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Writing Dumbledore as an okay guy for once is going to be interesting. I have only read bits and pieces of the Half-blood Prince, the book in which this challenge starts so I will use what little I know that applies and make the rest of sixth year up. So consider this AU.

Chapter 1

Had anyone been awake within the ancient castle and had happened to glance out a window they would have been met with a rather odd sight. Albus Dumbledore, esteemed Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, was all but running across the grounds towards the Forbidden Forrest. The reason for this was quit simple; something or someone had triggered the castle's wards. But not any wards, no, these wards were specifically designed to pick up on the dark magic embedded with Voldemorts' mark. But the puzzling thing was only one being was detected and since Severus Snape, Potions Master and spy was away from the castle it was safe to assume he was the one that had triggered them. Or not. Albus stared in stunned surprise for a brief second before kneeling beside the prone figure. While sharing dark hair with his spy this was most certainly not Snape as the person in question was far too young. Carefully rolling him over the Headmaster judged him to be in his late teens, maybe early twenties and in desperate need of a nurse. He rolled the youth's sleeve up but there was no sign of the Dark Mark anywhere. Quickly conjuring a stretcher he set off for the hospital wing only slightly more slowly than he had been moving before since he didn't want anything to happen to the stretcher he was levitating.

Poppy left her quarters as soon as the wards around the infirmary alerted her to the presence of two people, one injured. She gasped as she saw the figure Dumbledore was carefully lowering onto a bed.

"Quickly Poppy, this boy needs your help." She moved around the room, gathering her supplies.

"What happened Albus?" She asked as she began scanning her newest patient.

"We will have to wait until he is awake to find out I'm afraid. The wards alerted me to his presence just inside the forest and he was like this when I found him. How is he?"

"A severe concussion, three broken ribs, sprained wrist, broken ankle and a stab wound just above his appendix. Who could do this to a child? Death Eaters?" She asked as she worked.

"Perhaps. I'll need a blood sample to see if I can find out who he is. He certainly isn't a past student." Albus frowned as he studied the youth.

"Of course Headmaster."

"I'll leave you to your work. Call me if there is any change in his condition."


Albus sighed tiredly as he began to suck on a lemon drop. It had been two days since he had found the boy and he had yet to even stir. Poppy had done her usual wonderful work and his injuries were well on the way to healing. The boy was an enigma, there was no record of his existence anywhere in the wizarding world and yet he had triggered the wards designed to detect the Dark Mark, which he didn't bear. As much as he didn't want to he had to assume the boy was a threat until he learned otherwise. Times were simply too dangerous to do otherwise. Luckily they had managed to keep him hidden in a private room off the main infirmary. It was almost Christmas and Harry's extra lessons were going well but things were beginning to move far too quickly. Harry had to be ready when the time came. So far two horxcuses had been destroyed; the diary and the ring, but that still left five more. And Albus had the sinking feeling that he would not be around the next year to help Harry.

"Albus come quickly, he's waking." He looked over to the fire where Poppy's head was visible.

"I'll come through immediately." She nodded and vanished, leaving the fireplace empty for his use. He stepped out into the main room and quickly walked over to the private room to join Poppy in waiting for the young man to fully wake up. They watched as a finger twitched and his eyelids fluttered briefly before dark eyes snapped open and he tried to sit up. They moved to gently restrain him as he was still injured only for him to suddenly be half way across the room, standing defensively.

"It is alright child; no one here will hurt you." Poppy soothed gently but received only a cold glare in return.

"Can you tell us your name?" Albus asked just as gently and this time the glare had just a hint of confusion in it. Both blinked as the young man said something in a harsh, cold voice but neither understood it.

"What are we going to do Albus? The child obviously doesn't understand English but if he continues to move around he could re-injure himself." Poppy stated with a healers concern for her patient.

"I will try to find a translation." His answer was cut off by an agonised groan. The teens hand was clasped to his neck and his skin had gone chalk white with pain. Both adults moved forward but even in pain the boy backed away from them. As his legs buckled Albus moved and held him gently around the waist.
"It's alright, try to relax." He soothed as Poppy tried to get a look at whatever he was covering. Neither could hold back a gasp as strange markings began to appear and then spread across his skin, the teen convulsing in Albus' arms as he struggled to hold him still.

"Get him onto the bed." Pomphrey ordered as she began trying scan after scan. Working together they managed to get him back on the bed and restrained only to watch as his eyes turned red. He snarled and actually bit Albus as he tried to look at the mark that had started the episode but the wizard ignored it in favour of trying to find a way to help. It took far more than the recommended dose of Dreamless Sleep potion to finally make him sleep and allow the two magic users to relax.

"I will do what I can to find out what that mark is and a translation spell for when he wakes again. Perhaps we can learn more from him. Keep him sedated as long as is safe." Poppy nodded and he left to return to his office.


"Still nothing Headmaster?" Poppy asked tiredly as she sank into a chair beside the boy's bed. Nothing they had tried had worked. While the mark felt similar to the Dark Mark it was actually very different. For the last three weeks Poppy had continuously been sedating him but that couldn't continue much longer without the risk of permanent damage.

"Nothing. I am afraid there is simply nothing we can do for him at this point in time. He can not be released since he is a danger not only to others but himself." On his third awakening the teen had almost gouged his own eyes out before they had managed to restrain him again.
"I fear we have no choice put to seal him away until such time as we learn something new."

"But unless sedated he will kill himself! And he cannot be kept on Dreamless Sleep indefinitely."

"I know Poppy. He will have to be given the Draught of the Living Death; it is the only kind thing to do. And you must never speak of him to anyone."

"Yes Headmaster." She gently swept a stray lock of hair from the teens face, knowing the fate they were condemning him to but they had no other choice.
"When would you like to do it?"

"I will prepare a secure location for him and take him there just before this last dose wears off. I will make sure provisions are in place so that he will not be left there forever if anything happens to me. In fact, I know just the person to be told of him in the eventuality of my death."

"Very well Albus, I will prepare the dosage for you. But Severus will be curious when he notices a dose gone."

"I know Poppy, but for now know one can be told. If only he had not come to us at this point in the war we could have spent far more time trying to help him.


Albus gently lowered the youth to the bed before cancelling the levitation charm. Poppy had washed and dressed him in fresh pyjamas before he had activated the portkey that had brought only the two of them to this place. It was better that Poppy knew nothing of the boys hiding place. The cave was well hidden and deep under ground, not far from Hogwarts actually, but unknown to anyone but the past Headmasters. He had set it up as a comfortable bedroom and then cast the most powerful preservation charms he knew so that it would not rot around the boy. He only had a few minutes before the teen would start to wake so he withdrew the vial from his robes and waited. As soon as dark eyes began to open he pushed the vial past his lips and poured its contents down his throat. The teen tensed and moved upwards, trying not to swallow, but it was too late. He caught the boy as his body went limp and laid him back down gently, arranging his limbs as comfortably as he could. A thorough check showed that the potion had worked; the teen appeared as if dead. Standing he made his way over to the table and placed an envelope on it before leaving the cave and sealing it.


Harry glared down at the letter in his hand, Dumbledore hadn't even been dead three days and already the people were demanding his will be publicly read. He grabbed his cloak and left the dorm to meet up with the others. They had to get to Gringotts to stop the will from being read publicly, who knew what secrets Dumbledore may have hidden within it.