A/N: First story, reviews are greatly appreciated. This also goes by a random idea on the technical way to use Bankai I came up with to match the story. I don't know if they ever actually explained it, but ah well, my way matches the story.

Summary: My view on how Ichigo achieved his Bankai.

Ichigo's Bankai

Yoruichi was bored, simply tired of watching Ichigo try to channel his spirit energy, focus it, and use just the right amount to reach Bankai. He was eventually able to hit Zangetsu, but then he dumped this on him. Thus, much to her amusement, Ichigo actually needed to control his spirit energy, then release it in a sudden burst and say Bankai. Seeing Ichigo try to control spirit energy entertained her, for about a day. That's when it got boring.

He somehow managed to control it, but amazingly enough, he couldn't seem to get the "burst" part right. He found that saying the word was easy enough though...

At any rate, though, there was no way he'd achieve Bankai in three days, and Yoruichi was not about to be proven wrong. She said three days, she meant it. So, she concluded, she needed a plan.

She sat on a rock thinking for a few minutes, before coming up with a brilliant idea. Poor Ichigo wouldn't know what hit him. So, having decided on a suitable plan, she ran off unnoticed by Ichigo.

Channel the spirit energy, compress it, then release it all through Zangetsu while saying that damned word. That's what Ichigo was told to do, that's what he was trying to do. He didn't know what he was doing wrong, usually he was good at letting off random bursts of spirit energy, directing it through Zangetsu wasn't hard either.

Nonetheless, he gathered spirit energy once again, compressed it as far down as he could, and released it through Zangetsu while uttering that word. Again, nothing happened. He turned his irritated glare to Zangetsu himself, however the damned man just kept staring back at him, his eyes hid by his sunglasses.

Obviously, this was not the kind of help Ichigo wanted. If he wanted to have a staring contest, he'd just go find Chad or something. So, muttering unintelligible things to himself, he started over again. For what had to be the 50th time or so.

Channel the damned energy.

Compress it as much as he could, and...


"Ichigo!" As he was in the middle of the word, he turned towards the sound of the voice, and immediately went wide eyed as he finished the word.

"kai" The area was filled with a brilliant blue light. The result, of course, was Ichigo's Bankai.

Ichigo's eyes however, hadn't moved from where he had looked towards when he head his name. One thought was running through his head right now.

'Damn that Yoruichi' For, you see, standing there in plain view, was a very wet, very naked, Yoruichi.

Her cat-like grin couldn't have gotten any bigger as she practically sang "Ichigo, your staring".

Very sure that his face was as red as Renji's hair at the moment, Ichigo tore his eyes away from her, finally realizing that he had actually achieved Bankai.

He didn't say anything as he processed what had happened again, then he looked back at Yoruichi, a corner of his mouth barely twitched upwards.

"Are you gonna do this every time I need to use Bankai?"

So, tell me what you think, couldn't really decide if Ichigo's last line was a bit OOC, but ah well.