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Naruto shifted his weight between his legs trying to stay still long enough for the picture. Sakura stood next to him smiling, she was excited about having a picture done with Naruto, their first one as a family; several flashes later Naruto and Sakura went and met up with the rest of the teams to explain about them being related. Shino had inquired to the possibility of that being possible due to Naruto and Sakura looking nothing alike. Naruto had explained it best; he took after their dad and Sakura after their mother. After an hour of answering questions the two siblings headed off to the hospital to check up on Sasuke, who by know Tsunade had cleared for visitors, being Kakashi's team only.

As the twins made their way to the hospital Sakura noticed the glares Naruto was receiving. Anger rose up inside the girl as whispers reached her ears about Naruto being a demon, Casting a look at her brother she noticed that the blond hardly seemed to notice the glares and whispers if at all. Firming her resolve Sakura looked up and silently swore she'd find the strength that her brother had. As the sibling reached the hospital the atmosphere changed. Instead of hateful glares and cruel whispers, the blond was greeted with smiles and hugs.

Sasuke took a long hard look in the mirror in front of him, disgusted with what he saw. No longer did the last Uchiha have any pride about himself, he had single handedly destroyed an entire clan's history in a single act of stupidity. Tracing himself with a clawed hand across the mirror Sasuke wondered how he'd be able to face the village. He felt fear and loneliness rage in his stomach. Looking up as he felt Kakashi's hand on his shoulder Sasuke felt some relief, but not much. He still had to face his teammates. Dread filled him as a knock sounded on the door. Sasuke steeled himself for what was to come, and nodded for Kakashi to open the door. Taking a deep breath Sasuke readed himself for his team.


It had been almost three months since the initial bet was made, two since Naruto's disappearance, and a month since team seven had left the village for an extended training trip. Things where quiet in the village of Konoha, as people went about their work, shinobi went about their missions with ease and the future looked good with the recent group of genin. It was noticed with growing admiration among many shinobi that Hyuuga Hinata was quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Rumors where flying about since Team Sevens departure, rumors of demons wandering around the land of fire, slaughtering any and all enemy ninja they came across. Tales of a wolf and fox demon and a tengu filled the village like wildfire. One veteran shinobi claimed he saw the supposed demons slaughter an entire unit of Oto shinobi in record time. Others said they where saved by the demons while others told stories of entire bandit camps disappearing overnight. Wheatear the rumors and stories held any truth was unknown. The only thing people knew, is that no enemy of Konoha was safe.


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