Fate Rewritten by Wordsworthy

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Chapter 1: A Wager with Fate

4th March 2020

Dear Diary,

Man, today was embarrassing. Kaede had gone out of her way to bring me a bento to class once again. Not that I'm complaining about my girlfriend bringing me one of her handmade masterpieces; no, I wouldn't even dare dream about that. But did she really have to come dressed in her high school sailor fuku… sigh… that lolipedofin tag is gonna stay for a while, I can tell. I guess I can't help it since I'm dating a high school freshman almost 4 years my junior… well, a cute and adorable one at that. Perhaps I really had it coming.

That little episode aside, I've done my rounds with the professors, apologizing and making up for my scheduled absence from lectures tomorrow. I usually don't bother with such things, but tomorrow is special, so I want to do it right. I have cleared up the schedule for the whole day, but I feel it would be too short a time still. Nevertheless I am looking forward to tomorrow. Everyone is going to be there, it is going to be a blast! Perhaps we can even wake the dead… never mind… bad joke… I still can't believe it's been ten years… has it been that long already…

No, I will write on my feelings about tomorrow, tomorrow. Those feelings are reserved solely for tomorrow, to let out, to overflow, to engulf all of us… it's not right for me to steal a march on the others. Tomorrow then. I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

That's all for today,

Amada Ken

"Honey, wake up."


"Honey, wake up! You're going to be late!"

"Five more minutes… OWW!"

The recently-bleached blonde twenty-something bolted straight out of his sleepy state when he felt his cheeks pinched by a familiar vice-like grip.

"I'm up! I'm up! Geez, did you have to do that every time?"

"No, of course not honey. But you specifically told me to do so if you refused to get up for today, remember?"

The grey eyes blinked before something clicked quite noisily.

"Mom! I'm off to school."

"Take care of yourself honey!" hollered the red-haired mother towards the front of their cosy little home.

"Today's the day isn't it?"

"Yes it is. And you better get dressed and ready if you don't want it to end too soon." said the woman with a warm smile while she pulled the man to his feet. She gave a little yelp as she felt herself pulled into a bear of a hug.

"Have I told you how lucky I am to have you?"

The woman still blushed slightly despite being married for all these years as she burrowed slightly into the strong arms that held her.

"No, not for today."

"I love you Chidori."

"Hey, isn't that…"

"Ohayo Sendou-san! Fancy meeting you here!" the bolder of the two girls almost yelled out at the familiar figure on the same platform.

"Oh, ohayo Tomoe, Sachiko. Heading to school?" was the warm and cheerful reply.

"Yep, although we are cutting it a bit close, it should be fine since we're not involved with the graduation ceremony for the seniors. How about you Sendou-san? I thought the Kyudo Association's office is in the other direction…"

"Don't tell me there's Kyudo practice today! I'm sorry! It must have completely slipped my mind since Tomoe kept me up late last night…"

"Relax." Winked the brunette mischievously as she flashed a warm smile. "I'm on leave today. I'm just going to see a friend."

"Is it a boyfriend?" asked the more gossipy of the two eagerly.

"Well…" the older woman hesitated for a moment as her eyes became somewhat sad. "I didn't get the chance to find out actually…"

The more prudent of the two pinched the other's arm sharply, willing her to stop her nosiness for now. Suddenly a tall, grey-haired man in a matching suit stopped beside the little group, with a large bouquet of lilies in his hands.

"Sorry, been waiting long?"

The brunette smiled a little at the newcomer, her eyes regaining a bit of the life that was lost earlier as she received the flowers and inspected them intently.

"Nah. I just got here a while ago."

At that moment, the train pulled up alongside the station with a loud gush of air as the doors opened to allow the morning rush-hour passengers to alight with a flurry.

"The train's here. You girls better get on if you don't want to be late. I'll take the next one since I don't like to be packed like a sardine." advised the older woman gently.

"Y-yes! We will! We'll be seeing you at Kyudo practice then Sendou-san. Have a nice day!" replied the less starstruck of the two as she pulled her otherwise immobilised other half into the pack.

The man looked at the rapidly retreating Gekkoukan students amusedly as they scurried into the train just before it closed on them.

"Were we like that ten years ago too?"

The brunette gave a little laugh. "Would you like me to call you sempai again then?"

The man mirrored her little grin. "No. It gives me a chill down my spine when I hear you say it with that malicious scowl."

The two smiled familiarly at each other as they seated themselves on the bench, waiting for the next train.

"How are your parents and sister?"

"They're very fine and healthy of course. I take good care of my family you know."

"I know. I'm glad things worked out for you."

"Me too. I've even changed my surname to Sendou now, surprised both myself and my dad that's for sure."

"I'll bet." The silver haired man grinned wryly. "The girls seemed to recognise me. Think your two kids will start spreading rumours about you again?"

The brunette laughed gaily for the first time today.

"What are the chances of that…"

(At that very moment, in one of the compartments belonging to the earlier train, a very excited shrill voice squealed out "Yukari-san is dating that Olympic gold-medallist boxer Sanada Akihiko! Wait till everyone in school hears of this exclusive!!")

