It had just past noon, and a lone hume was sitting by chivelle river awaiting for the remaining Reserves from San'doria to arrive. Selphiie sighed as she dipped her feet into the running stream and pulled out her flute and began playing a soft tune, as she played she went over her mission orders from Halver. "Guess Who?" came a voice behind Selphiie as hands were placed infront of her eye's, Selphiie stopped playing and smiled "So you got my message eh kitten?" Selphiie slowly stood up and dusted herself off before turning to face the mithran corsair. "Yeah since im from windurst you do know i can only be there as support right?Im purly there as hired muscle." Kitten responded, Selphiie nodded then placed her flute in her gobbybag "Well my orders at the moment are to wait for the others, so wanna go grab a cup of windurstian tea?" Selphiie motioned to the gates of southern San'doria, Kitten grinned"After you m'lady" as she playfully bowed. "Remember, your fighting for our great nation. We cannot allow those Bastokan scum to cross into territory that rightfully belongs to Us." Halver barked as a blonde mithra snatched her mission orders from him, "So we're to meet with this Selphiie person?" The Elvaan standing next to The mithra asked halver, Halver nodded "you'll also be joined by merc's from aht urghan and Windurst." The mithra raised an eyebrow "Merc's? since when did San'doria need mercs to defend our boarders?" Halver groaned at the mithra's question, it was true san'doria took great pride in not needing outside help.

But this was different, this wasnt just the bastokan forces, the rumors surronding the empty that appeared in bastok had begun to leave the crag of holla also. The mithra read her mission scroll out load, "Your orders are as follows: 1) Locate Selphiie, Kitten and Argetlam 2) Join with the Royal knights at the outpost of La Thiene and await further Instructions. PFFT! seem's pretty simple, whatcha think Crav?" The mithra said nudging the elvaan. Cravion sighed and shook his head slowly, "Sounds like the start of lots of Pain... lets go Yoru!" "Goddammit Juxta!! Stop following me!" Said a rather annoyed Elvaan paladin, following closely behind him was a Tarutaru Red Mage. "Come on-taru Arget! I can be your sidekick! we'll showtaru them bastokan's who's bossy-wossy!" the taru shouted at the top of his lungs while waving his Dark Staff in the air. Argetlam Groaned as he wondered why the hell Juxta wasnt bothering Kallo, Sayl or Aniero. "Juxta this is my first mission for san d'oria since my wedding, so i'd REALLY appreciate it if you kept quiet and did as you were told and return to Windurst!" Juxtaposition screamed at the top of his lungs "JUXTAPOSITION UNSTOPPABLE RED MAGE EXTRAORDINAIRE BLASTING OFF AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT!!" as he ran ahead of Arget towards West Ronfaure. Argetlam stopped his chocobo in disbelief "You... you didnt hear a word i just said did you..." Veloxe read the scroll in his hand as he walked through Bastok markets towards the metalworks, he had been assigned to meet up with the Dark Knight Aniero. Veloxe smiled to himself when he read the name Aniero, "Well Aniero lets see if your really as good as Gumbah and Zeid say you are." he was met at the entrance to the metalworks by an Elvaan Thief and Hume Black Mage arguing, "Sayl im telling you Juxta isnt coming, I had him go over to vist Arget, we're totally safe from his annoyance." the elvaan said with an exceptionally cocky stance, The hume was less then convinced. "I dunno Kallo, i got sort of a bad feeling about this, a REALLY bad feeling." Sayl said as Veloxe walked closer to them. Another hume walked out of the metalworks towards the two "So did you get our orders?" kallo asked, the hume dressed head to foot in Dark Armor held up a scroll with the same presidential seal as the one on veloxe's scroll. "Yeah i got it, seem's like we're supposed to wait for a 'veloxe' then proceed to K. highlands." Veloxe laughed "Then you must be Aniero, im Veloxe shall we proceed to the outpost?" Both Aniero and Veloxe eyed eachother for a few moments and then headed for the Chocobo stables.