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Chapter 11

Itachi stared impassively at the other ninja even as he held Harry's sword against Kisame's, stopping the blow that would have killed his lover. He was proud of how well Harry had held the fish like ninja off but now the fight was over. Kakashi was between them and the other ninja, from the angle he had Itachi couldn't get a good enough look to see who it was. His replacement in the group or one of the others moved to be Kisame's partner? Gai moved in to gently pick Harry up and hand him off to the medics.

"Traitor." Kisame glared at him, moving back as he took in the odds. S-Ranked or not with pretty much every jounin in the village there and the Hokage's chakra signature rapidly approaching the odds were not in their favour.

"Kisame we are leaving." The other stated and Itachi recognised his voices, Sasori.

He swung at Kisame only for the larger sword to block him and then the two were gone. He sighed and let go of the sword, catching the surprised looks of his colleagues as it vanished. He was just surprised the sword had allowed him to wield it, no one but Harry had been able to since the sword had come to the young wizard. He took off towards the hospital at top speed and found Harry had been settled into a room with monitors keeping an eye on his vitals and an IV keeping his fluid levels up. He moved to his side and gently ran his fingers through the messy dark hair.

"He'll be fine." Tsunade commented as she walked in. "Were you injured?"

Itachi shook his head and took the bedside seat. "He drained his core to keep up with Kisame."

"I don't know about that but his chakra levels were dangerously low. He'll need a lot of rest but there should be no lasting problems."

"How did they get in and manage such a fight with only Harry coming to investigate?" He finally looked at her, anger burning in his eyes even as he fought not to activate his Sharingan.

"It will be investigated thoroughly. If anyone helped they will be punished." She swore, after all Naruto had been their target and there was no way she would let them get their hands on him.

Harry sighed as he sank into the couch, crutches at his side. He hated how quickly he tired still even with the replenishing potions he was taking to help his core refill. He smiled as he smelt the tantalizing aroma of hot chocolate and opened his eyes to find Itachi standing in front of him with a steaming mug. "Thanks."

"How do you feel?" He handed the mug over.

"Tired still. I hate this." He grumbled even as he took a sip. Itachi sat beside him and Harry curled into his side like a cat. "Any luck on finding out how they got in?"

"Nothing so far."

"Well I'm going to add some wards." He muttered, he did not want to have another fight like that one again."

"Not until you are fully recovered."

"Yes mum." Harry responded cheekily. Itachi gently swatted at the back of his head before kissing the top of his head and Harry closed his eyes, just enjoying the peaceful quiet. With Naruto being hunted and now people outside the village knowing of Itachi's return their peace wouldn't last much longer.

Harry winced as he watched Sakura and Naruto spar. How had the boy lasted so long with such an atrocious fighting style? How had he even graduated? He looked over at his lover who was enjoying a rare day off and Itachi opened his eyes, sensing his gaze. Harry looked from him to the sparing ninja and Itachi looked over at them before looking back at him and giving him an amused stare. Sighing he got up and walked over to help Naruto. Harry grinned and tossed Sakura a bottle of water as she wandered over to him. She still felt more comfortable around him than Itachi but she was getting better.

Three hours later Harry watched as Itachi muttered and paced the main room of their home. He hadn't seen the older male this mad since the war. It was best to just sit back and watch until he had calmed down a bit, let him get it all out. Eventually Itachi ended up stretched out on the couch with his head in Harry's lap, Harry gently stroking his hair. "How could this happen? Why hasn't Kakashi fixed it?"

"He had a team to deal with Itachi, cut him some slack. But yes, he should have given all three individual training and picked up on Naruto's issues." Harry soothed.

"How did he get through the Academy like this? I know standards have dropped since even I attended but this is…"

"So maybe we need to talk to the Hokage and Kakashi."

Harry had the urge to strangle his lover but it wouldn't help. He settled for sitting on their bed and glaring at him. How could anyone think this was a good idea?

"You'll do great Harry, the kids will love you."

"But me…..teaching!"

"You've done it before."

"People my age and something I was good at."

"And you've been devouring books on Konoha and the elemental lands since we got here. You even know how to help them find their chakra and learn the Academy three. You can teach the curriculum." Itachi leant in and kissed him softly. "I know you can."

"Fine." He pouted and Itachi chuckled.

"Good, now come to bed sensei." Itachi smirked and tugged him down, Harry not really fighting him. They kicked their sleep pants off, not wanting to actually sleep yet.

Orochimaru put the latest intelligence report down, frowning in thought. So Itachi had returned to Konoha but how? How had he beaten the seal? This could make things more difficult but shouldn't affect his long term plans. Although Sasuke's reaction to the news could be a problem. The boy had been unstable even before gaining the curse seal. This news could send him completely over the edge. Why did people have to keep interfering?