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Ok, Lily, now before you go getting all irritated that I'm writing in your beloved book, I assure you that I did wash my hands before holding it, and I will try as hard as possible to ensure my handwriting is decipherable. Also, I think you should know that as this is our story, I think it is my right, if not my obligation, to scrawl a few lines in here. I can just imagine you flinching as you read over the word 'scrawl'. See how neat I'm being?

Now, I'm not sure who the intended audience is supposed to be here, but I think it's important that I start off by emphasizing that Lily Potter, my Lily, is the most beautiful woman I've ever met. I'm sure she has mentioned already her merely adequate appearance, but I assure you, this is all a lie. I still remember the first time I saw Lily, only a child back then, with fiery red hair and an equally fiery disposition. It was love at first sight. Well, for me anyway. I mean, of course she was attracted to my undeniably good looks, but I must admit, my personality was slightly less than charming.

It's difficult to describe Lily. It's not just the fact that her eyes shine brighter than the twinkliest star in the sky, nor that her smile can warm the heart of Glacius, the god of ice. It's something more…something indescribable. It's Lily. It's her heart and her beautiful ability to see the good in everyone, and her forgiveness, and generosity, and her laugh which can bring any man to his knees.

So now we have that out of the way, let's proceed with the story.

I wasn't sure exactly what to write in here…we have so many amazing moments it's difficult to choose just one. I thought about telling the time when we first really told each other 'I love you' but that's something Lils would want to write about, I'm sure, so instead I will, most predictably and irritatingly out of order, tell of our first shag.

(I can see your eyes rolling Lily, and I promise you, they will get stuck one day. Now swallow your indignity at me writing such a crass word in here – I saw you write it last chapter, so I'm just following by example.)

Let's see…It was a rainy March afternoon, and I had an exceptionally full bladder. That I remember quite distinctly as it was my reason for ambling along the Seventh floor corridor that dreary day. Although bathrooms were not few and far between at Hogwarts, I preferred a bit of luxury when it came to relieving myself. The Prefect's bathroom was remarkably pleasant, but it was on the other side of the castle, and besides, it didn't have a cushioned toilet seat, or a rack of intellectual reading commissioned to suit my whim, unlike the Room of Requirement. So I was just leaving the fast disappearing doorway, my hair perfectly ruffled, glasses straightened, when I saw the most beautiful girl in the school walking towards me, her thick red hair dancing behind her.

Her eyes gleamed in surprise when she saw me, then they slid to the portrait of the dancing trolls and, putting two and two together, she grinned wickedly. "You are so abnormal," she said, laughing as she threw her arms around my neck. My lips found hers, and the kiss deepened until her fingers were woven deep into my hair, my hands pressing into the small of her back. I pressed her up against the wall, except the wall was gone, and instead we stumbled through a doorway, right back into the Room of Requirements. Except it was different now. The elaborate bathroom had vanished, to instead be replaced with what seemed to be an empty classroom. Desks were pushed to one side, and a chalkboard hung dusty on the far wall.

"Not that I'm complaining," I began, breaking the kiss momentarily, "but don't you have class?"

"Free period," Lily murmured, taking a step back, and dabbing delicately at the corners of her mouth, then smiling. "I know for a fact you're supposed to be in Care of Magical Creatures, though."

I shrugged, unfazed. "I'm skiving."

"Clearly. Another excellent example set by Head Boy Potter." Lily wandered around the room, gathering her long red hair and tying it neatly into a thick ponytail, before dropping her bag, and hopping onto the teacher's desk, swinging her legs enticingly. "So why did you require an empty classroom? Private lessons?"

I dropped my bag also, and loosened my tie, before wandering over to where she was sat. With as much cool as I could muster, I placed a hand either side of her on the desk, and leaned in for another kiss. She was surprisingly talented at kissing, given that she'd had no experience (that I knew of) before me. She always tasted good too. Like she'd just eaten strawberries or something. I never tired of it.

Only when my back began to ache, did I straighten up. And then something caught my eye. The desks had disappeared, and instead, a large four poster bed stood against the far wall. I raised an eyebrow. "I didn't realise you were so keen."

She blushed furiously. "That wasn't me!" she retorted.

"Well, it certainly wasn't me," I replied coolly, grinning at the mingled look of outrage and embarrassment on her face. "I was planning to do it right here on the desk."

She tutted disdainfully, but her face was now as red as her hair, and I chuckled to myself, before sweeping her up and carrying her over to the bed.

"James," she muttered, sitting on its edge, and tucking a stray hair behind her ear. "I don't think it's such a good idea. We're in school, and it's the middle of the day."

I must admit, behind my cool exterior, my heart did drop a few inches. Of course, we wouldn't do anything she wasn't comfortable with, but I am a guy, and therefore it was perfectly acceptable to be a little disappointed. And perhaps a good time to try out my impressive skills of persuasion.

I started kissing her again, down her neck to the collar of her perfectly fastened blouse.

"James," she moaned, half laughing as she tried to push me away. "I'm serious!"

I backed off pretty quickly at that. "Well, you look like Lily." Har dee har.

"Seriously?" she raised an eyebrow. "Sirius jokes? Now?"

Okay, maybe she had a point. "Lily, why don't you want to do this?" I asked, all joking aside. "Because you're not comfortable with it, or because you think others would disapprove?"

"We're in school, James," she protested, but dug her fingers into my hair anyway when I returned to my previous ministrations.

"No one will find us. No one will know."

