I Won't Say I'm In Love: SMALLVILLE STYLE!

By Shakespeare's Girl

Lex appears on a black stage, dressed in black. His arms are crossed in front of him, over his chest, and he appears to be very put out about something. A spot light turns on, and a cue note is played. Lex sings:

Lex: If there's a prize for rotten judgment I guess I've already won that

No man is worth the aggravation

That's ancient history been there, done that!

Chloe, Lana, Whitney, Lois, Pete and Kara appear, dressed as ancient Greeks, they are THE MUSES

Muses: Who'dja think you're kidding?

He's the earth and heaven to ya

Try to keep it hidden--

Honey we can see right through ya!

Lex: Oh no!

Muses: Girl ya can't conceal it

We know how ya feel

And who you're thinking of!

Lex: Oh...

No chance, no way

I won't say it, no no!

Muses: You swoon you sigh

Why deny it, uh oh?

Lex: It's too cliche,

I won't say I'm in love!

In the back ground, which is lit in blues and reds that sometimes blend into purples, the silhouette of a very buff, very sexy man appears, back to the audience. This is Clark Kent, although his face is not revealed until the very end. He is either shirtless, or wearing a very tight white t-shirt, so the audience can see all his muscles.

Lex: I thought my heart had learned it's lesson,

Helen appears briefly, wraps her arms around Lex, and gets pushed away by Lex and pulled away by the Muses.

Lex: It feels so good when you start out

My head is screaming "Get a grip, Lex!

Unless you're dying to cry your heart out"

Oh, oh!

Oh no!

Muses: You keep on denying

Who you are and how you're feeling

Baby, we're not buying

Hon, we saw ya hit the ceiling!

The Muses take turns leaning on and jumping in front of Lex, while singing

Take it like a grown up

When ya gonna own up

That you got got got it bad?

Lex: Whoa...

No chance, no way

I won't say it, no no!

Muses: Circling Lex and pointing at him

Give up, give in

Check the grin

You're in love!

Lex: Notices Clark's silhouette for the first time and becomes slightly agitated and distracted

This scene won't play,

I won't say I'm in love

Muses: The Muses grab Clark and pull him to Lex, keeping his back to the audience. Clark reaches out and takes Lex's hand. Lex pretends not to notice.

You're doing flips

Read our lips

You're in love!

Lex: You're way off base

I won't say it!

Looking at his and Clark's hands linked together and having to fight back his baser urge to haul Clark to the floor and jump his bones

Get off my case

I won't say it!

Muses: Sensing the sexual tension, the Muses begin to back away, letting nature, and lust, take it's course.

Lex, don't be proud

It's okay, you're in love

Lex: Oh...

At least out loud

Clark turns to Lex, finally revealing once and for all who he is. He takes Lex's shoulders in his hands and pulls the smaller man to his chest, so that they are mere inches away from each other. Lex can no longer ignore his need to touch, and wraps his arms around Clark's neck.

I won't say I'm in love...

Muses: Sha la la la la la...ahhhh...

On the last note, as all the lights fade, Clark leans down to kiss Lex. Lex smiles, and their lips meet just as the stage goes black.