Teddy Bear Ewoks

(to the tune of You've got the cutest baby face)

Teddy bear, they're such a vicious little teddy bear,

Into the trap they were snared, teddy bear

They wanted to eat Han Solo

Not sure how they could sink so low.

Teddy bear, on the vine and thru the air

For the forest they do care, teddy bear

With the Wookie they have bonded

Slapped their hands was how he responded.

Teddy bear, they're just a war monger teddy bear,

Give them a blaster and they are there, teddy bear

The Empire underestimated

And the troopers were eliminated.

Teddy bear, they just a musical teddy bear

On the helmets that they did wear, teddy bear

They were allies and the movies over

Now George can make the clone wars.