Levelling my head with hers, I gazed into her vivid eyes, seeing the confusion, fear and desire behind them. With a slight roll of the eyes, she finally said, "Okay, fine."

I did a double take. "Wait, are you serious?"

"No, but I can go and get him if you'd like."

"I thought we'd agreed no Sirius jokes," I reprimanded, but I was smiling anyway; we were actually going to do this.

"Couldn't help myself," she laughed. Next thing I knew, she was shrugging off her robes and pulling off her regulation grey sweater. Her shirt was tucked in. Typical Lily. Biting her lip, she looked me up and down then grinned.

"Ready to have all your dreams come true?"

"Arrogant prick," she mumbled, barely audible, as our lips met yet again. We both carefully undressed each other until we were left kneeling in the centre of the large four poster, clad only in our underwear. Goose bumps patterned Lily's pale skin, and she shivered as she looked at me, though whether that was from the cold or nerves, I didn't know. Now, I'd been pretty okay until now. A slow drumming of excitement beat through me and every cell in my body had risen in temperature, but it wasn't until she reached behind her for the clasp of her bra, did I actually get butterflies in my stomach.

My relationship with Lily, up to this point, had been pretty non-physical. And don't get me wrong, that wasn't an awful thing. It wasn't like any other relationship I'd had before – we didn't have to be wrapped around each other for me to feel complete. Just being with her was enough. So, until that day, the most I'd seen of Lily was neck up, and the occasional arm and leg when the weather had been warm enough to warrant jumpers and tights unnecessary.

So seeing her in front of me, her bra falling onto the bed beside us, definitely awoke something inside of me. I don't even know how to describe it exactly. Sure, excitement was definitely there, but it was more than that. Something beyond physical desires. Something that made me want to just hold her and never let go.

She took my hands in hers, then, and guided me towards her until my fingers were touching her warm soft skin, and Merlin, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Then she moved a little closer, and held onto me tightly so our knees, thighs, chests were pressed together. Forget the previous comment – now this was heaven. "James," she murmured nervously, her lips brushing my ear.


"Have you ever, y'know," she drew back and looked up into my face, "done this before?"

I couldn't meet her eyes. Now, I'm not sure how often a teenage guy can honestly say he wished he'd never had sex. But at that moment, I wanted nothing else than for that to be true. I licked my lips tentatively, preparing myself for an answer, but it seemed she had derived one from my silence.

"Oh." She drew away from me and shuffled back along the bed, drawing her knees up to her chest and wrapping her arms tightly around her legs. "Oh."

"Lils," I began while crawling over to her, and placing a hand on her arm.

"How many girls?" she interrupted, her face buried into her arms so I couldn't meet her eyes.

"Two," I replied honestly.

"Who were they?"

"It doesn't matter. Lily look at me."

She did as I asked, and my heart broke to see she had tears in her eyes. I scooped her up into my lap and held on to her tightly.

"Listen, Lily. You know I've had relationships with other girls, but they've been wildly different to ours. Nothing I felt for them even came close to what we have. With my other girlfriends, we had to engage in physical activities to make up for not being able to connect in any other way."

She nodded ruefully, and wiped her nose on the back of her hand. "I'm so sorry," she whispered. "It's just…what if I'm not very good? What if those other girls are better than me, and I'm just a disappointment?"

I couldn't believe she was even thinking this. She didn't seem to realise that the physical act wasn't what mattered to me. All I wanted was to be with her, and I told her this. "And besides, the likelihood of you not being absolutely incredible is so infinitesimally small, that it's not even worth discussing." I smiled down at her and kissed her nose. "Now, if you don't want to do this, then we won't, okay? I promised you we wouldn't do anything you're not comfortable with."

"I want to do it," she said quietly. "I just wanted us to experience it for the first time together." I knew this was important to her, and I would have given anything to go back in time and stop those previous experiences, but there was nothing I could do.

And in all honesty, my first time had been so god-awfully bad, that it was probably best that I had a bit more experience under my belt now. Hopefully this time there would be no hysterical crying during, or panicked screaming at the puddle of blood afterwards. This time, it would be perfect.

And so we did it.

Hmm. Perhaps not the best description of one of my favourite memories. It was awkward in a way, I suppose, but not badly so. Being so naked and vulnerable together for the first time warranted a little awkwardness, but that made it even more exciting. She was a little embarrassed at being so totally exposed, and although I tried my best to keep the pain at a minimum, I knew it hurt.

But it was deliciously sweet at the same time. And afterwards she let out a little giggle and kissed me all over, all embarrassment forgotten as she reached out and touched every inch of me. For the rest of the evening, we just lay together, stroking each other lazily and occasionally planting soft kisses on warm skin, dinner all but forgotten. And then we made love again, and she cried out my name as she tightened around me and I memorised that look on her face before I lost all control and spiralled into the deep abyss with her.

We slept there, and didn't wake until five minutes before class the next morning and I had the mickey taken out of me by Sirius all through Transfiguration, but it was more than worth it. I don't think I heard a single word all that day, my mind filled with nothing but Lily.

So there you go. I was afraid I was going to go all pornographic for a moment then, but I think I managed to restrain myself fairly well. At least with me writing this little vignette there was no mention of throbbing manhoods or blossoming flowers.

And don't scowl at me Lily, I thought that was a very tasteful description of our first shag. At least I didn't write about that time in the broom closet - then you'd really have something to blush about.

Look out for the next chapter by James Potter: a three page description of the magnificent Lily Potter's breasts.

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