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By Nanikato

The first time he noticed was shortly after he passed the genin exam. How could he not when there was a cake sitting on his table? It was brightly colored, and best of all, it was orange. 'Congrats on becoming genin' a note said.

Curiously, he ate it. It tasted good.

The next time it happened was after he had been training one day. Tired from training, he had curled up beneath a tree and fallen asleep. He woke up at home, on his bed and wrapped in his blanket.

On his bedside table was a three pronged kunai. He thought it looked cool and carried it with him. Kakashi saw it and asked where he got it. When he told him, Kakashi went pale. He seemed troubled for the rest of the day.

After that, it occurred during battle. It was strange, because it had always been small, inconsequential gifts; little trinkets that meant everything and nothing to him, things he needed but could live without. Kisame had been whittling at his defense, and he had tired quickly. There wasn't enough time, and he didn't have enough energy, to dodge the Samehada. He flinched on reflex, but the sword never hit him.

It had clanged off of something yellow. Kisame was confused, and he took the opportunity to make his escape.

At age 18, he finally managed to drag Sasuke back to Konoha. His former friend was unwilling, but saw what he was trying to say. So Sasuke returned to Konoha. And all was well.

'Welcome back' a note told him. The handwriting looked hurried, as if the writer was too excited to take their time. He opened the mahogany box the note had been sitting on and gaped at the folded clothing inside. Eagerly, he put it on and left to go show everyone.

Many people gawked at him as he passed by on the street. He grinned, the flames on his overcoat swirling as he strode down the lane on his way to the Hokage. The twittering became louder when they noticed the writing on the back. 'Yondaime Hokage', it read.

Fourth Generation Fire Shadow.

Of course, he never noticed that there had been writing in the first place.

Understandably, Tsunade was speechless when he entered her office.

Kakashi wasn't as speechless. "Where did you get that?"

"I found it when I went home to grab some stuff." He grinned cheerfully. "Doesn't it look cool?"

Kakashi seemed to frown, but it was difficult to tell. A theory seemed to be spinning in his head. "Tell me, have you noticed any yellow flashes?"

"Yellow flashes…? Oh! Yeah, they always appear when I'm in the middle of a fight. Why?" He left out that the flashes always intercepted fatal attacks.

Tsunade's eyes widened as she figured out what Kakashi was getting at. "Brat, that isn't possible."

"What? Why not?"

"Only one person has a jutsu that involves yellow flashes," Kakashi said, "the Yondaime Hokage's signature move, Hiraishin no jutsu, is the only jutsu known to create yellow flashes and is how he got the nickname Konoha's Yellow Flash."

It felt like someone had yanked the floor out from under him.

When he got home, he gathered all the trinkets he had gotten and stored them in the box he had gotten that morning. "So, you've been looking out for me, eh?" He brushed imaginary dust off the sleeves of the coat. "…thanks, I guess. I just wish I knew why though. Kakashi-sensei and baa-chan wouldn't tell me."

He curled up on the couch, box on his lap, and took in the comforting scent of someone he never knew. He watched dust motes sparkle and dance in the sunlight, and sighed, his eyes drooping shut. He thought he felt someone ruffle his hair.

"Naruto, musuko, I'm so very proud of you…"