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The Bladebreakers were hanging out in Tyson's room after an uneventful morning of blading with the new generation of kids out by the canal. Everybody was more than a little bored by the monotonous days – it seemed like all the excitement from beyblade was on a break right now – which was what led them back to here, Tyson's room.

"Hey you guys." Tyson suddenly sat up from lounging on his bed.


"Yeah what is it, Tyson?"

The world champ grinned and slapped his bed covers. "I just thought of something!"

Kai half-snorted. "Will wonders never cease…?"

Tyson spared the other blader an exasperated sigh. "Har har… but seriously! Let's play a game."

Unenthusiastic moans were heard from the gang as they'd just come from playing and teaching beyblade all day.

"Geeze…Not beyblade!" Tyson yelled.

That managed to draw everybody's attention. Kenny actually stopped typing on his computer.

The blue haired blader wiggled an eyebrow slyly. "Truth, dare, double dare, promise to repeat."

"AWESOME!" Max instantly agreed, jumping up from folding a newspaper firecracker and looking ready to play.

"Huh?" Hilary gave a bug-eyed confused look. "I know the first three, but what's the last?"

Tyson groaned in fake woe and dragged a knee up to rest his chin on. "You don't know 'promise to repeat'?" The pony-tailed teen asked incredulously. "It's only the dinkiest one! All you have to do is repeat what the person says."

The brunette girl immediately scowled and ground her teeth. "Well exCUSE me for not playing these little games in my spare time."

"Well to be honest, I never played this much before either, back home." Ray admitted before Tyson could start laughing.

"The rules are easy enough," Max explained with an impish grin. "On the first round, you get to pick which one you'll do – truth, double dare, or something – but when it's your turn again you HAVE to pick one you didn't already."

"Ooh," Looks of comprehension dawned on Hilary and Ray's faces.

"Now I get it." The Chinese bladed nodded.

"Yup, and when you complete all four of them, it starts again – IF you can complete them." The blond warned spookily.

"In other words, choose wisely. Muwahahahaa!" Tyson smiled widely, it was sort of evil.

"Boowahahaa!" Max echoed Tyson, and the two made scary faces causing Kenny to freak out and sink behind his laptop.

"Uhm… you guys I've got a lot of work to do so I think I'll just go- AHH!" The Chief was promptly grabbed by a combination of Ray, Hilary, and Tyson, which effectively stopped his frantic inching away.

"OK, everybody get in a circle…" Tyson declared. The beybladers all started shifting around, but since Kai didn't appear to be moving from his spot on the floor with his back to the foot of Tyson's bed, the circle naturally formed to accommodate him.

"Allllright!" Tyson grinned cheerfully. "Me first, who will be my first victim…" He eagerly scanned around the faces of his friends. 'Kenny, Hilary, Ray, Max, Kai, me, Kenny-'

Hilary rolled her eyes.

"Hilary." Tyson clapped his hands together and rubbed. "Truth, dare, double dare, promise to repeat?" His voice was ominous.

The short haired girl blinked and raised a thumb to her lips in sudden thought. She didn't want to get stuck with some god awful dare or truth on the very first round and then be forced to lose the game. "Promise to repeat." Hilary replied confidently.

"Ok, repeat after me." Tyson gained an incredibly smug look as he brought his palms to his mouth. The baseball-capped teen promptly blew causing loud toilet sounds to emit and deafen the bedroom. "BLRRRRRRRPFF..FFRP!"

Max burst out laughing and Ray snorted, choking because he had been in the middle of drinking his cola. Kenny's eyes had widened so much they were actually visible behind his fringe. Kai looked like he was struggling on whether to be shocked or unsurprised.

Hilary's face turned an ugly embarrassed shade of red. "You-…you!"

Tyson stopped momentarily to guffaw. "Oh man! This is one I heard Daichi do." He blew loudly and wetly into his palms again creating a really nasty sounding one.

"UGH!! EW!" The small group of bladers chorused at the horrifying sound.

Tyson pulled his hands away and wiped them off on his jeans, chuckling in hilarity. The midnight blue-haired teen looked at Hilary expectantly. "Well?"

She looked like she had swallowed a lemon. "Ergh! I can't do that! That is so not fair, Tyson! Do a different one!"

"Hahahah too bad, those're the rules. Out of the circle!" Tyson shifted cross-legged, and the others reluctantly did it too to fill the space as Hilary moved, grumbling loudly as she did so.

