arms.

Lily sucked on the bottle slowly and Teddy could hear the popping noises that came from the bottle as she sucked. Teddy didn't know why but he started to ramble to her as in the background he heard the shower come on once again.

"You must be very lucky Lily. You have siblings and parents, and cousins. I'd much rather trade places with you. You never have to go through what I have. I hope you never will at least. You have Harry and Ginny to take care of you."

Teddy didn't know why, but he actually felt like Lily could understand him. It was like she was actually listening and taking in every word he said.

Teddy started to tear up but brushed the tears away as quickly as possible. "I don't think any parent should have to leave their children unless…unless they have to." Teddy let the tears roll down now. He didn't care.

He has seen pictures of his parents but it would never truly be the same as actually having them. Lily did something that took Teddy by surprise; Lily wrapped her small fingers around Teddy's thumb.

Teddy wiped his eyes for the hundredth time and smiled as Lily looked up at him with her piercing brown eyes. He looked at his thumb which was being held by Lily. Even though she was only a baby, he could tell she understood him.

For what seemed like hours, Teddy just sat there on the couch and held his baby god cousin. James finally gave in and walked over to Teddy and snuggled with him. Teddy felt little fingers release his thumb and looked down to Lily who also slept.

If anything deserved to be a Kodak moment, this was one of them.

I miss you

I miss your smile

And I still shed a tear

Every once in a while

A/N- This is one of those family sentimental scenes so bare with me here. I would like to thank my reviewers and J.K Rowling who wrote that little quote that says "Parents shouldn't leave their kids unless they have to." I hate Hannah Montana but I felt like those lyrics fit in perfectly with the scene so thanks to her Dad too for writing that. Peace out!