A chill went down the brunette's spine the same time her eyelids began to twitch.

"Never mind…"

A knock sounded on the heavy oak doors.

"Come in." sounded the mistress of the room.

"Kaicho, are you done for the day?" asked a sweet and polite voice familiarly.

The said chairwoman looked up from her pile of papers on the table at her employee, colleague and friend before flashing a little smile.

"Just give me five… no two more minutes. I just need to look these over and sign them, and then I'll be done."

The petite woman nodded knowingly and walked over to one of the empty seats facing the chairlady, settling into one while watching the normally meticulous kaicho fumble about the mess on the table.

"You're excited aren't you?" came that sweet voice in a dig that no one else would have been brave or crazy enough to pull.

Without looking up, the chairlady muttered. "Verily."

The woman with pale green hair giggled slightly at the impossibly rare grammar malfunction and decided to push her luck further.

"I am too. I can't wait to see everyone's face later on. I just hope our picnic basket is going to have enough food for every one."

"PICNIC BASKET!" the chairlady exclaimed as she banged her hands on the table. "I knew I forgot something important! Quick, call that French restaurant downtown for takeout! Or that ramen place, or better yet Wild-duck Burger! Yes, they will definitely have takeout!"

The younger woman finally let out the giggles that she had been holding back as the kaicho didn't disappoint with her reaction. The fact that the normally stiff chairlady was acting so uptight and nervous was already a gem in itself.

"Don't worry about that, I've already prepared it in advance. It's sitting on my desk outside."

The red haired woman sighed audibly and sank back onto her oversized chair.

"Thanks Fuuka. I don't know what I'll do without you."

"Nothing, by the look of things. But what are friends for." smiled the once shirking violet. "We better hurry. After all we have a date with a really handsome man with blue hair and a bunch of old friends."

"Mmmm…" was the kaicho's barely audible, yet incredibly lonely reply as her eyes looked down once again, just not exactly on the papers. The sudden bout of melancholy didn't escape the observant secretary's eyes as she resolved to do something about it.

"Mitsuru, let's go. The world can wait. After all, he's the reason why it's still here."

"Yes." agreed the chairlady, regaining some of her former grit upon hearing her friend's honest call to her true self. "The world can wait."

"Woof woof!" barked the albino canine softly, but just loud enough so the blonde figure behind the desk nearby could hear it.

"They're here already? They're earlier than I expected." replied the warm, flowing voice to the kind notice. Rising from her chair, she walked over to the coat rack and put on her white coat before opening the door.

"Let's go meet them then."

"Woof!" replied the eager canine as it walked in step with the blonde figure.

"I know, I can't wait too." smiled the woman fondly.

"Ah, ohayo Aigis-sensei, Koromaru." greeted the head nurse respectfully. "Weren't you scheduled to be off today Sensei?"

"Yes, I was. But some of my friends are coming to visit, so I'm taking them to the special ward on the west wing…"

The sound of familiar voices can be heard just outside the entrance.

"That must be them now, I'll go greet them."

"Oh, this is the day isn't it… well, please do then Sensei. I'll help send everything that comes your way to the other doctors, just for today."

An incredibly warm and breathtaking smile graced the blonde's face as she bowed respectfully to the understanding old lady. "Thank you."

"Who's that?" asked one of the trainee nurses after the blonde woman and her white dog left for the front of the hospital.

"You don't know her? She's Tatsumi Memorial Hospital living miracle, Aigis-sensei. She's the prototype and unique android from the Kirijo Group that made headlines nine years ago for getting into Medical College by pure academic merit through the system, and having graduated at the top of the class within a year. There were some hoo-ha controversy about it then, but now she's indisputably one of, if not THE most renowned neurology experts in the world today, with an incredible success rate of 100 percent for routine operations and seventy-five for impossible ones. However, it's very difficult to book her to for an operation since she's rather stubbornly insistent on devoting half of her time towards taking care of the patient in the special ward in the west wing that the Kirijo Group donated." the motherly figure explained patiently.

"Huh, why is that, head nurse?" asked the new nurse with marked interest as she sensed good gossip material.

The head nurse leaned in and whispered. "Rumour has it that the man in the ward is someone extremely special to her, perhaps even romantically so."

"B-but… she's a machine…" the new nurse stuttered out before she was shushed with a quick hand to her mouth before the head nurse looked at her sternly.

"Did you notice she was an android before I told you? I don't know what crazy technology those Kirijo Group people have over there, but I can tell you this; she is more human than most people or doctors I have seen in all my sixty years. In fact, the mere fact that an android can be as caring and devoted to her life, job and love like she does makes here deserving of the nickname "the living miracle". Doesn't that make us humans feel ashamed about us and reflect about our lives sometimes?"

The group of friends were just passing by the nurse's counter when they were startled momentarily when a loud heart-wrenching cry was heard. Looking around, the source of the cry was confirmed when they saw a young nurse bawling into the bosom of the matronly head nurse.

"What was that all about?" asked Junpei casually, cocking a thumb at the odd scene nearby.

