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Kai's eyebrows were furrowed deeply, and he shot Tyson an exasperated glare before he practically clenched out the line. "I………."

"Yes, Kai?" Tyson batted his eyelashes in mock attentiveness.

"I… like… cute, little birdies……….cheep. Cheep."

Silence met that proclamation.

It was so awkward sounding and stupid that it sent Tyson laughing so raucously, he ended up holding his sides in stitches. "Cute-… cu-cute, little birdies!" He roared, rolling on the floor.

Kai really didn't see why it was so damn funny, but Tyson's laugher was incredibly contagious… Max and Ray were already guffawing along with the dispersed teen. Tyson rolled over totally messing up the circle arrangement, and managed to drape an arm around Kai's neck, laughing almost soundlessly against his purple shirt.

"Cheep!" Ray crowed.

That sent Tyson into further hilarity. Tanned arms hugged Kai's neck and socked feet kicked at his legs. Kai… felt a strange rush go through his body. Tyson got a bit of his breath back and looked up. The space between them was almost non-existence.

"Cute." Tyson laughed, his bangs all messy.

"Get off!" Kai bit out, taking Tyson's arms and pushing the other blader off and onto the carpeted floor quickly. This time, Kai finally did get up and started walking out on the game. Just now, just then… Things had really felt different.

"Uh oh," Max and Ray managed to stop their laughing as Kai opened the door of Tyson's room.

"Wha?" Tyson sat up from where he'd been pushed, and then immediately sprang to his feet. "Hey come back, you're still in the game!"

The three outgoing teens followed the broody former team captain as he walked through the hallways until they all reached the living room. Upon stepping in there, they all stopped and stared.

"Hey what are you guys still DOING here?" Tyson asked incredulously.

Hilary and Kenny looked up and over to the group of bladers. Hilary had never made it farther than the Granger's living room, where she had obviously just plunked down and starting watching TV after storming off. Kenny was set up in one of the chairs, having probably just done the same thing, except replace the TV with his computer.

"Oh hi you guys." The Chief adjusted his glasses in greeting.

"Eh." The brunette girl switched the channel to a popular music station and shrugged half-heartedly. "We're still here because the night's still young. It kinda felt like a waste to spend Friday at home!" She explained and then eyed the group dubiously. "Are you all STILL playing that game?"

The former bladebreakers looked at each other in surprise, time had flown by pretty quickly, judging by the now swiftly setting sun.

"Uh YES!" Tyson shouted, grabbing Kai's arm and pulling the taller boy onto the couch with him. Max and Ray quickly took seats in the room as well.

"Oof…" Kai started, though he didn't appear to be in walk-out stage anymore. "Tyson. Would you stop-"

"Oh!! Tyson did you know? I think somebody hacked into your BBA account…" Kenny exclaimed, fingers suddenly a flurry over the keyboard to bring up the hacking in question.

"Urh…" Tyson sputtered.

"Oh no, that sucks!" Hilary shouted, dropping the remote control and putting all her attention on the Chief. "What'd they do?"

"It's um, really strange. Something about a dish-"

Max snorted loudly causing everyone to look his way. The blond's eyes widened sheepishly before he put a hand in the air. "Hey, it's my turn now!"

"Yeah that's right! Pick somebody before they, I dunno, leave…" Tyson stressed, staring right at Kai.

Kai's lips became a thin line and he glared back at Tyson out of the corner of his eyes.

"Ok, guess we'll finish the game right here… Kai! Double dare, or truth." Max asked.

Kai paused and seemed to think about it. After a while of everyone watching him, the holder of Dranzer finally appeared to come to a decision, which was good, but why did he look like he had the upper hand?

"Double dare." The former team captain picked.

Double dare! Hah time for… Wait.

All of a sudden Max was faced with a complete panic. With Hilary and Kenny, plus all the others watching in the homey family room, he found he just couldn't be cruel! The two brunets didn't realize the extent of the daring in Tyson's room, and were eyeing him with barely hidden worry. It was so uncomfortable that he really didn't think he could dare Kai without looking like a bad guy for some reason! Worst of all, Kai looked like he had known!

"Ooh… I double dare you to…" Max spotted the kitchen. Okay, this kind of dare was understandable to Kenny and Hilary. "Eat a bowl of the mixed contents of Tyson's fridge!"

"Uh, we don't want to KILL him." Tyson laughed.

Kai's eyebrow twitched slightly at that, but he didn't back down. "……Fine."

At that acquisition, everybody watched as Tyson and Max went into the kitchen and started piling various things into a small bowl.