"Don't take it too bad Hilary." Max glanced at the fuming female. "Tyson managed to trick me like that the last time we played too."

"Heh, easy pickings." Tyson laughed.

"Wow I'm glad that wasn't me." Ray exclaimed.

Hilary's eyebrow twitched. "This game sucks. I'm going home!" Hilary announced sorely, vengefully grabbing a full bag of chips from Tyson's snack pile and taking it with her as she stalked out of the room. Everybody cringed in humour as the door slammed.

The former Bladebreakers eyed each other more warily, now realizing this was a game for worthy champions.

"So who goes next?" Ray spoke up, breaking the suspicious yet nostalgic stare-down.

"Normally the next person in the circle, wouldn't they?" Kai replied carelessly, his arms loosely crossed and staring at a random spot on the floor impassively.

Tyson nodded, his stormy blue eyes suddenly trained on his former captain. "That's how it goes… KENNY!" He dramatically pointed at the Chief who had been praying he wouldn't have to play by some act of god. "Pick somebodaaaay!"

"Aaaah, okay fine, Tyson…" The bespectacled teen peered around the newly shortened circle. Ray, Max, Kai, Tyson…He needed to pick somebody least likely to take revenge. Somebody safe.

"Ray!" The Chief blurted, causing the black-haired teen to look at him in defence. "Truth, dare, double dare… promise to repeat."

All the guys' eyes were glued to the Chinese blader, who wilted somewhat under the combined stare. The first thing he realized was that the Chief couldn't possibly be as bad as Tyson. Cat eyes cut between the nerdy and noisy bladers. Though the one thing he didn't want to do was underestimate Kenny. Ray watched the Chief adjust his glasses uncertainly.

"C'mon Ray, what's the hold up?" Max took a swig of pop.

"Alright Chief, double dare." Ray grinned decidedly. If he took a double dare from Kenny now instead of putting it off for one of the others, he could be safe for another round, and maybe even win the game.

At the words 'double dare' Tyson's face became comically wide with devious victory, he hunched over to whisper a good one for the Chief to use.

"Hold up! I may not have played this much, but I know you can't share ideas!!" Ray cried in fear.

"He's got you there Tyson." Max chuckled.

Tyson shut his mouth. "Curses." He mumbled, drawing an amused smirk from Kai.

The Chief started to sweat. A double dare!! Great, he was terrible at coming up with good ones. "Aah… I double dare you to…" He looked around for inspiration. "Kiss that picture!" He gestured to one of the paintings hanging on Tyson's wall.

Ray, Max and Tyson facefaulted.

"You've got to be kidding me!" The Chinese blader nearly laughed.

"Oh come ON Kenny!" Tyson fell onto his back, his legs still crossed.

"Oh… my god." Max slapped his face.

Even Kai had to admit that one was completely weak.

Tyson jumped up and grabbed the art in question. "It's a picture of a bamboo tree! What kind of double dare is that!?"

Ray took the frame from the other blader's hands. "Why hello there…" He addressed the tree in question and kissed the picture.

"What!! I'm sorry ok! I told you guys I didn't want to play!" The Chief held his hands out in protest, embarrassed at his crappy daring skills. "You wouldn't listen!"

"Yeah yeah… ok, out of the circle!" Tyson ordered, like it pained him to admit he'd been wrong.

The Chief let out a sigh of relief and grabbed his laptop up, making his own way out of the room leaving the game to the others. The circle was reformed again, everyone with a comfortable bubble of space to strategize in.

Max rubbed a hand through his bangs. "So it's just the four of us now."

The four looked at each other guardedly.

"Now the game starts." Tyson surmised.

Kai rolled his eyes; the game so far was tame. He let out a breath. "Whatever. Whoever's next, go."

"That would be me." Ray said, eating a cheeto calmly.

Tyson made a determined fist. "Ray, do not, I repeat, do NOT follow Kenny's example."

"I won't." The bandana-wearing blader nodded. "Kai – truth, dare, double dare, promise to repeat."

Tyson whistled, impressed. He'd figured the novice would start war with Max, the blond looked unassumingly kind enough to invite it. The baseball capped blader turned to study Kai, who seemed unaffected.

"Dare." Kai shrugged indifferently. He knew none of them had the guts to –

"Kai, kiss Tyson."

End Part One

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