I do not own Twilight, New Moon, or Eclipse. They and their respective characters are the property of Stephenie Meyer and her creative mind.

I, however, am borrowing the characters and the events transpired to write this fictional tale.

What Binds Us Together

Chapter 1

Alice's Life, Although She Doesn't Know It, Told Through Her Eyes

We were a somewhat wealthy family. When the Depression hit, many people sought out daddy to help them. I loved my daddy very much. I loved mommy too, but I was daddy's special girl. He would buy me dresses and dolls, and let me sit on his knee by the fire while he smoked. I loved the smell of his pipe tobacco. He usually smoked peppermint or cherry flavored tobacco. It was such a comforting smell. Mother and he would go out often to see shows. While they were gone, I would sneak up to the attic with Katty, the cook's daughter, and we would play dress-up in old clothes. We too would pretend we were going to social parties and operas. It was a grand life.

I started having visions at the very young age of five. In the beginning, I had visions of trifle things, such as, Mother will drop that potato she is skinning for dinner right...now. And it would drop! At first, I marveled at these and thought I was wishing them to happen. I then realized that when I saw my grandmother die, I wasn't wishing for it to happen, I was seeing things to happen no matter what; things that had not yet come to pass.

Although my vision has now widened and expanded so that the possibilities surrounding the probable become endless. You can go to work, but how you get there determines whether you arrive on time, late, absent, or pre-occupied by whatever you see along the way. Things change.

As a child, such things do not matter. I was playing in the front yard with my dog Maisey when I saw her get hit by a truck. I followed her out into the street, hoping to pick her up out of the way, when mother saw me. She promised to get me another dog, but that didn't ease my sorrow any less. I would exclaim to my family when someone was about to drop china or spill wine. When we had guests my parents had would try to silence me. One evening though, I said something very inappropriate.

"Momma, do you scream when daddy touches you like Mr. Solensworth?" My mother was perplexed and horrified when I asked her this. She inquired for me to explain further, after all, we were all alone in the kitchen. "Well, I saw Mr. Solensworth touching someone here." I pointed below my waist to my sex. She looked at me alarmed, and questioned me about whether or not someone had ever touched me there. I further told her no and she still sent me to bed without dessert.

A couple days later, my parents held a marvelous party at our home. My daddy had a friend who had just gotten back from the war and we were throwing him a homecoming on Christmas Eve. Many people were invited. I was gaily dressed in my beautiful new, frilly green party dress. I loved how it flared when I twirled around. I was quite the little hostess standing next to my mother and curtsying, making as much small talk as an 8 yr. old is capable of.

Lo and behold, Mr. Stolensworth came through our door with daddy's friend Jim Merchant who had just gotten back from war. They were business partners and vacationed together in the summer.

Mother had warned me not to say a word to him, lest my mouth run away with me as it should for a young child.

Jim Merchant came in over our threshold and behind him followed a voluptuously wonderful woman in a crimson dress that clung suggestively to her exquisite body. She had her blonde bob worn wavily tonight. Her bright red lipstick reminded me of someone...

"Mommy, that's the woman Mr. Stolensworth made scream!" I pulled at my mother's skirts insistently and pointed at the woman in red. The woman looked absolutely horrified at what I had said. She was flushed rather terribly and she sputtered, "W-what is this child is saying?!" Jim Merchant frowned at what I had said as my parents embarrassedly whisked me out of the room. All the while, I still asked, "Why did you scream?"

Mother grabbed me harshly and shook me, "Who told you these things?! Who?! The maids? Cook? Who, child, who?!" She slapped my face. It stung and I began to cry. My father pushed my mother aside, "Marie, that is no way to fix this." He knelt and pulled me onto his knee, "Allie?" I peeked from behind my hands, "Alice, who told you to say those things?" I sniffed at the snot running down my lip, "N-n-no one. I just s-saw it, d-daddy." He frowned, "Saw it where?" I nodded and bonked my fist to my head, "Here, daddy. I saw it in my head. Like a dream, only I wasn't asleep." He shook his head, "Alice, you can't have seen it in a dream if you weren't asleep. Has anything happened to you that you haven't told mommy or daddy? Anything happen that was bad?" I shook my head, "Daddy, I saw it here" -again I pointed to my head- "and they were naked."

Mother spoke up, "Enough. We will talk about this in the morning. Go to bed."

"Mommy, can't I eat first?"



"No, Charles! She has just ruined our social standing! I don't care if it was true, you and Stolensworth were getting ready to close your contract and she ruined it!" Mother pointed at me, raising her voice at the end of her sentence. I shook and shivered, I was so scared.