"Hey Tyson what about this?" Max held up a jar of… something.

"Er… that's Gramps stuff…" The world champ replied, making the blond nod and put it back. Truthfully Tyson had no idea what that thing had been! If Kai was gonna have to eat this mix then he really didn't want to kill him….

The two friends came back and the bowl was dropped ceremoniously on the table in front of Kai.

"Okay, you got your mayonnaise – that was all Max, I swear – some gummies, chips, pickles, a few other things… all on a nice ice cream scoop!" Tyson explained.

Ray and Hilary looked at the food in fear.

Shooting a distinctly dirty look at Max, Kai reached forward and slowly slid the bowl towards himself, taking up the spoon next to it and began to eat. Tyson was staring at the sight with rapt attention. He had never seen someone eat botched ice cream so calmly and unexcitedly before!! Ok, it was Kai, but still.

A couple tense minutes later Kai shoved the bowl back at Max, who caught it clumsily.

Sure enough it was empty, though having been completed really unenthusiastically. The blond rose and eyebrow and swiped up what was left and tasted it. "Hmn, not that bad!" Max grinned and took his finger from his mouth.

The rest of the gang gagged. "EEEW! Dude! Come on…"

"Hey!!" Max waved his hands in protest.

Tyson shot a glance at Kai out of the corner of his eye. The other blader's nose was vaguely wrinkled, and while it was a highly commendable effort of hiding it, Tyson could tell Kai was fighting with the terrible aftertaste the thing left.

Taking advantage of everyone else being noisy, Tyson nudged Kai in the side with his elbow. 'Oops…' He must have done it too hard because it made Kai glare angrily at him.

Tyson pulled a minty candy out of his pocket and quickly pressed it into Kai's hand without looking at him. It NEVER hurt to have one of those things around while Max was over – that guy insisted on the strangest toppings on pizza, cake, or whatever there was to eat!

The midnight blue haired teen purposely didn't acknowledge the questioning look Kai shot him. He was being a little too caring of his former team captain again… as usual… But he didn't want him to see it on his face this time – hey he was trying to win this game too!

Kai idled for a moment… and then wordlessly ate it.

"Wow, so whose turn is it now?" Hilary wondered.

"I got booted, so it's only those three left now." Ray put forward. "In the original circle… it would be Kai's turn."

"Max, truth, dare, or promise to repeat." Kai instantly said with a grimace.

"This can't be good." The Chief moaned to himself. He never did like this game.

"Dare!" Max chose. Something told him he picked too fast though, judging by the impassive look on Kai's face. Max gulped. It HAD to be training or beyblade based. It would probably be tough, but nothing undoable-

"Act out that drawing you have with the Chief."

…..Drawing? Then it dawned on Max. RAY'S DIRTY DRAWING!? "NO WAY!" He yelled.

Tyson and Ray instantly howled in laughter.

"Oh man, Max, now I'd glad I drew it!"

"THAT," Tyson guffawed, bowing to a subtly smirking Kai. "…is the BEST one!"

Kenny nearly fell off the couch at the exchange. Judging by the scandalized look on Max's face, he knew he should've gone straight home!!

Hilary raised an eyebrow. "What drawing?"

"Ah…" Max sounded guiltily, his hand going to his pocket to make sure the evil art couldn't accidentally be seen. "Ah yeah umm… nothing Hilary. Um, excuse me for a moment you guys…!" The blond said airily, and then suddenly dashed out of the room, heading for somewhere in the house. The group could hear loud stomping and them some shuffling around.

"Is he bailing?" Tyson wondered.

The group of friends looked at each other shrugging and confused. The Chief began to sweat in worry because his name had been involved in the dare. Just as Tyson was ready to declare Max officially out of the game, the blond blader waltzed into the room wearing an expression that feigned nonchalance.

Everyone instantly looked lower.

Taped to Max's pants was the crappiest craft paper thong anyone had the horror of seeing. A few sloppy marker scribbles gave the impression of it having supposed to be leopard print.

"………….." Tyson and Ray were red and looking ready to burst.

Hilary's eyes had bugged out.

"Urh… wow, I just really feel like dancing for some reason…" Max zeroed in on the Chief, causing the bespectacled teen to nearly bawl. The blond started advancing on Kenny, the paper thong swaying enticingly. Kenny jumped up from his chair, holding his computer awkwardly and hedging away.

Max stopped in panic. "Hey wait, no don't get up! It has to be a lapdance!!"

"AHAHAHAHAHAH!" Tyson laughed so loudly it drowned out Kenny's scream.

