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Chapter 10

Kakashi stopped, watching the teen as he worked to bring the overrun garden back to functionality. He seemed to be enjoying himself as he pulled weeds and worked on the soil. He looked up and focused on Kakashi, surprising the ninja by knowing he was there. "Hello, can I help you?"

"Just thought I'd see how you are settling in." He eye smiled at the teen who smiled back and cleaned his hands off before standing and stretching.

"Fine. We've had one or two curious guests. Would you care for some tea?" Harry asked and Kakashi hesitated before nodding and following the teen into the small house. Technically they should be living in the main clan house but Kakashi figured that it would hold too many memories for Itachi. He slipped out of his sandals and sat down, watching as Harry made the tea and then brought it out. It was nice that the young man didn't even attempt to catch a look at his face so he got to take his time with the beverage. He took the time to study Harry, seeing that he was a lot more relaxed than the last time he had seen him. He seemed very content to roam the Uchiha district, cleaning it up and making it liveable after the years of neglect. Sasuke had lived in the main house and hadn't bothered with the rest of the compound.

"I hear my students paid you a visit." Kakashi commented and Harry nodded.

"Yeah, no one was injured so I think it went okay. Though for some reason they both wanted to sit near me rather than Itachi." He grinned and Kakashi chuckled.

"It will take time for people to get used to Itachi being back."

"I know. I just hate seeing the looks he gets when we leave the compound." Harry shrugged and went to wash the tea set up.

Harry sat on the roof of the house they had claimed, staring up at the stars. The cool night air didn't bother him, magic keeping him warm without him even muttering a spell. Since beginning to train with Itachi his grasp of magic had become better, even more instinctual than before. Something had come up and Itachi had left the village with Kakashi and a bunch of jounin. Harry could only hope that whatever it was they could handle. Maybe if he had taken the offer to join the shinobi corps he would know more or even be with them but he had turned it down. He wasn't a killer. Yes he had killed, but it had been a war. If war came to Konoha's gates he would defend the village but he couldn't handle going out to kill.

Harry tensed suddenly as he sensed a sudden explosion of chakra nearby. Swearing softly he apparated downstairs and grabbed his sword plus some kunai before taking off to see what was going on. He stopped, crouched in a tree and frowned as he saw the shark like cloaked man attacking Naruto and Sakura. He recognised their attacker from Itachi's description, Kisame. He wasn't sure who his companion was but he knew the two younger teens were out of their league. As Kisame swung at Naruto, Harry apparated again and the massive sword clashed against the smaller blade of Gryffindor.

"Harry-san!" Naruto and Sakura called in shock.

"You two okay?" He asked, receiving positive replies. "Go get help." He ordered and they hesitated. "NOW!" He yelled and the teens took off.

"Now we have to chase the brat." Kisame growled and Harry attacked.

"You have to get through me first." Harry stated coldly. He didn't show any fear, despite knowing he was way out of his league. Kisame at least was simply far stronger and faster than him, he'd trained his whole life after all. Sure he had magic as a trump card but against an S-ranked missing-nin? He seriously needed back up. Harry kept fighting Kisame while trying to keep an eye on his silent companion.

Harry swore as he went down, pain flaring up his leg. He glared at the shark like man, panting for air. Where the hell was backup? Not that it would matter in a second, he was drained, his magic needed time to recharge and his chakra was dangerously low. He raised his head defiantly and stared his death in the face as the sword came at him. He blinked when the blow didn't land and then smiled tiredly. "Itachi." He breathed before passing out.