"Hmm… I am not entirely sure, although it seems to happen on this day every year for the past eight years I have been stationed here."

"Perhaps it's stress?" suggested Yukari helpfully.

"Erm, Aigis? Perhaps you should tell the hospital not to overwork the nurses like that? That cry sounded really bad." added Ken in concern for the nurse who was reduced to a sobbing mess.

"I'll remember to tell them that, Ken."

"Well, the head nurse seems to have a handle on things. Shall we proceed?" recommended Mitsuru upon receiving a nod from the said nurse.

"Yes. I'm sure he'll be happy to see you guys again." said Aigis with a warm smile.

The group of friends trekked through the hospital until they reached the designated ward on the second floor of the west wing. The ward stood out from all other wards in the hospital since it was the only one on the entire second floor of the new wing and had no doubt a generous size and furnishings, as evidenced by the large oak double-doors and the lack of any other facility for that floor.

Stopping just outside the door, Aigis closed her eyes and heaved a deep breath, more out of habit than from need, before she made several raps on the door.

Listening intently but hearing no response, she reopened her eyes and turned to her friends with her warmest and most reassuring smile that reflexively drew out her friends' equally heartening ones before she opened the door and entered the room.

"Hey, look who's here to see you."

Meanwhile, in a different dimension close by that resembled outer space, a faint purple line appeared from out of nowhere before it widened to form a slit of velvet light that contrasted brightly with the darkness of the space. Out from that light stepped a lone figure with rusty green hair and a long ornate coat of matching colours. He looked around for a moment, as though looking for something.

"Hmmm… she's not around here either. Maybe I shouldn't have made that last turn back at…"

The figure's attention became drawn to a large stone-like tablet some distance away.

"Hmmm… interesting…"

One of the green haired figure's eyes turned into a mirror-like silver appearance while the other a prismic collage of colours, as he looked on intently at the distant white statue-like object at the heart of the tablet. His brows furrowed as what he saw annoyed him to no end.

"I see… Fate's gone too far again." he scowled darkly. "Well, two can play at this game."

The figure stepped back into the darkness and instantly appeared before the tablet.

"I know you can hear me. Fate's dealt you a bad hand. I know, because I can see its doings. You've done well to win the first round, but the second is beginning soon. Your world and all your friends in it will soon be in danger once again. With that in mind, I will offer you a prize and a choice. The stakes are simple; the end of your world or sixty years, since that's how long MY seal can hold back this Nyx of yours for without me actually needing to be here."

The green haired figure stretched out his hands as a brilliant purple and white glow flashed from the rune on his forehead while two runes in the shape of glowing purple cards took shape and form on his outstretched hands.

"I am Lucifael Antemoira. I will offer you a choice here and now; Rest and do nothing, or be my wild card and gamble with Fate."

Author's Notes:

Here's my teaser for my foray into the Shin Megami Tensei fanfiction. I actually consider myself a pretty hardcore player for the series, with a specific soft spot for Nocturne and to some extent the DDS series, but I liked Persona 3 as well. The gameplay was so-so, and the plot was a bit edgy and stretched, but what really clinched it were the evoker style summoning (which was disturbingly cool), the very human android Aigis (who was disturbingly cute) and the really well done ending (which was positively dripping with pathos). However, I personally really hate tragic endings, so I decided to do something about it by rewriting it with a continuation.

Most of this chapter has to do with my own renditions of what could have happened in the next ten years, but I hope they sound realistic or at least fun and fluffy for now. And more importantly, what's the point of being a writer if you can't use your god-like powers to bring back the heroic dead? My medium for doing this is a character of mine, Lucifael Antemoira from a couple of my still ongoing fanfictions in the Suikoden thread. The current series had not gone to the point of him acquiring such power yet, but he will eventually become strong enough to challenge Fate on his own. So since I'm getting ahead with myself already by writing this fanfiction before I'm done with my others, please just take him to be an immensely powerful True Demon who can defy Fate's machinations. On a trivial point, I've conceived his name Antemoira from a combination of Ante, a gamble with forced stakes, and Moria, the mother of the Moirae (Fates in Greek Mythology) as well as play on the idea of Anti-Fate; hence his exclusive power is to challenge and to offer people the chance to gamble with Fate. Cool eh?

In any case, please let me know your comments and criticisms, constructive or otherwise by sending me a note by means of reviews or direct messages. I won't be working on this thread for a while until I finish my current project, but that also means that I will have time to include everyone's input in, since I'm looking for it to be more than just my own musings. I'm also looking for people to who would like to volunteer for my betas or to bounce my ideas off, just to make sure my imagination doesn't go too haywire. If you're interested, please indicate as such and leave a contact information or email.

On a side-note, I might be getting ahead of myself again, but the rough plot for the later chapter (when I get down to writing them) will consist of the idea of the Trinity Souls, as my take on the idea for the new anime series they're making based on Persona 3, and I will tie in concepts and ideas from Nocturne, the DDS series and other influences that I find usable too. Something to look forward to is always nice.