Chaos broke out when the Chief actually ran, knocking over a few things in his haste. "!?!" Max didn't even have time to shout anything, he just lunged into a chase after Kenny.

Ray immediately got up as well and followed, laughing, swiftly joined by Tyson, a spurred Hilary, and finally Kai. The group of world class bladers ran around the house wildly, the Chief somehow showing true skill in evading certain trauma. At some point Max's thong had flown off and Ray had fallen over a randomly placed wooden practise sword, causing even more commotion.

The chase ended when the Chief finally bolted straight out the front door and into the night.

"…………." The group of teens huffed around the entrance in plain stupor.

"…Wow the Chief is really fast." Ray said wonderingly.

Max fell down on the floor. "NO! I can't do it!!"

Tyson grinned slowly. "Guess you know what that means…"

In the middle of the entrance, the wind from the night outside gusting in like a final act curtain, Tyson and Kai faced each other. Eyes struck in a telling stare.

Ray, Max, and Hilary looked on in interest.

It was finally just down to the two of them. Just Tyson and Kai. Tyson only had a dare, Kai only had the truth. They both knew the other only had one left that he hadn't picked yet.

And it was Tyson's turn.

Kai seemed to realize it just as soon as the other did, his expression becoming guarded and yet vulnerable at the same time. Tyson's determined smile turned into a softer one almost, and somehow, in that instant, nothing felt like a game anymore.

"What the dealio?!"

Everybody started and turned to see Grandpa Granger come in looking bewildered behind his long grey moustache. Wow, this did not look good! The place was a mess from the rampant chase and for all intents and purposes, it appeared that Tyson and Kai had just been in the middle of getting ready to start a destructive beybattle, with Max on the floor like some kind of victim.

"Uh, Gramps-"

"OH NO YOU DON'T!" Tyson didn't have a chance to finish before the spirited old man started swinging a wooden practise sword around.

"YeeAH!" The world champ dodged.

"You beybaddies gon and trashed dis here homestead!"

"Wah, Gramps if you'd… AH!" Everybody scattered out the door to escape Grandpa Granger's crazy jive ranting. "Get back here T-MAN!! You need to do clean the place Little dude!!"

Nobody dared actually go back, and so the group loitered around on the street just outside the wall of the property.

Hilary put a hand to her head and sighed at the crazy events of the day. "Y'know, it's pretty late by now, I think I'll go try and find Kenny."

"Yeah, good idea." Tyson agreed.

"Well I guess that's it." Ray said, watching as the brunette girl headed off.

That caused the baseball capped boy to pause. "Hold on – the game's not over yet."

"For us it is!" Max replied, still sore about Kenny escaping.

Ray chuckled but nodded as well. "Yeah, maybe we should just call it a night?"

Tyson tried again. "But-"

"Tyson…leave it." Kai spoke up, his gaze somewhere off into the dark sky of the evening. It appeared like the icy blue haired blader had agreed to end the game as well. Tyson couldn't do much but roll his eyes and accept it as Ray and Max said their goodbyes and headed off as well.

The world champ watched them round the corner and finally disappear out of sight. He turned to the only person left beside him.

Kai stuck his hands into his pockets, but didn't walk off.

"You know, it really doesn't have to end there." Tyson said, his tone imploring the other boy to look at him.

Kai slowly looked up meeting his gaze. There was something daring in those eyes. "What makes you think I want to continue." It wasn't really a question, but more of a challenge.

Tyson half-smiled, breaking the eye contact briefly. The play of those lips made Kai remember just what had led to them stalling around out here, like this. It sent an almost frightening rush through him to think about the truth behind it.

"Okay, okay…" Tyson conceded and then looked back at Kai more directly this time. "You don't have answer it, but I'll ask for it anyway…" The slightly shorted blader took a deep breath and set his chin. "The truth, Kai."

Somehow, Kai was unprepared for the flush that stole over him, half wanting to turn away, and the other half unable to move.

"Back when you kissed me," Tyson pressed on, his eyes filled with sincere want for a serious answer. "Did you… feel anything?"

Kai's breath quickened sharply.

He had. He really had felt something… still did, really. It was the same thing that made them search each other out to be alone at practise. With just the two of them, right here, like this, was it bad that he felt like he could kiss Tyson again?

"…You want the truth?" Kai offered.

"Yeah, I do…" Tyson's eyes were big and he looked ready for anything.

Kai slowly leaned forward, his eyes gently closing, ice blue bangs sweeping the other boy's skin as he tilted his head. He touched his lips to Tyson's in a soft kiss. He pulled back, eyes dark. "I dare you to find out."

The End?

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