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Chapter 9

Harry followed Itachi through the deserted streets, fighting the urge to shiver. There were no actual ghosts but there were impressions of pain, fear and grief lingering even after all these years and Harry was able to pick up on them. Itachi wrapped an arm around his shoulders and Harry leant into him as they walked up to a smaller house that looked to be in better repair than some.

"It was my Aunt and Uncles." Itachi told him as they went inside. A few spells form Harry had the place clean enough for the moment and they collapsed on the bed together, content to lie quietly for a while.

"What do you think I should do?" Harry eventually asked and Itachi sighed.

"Honestly I'd love for you to stay here where you'll be safe but I know that's ridiculous, you can look after yourself after all. Shinobi live and die by the Hokage's command Harry, could you accept that? I know you, you love your freedom." Itachi whispered and Harry nodded, curling closer.

"I don't like the idea of you being under that control either." He murmured and Itachi smiled.

"I am shinobi Harry."

"I know." Harry grumbled and then kissed him. Itachi smiled and tugged Harry over so that the smaller male was sitting on top of him. "Things are really going to change now, aren't they?"

"Yes. It won't be long until my probation is over and I'll be doing long term high ranked missions." Itachi admitted and Harry kissed him again, hands moving to wander under Itachi's shirt. Itachi knew what he was doing, with him becoming shinobi again and them being together for a while it was only natural. Itachi ripped his shirt over his head and then Harry smirked and their clothing vanished, magic was useful.

Kakashi watched the two remaining members of Team 7 as they trained; he had to tell them before Tsunade made the announcement. He knew that both blamed Itachi's actions for Sasuke's defection, they would not take the coming news well. But why did he have to be the one to tell them?

"That's enough for today!" he finally called out. The two teens stopped and walked over to him.

"Is something wrong Kakashi-sensei?" Sakura asked and he motioned for them to sit down in front of him.

"Some new information has recently come to lights…about the Uchiha Massacre." He admitted and they both frowned.

"New information? What? Everyone knows Itachi did it." She argued and Kakashi nodded gravely.

"But what they will soon know is that he did not do it of his own free will." Kakashi admitted and there was dead silence, for three seconds.

"WHAT?" Both teens yelled and he winced slightly from the volume.

"You heard me. Sasuke was not the first Uchiha Orochimaru put his Seal on. The one Itachi received is an older version, more unpredictable in many ways. That is why Sasuke was spared that night…Itachi managed to fight the Seal long enough to spare his life. That's why some of his actions over the years have appeared erratic. It may be why Orochimaru did not take his body to use as well, his Seal was too unpredictable." Kakashi explained calmly.

"But…but how do you know….." Sakura stammered.

"There's a reason Itachi hasn't been heard of for nearly two years, for a good portion of it he was sedated in a hospital and then helping with a civil war to repay those who saved him." Kakashi told them.

"So what Kakashi-sensei?" Naruto snapped and Kakashi sighed.

"Itachi is in Konoha. He is going to be reinstated as a shinobi, on probation for a while of course. Depending on what his companion decides we may also be gaining a new comrade." Kakashi told them and Naruto got up to storm to the other side of the clearing.

"Why is he allowed to just come here?" Naruto yelled angrily.

"Naruto sit down and listen." Kakashi ordered and the teen glared but obeyed. "Itachi was found half-dead by people….a long way from here. He was healed and kept unconscious after he woke up and tried to claw his own eyes out." Kakashi stated and both teens shuddered at that. "That is when Harry was brought in. Between fighting in the civil war he spent time researching, learning our language and trying to find a way to remove Itachi's Seal…..he failed."

"What? Then…why is he here?" Naruto demanded.

"Because while the Seal is still there it is completely dormant. Harry was the one to do it and has offered to help Sasuke as well." Kakashi told them and was met with silence.

"He….he'll help Sasuke?" Sakura asked and Kakashi nodded.

"Sakura we shouldn't be here!" Naruto hissed at her but she continued to drag him through the empty Uchiha district.

"We're going to see them." She answered and then stopped at the one house that held life. She took a deep breath and knocked nervously. A minute later a stranger with green eyes opened the door and looked them over.

"Naruto and Sakura right?" The man asked and they nodded nervously. "Come inside please." He stepped back and they moved inside, tensing when they saw Itachi sitting at the table eating lunch. The older man just nodded at them and continued to eat. "Manners Itachi." The stranger chided and Itachi smiled at him.

"Hello Naruto-kun, Sakura-chan. Happy Harry?" Itachi asked and the now named Harry rolled his eyes.

"Happier. Please, sit down. Would you like any food?" Harry offered them.

"Um….." Sakura looked around.

"You are safe here. Tsunade-sama would not be impressed if you came to harm." Itachi stated and Sakura slowly sat down. Harry set out more food and plates and then sat down as well.

"Joining us Naruto?" Harry asked and the blonde sat down closer to Harry than Itachi. "Well this is gonna be a relaxing meal." Harry muttered in English and Itachi snickered.