Autumn's Glow Chapter 1: Forest Maidens

The legend of the Forest Maidens has been passed down for centuries. It was said that four beautiful young women by the names of Isabella, Mary Alice, Esme, and Rosalie were taking a walk one evening.They were laughing and having a good time but they were not paying attention on were they were going. When they finally took notice they were deep inside the Forks forest. They were in some kind of meadow with flowers of all kind growing, you could hear a brook a little ways west, but that was not what they were paying attention too, in the middle of the meadow was a ghost like figure in a flowing white dress standing next to four glowing necklaces that were floating in midair. The ghost figure said " Please do not be afraid, I am the spirit of the forest and I have led you hear to ask of your help." " What do you need of us?" asked Isabella,she was always willing to do stuff for others in need. " You see, I am getting very old and need someone to take care of my beloved forest. And if you are to help me I will bestow upon you immortality and powers." The ghost figure said with great sadness for she did not want to leave the forest with no one to take care of it. The women thought about it, since they each had no one who cared about them they accepted the ghost figures offer. " Thank you so much for your great kindness. Now I will bestow on to you your powers and eternal life by giving you these necklaces. Blue to Isabella for kindness and knowledge, for you are always wanting to learn new things. Red to Rosalie for love, you have a huge heart to anyone that needs it. Purple to Mary Alice for loyalty, you never go back on you promises or leave anyone who you hold dear. And finally Green to Esme for you wanting to help all living things." The ghost figure gave them their necklace and vanished, thus beginning the legend of the Forest Maidens.


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