I do not own Twilight, New Moon, or Eclipse. They and their respective characters are the property of Stephenie Meyer and her creative mind.

I, however, am borrowing the characters and the events transpired to write this fictional tale.

What Binds Us Together

James's POV

It was such a waste for them to give her such strict shock treatments. She was only speaking her mind, I grin slyly. Tonight, it has to be tonight. I will be administering treatment, we will be all alone. No one will miss her. No one will remember her. After all, I've waited 8 years now.

They are so lucky she has never bled from the treatments. If she were to get a nosebleed while I was in the room, well...I might not have enough control. She is very beautiful for such a young girl. She has blue eyes, the color of ice, and raven hair. Porcelain skin withholds her life-water from my touch, but that would all change tonight.

Walking quietly down the hall I spot a tasty morsel. A young patient, male. He's probably 13; no one knows, no one cares. He has sandy blonde hair, but he's weak. They have been feeding him meals with such high doses of medication that we're surprised he's lasted this long. I gently beckon him to me, "Stefan..." he turns blankly. I kneel in front of him, "Why are you out of bed at this hour?" I pick up his wrist in front of my face and smell it. Blood smells different for each vampire and each human. His smells to me of spices and pine. A wonderful scent, pity no one but I will ever know. "Come. I'll take you back to bed." I lead him into my wing of the building. Not only do I administer certain treatments, but I am also the morgue director. I lead him away into death.

"Doctor James von Derhl. Needed in level 6." The intercom awakes me out of my bloodlust. I jot something into my notebook. "Name: Stefan. Flavor: spiced pine." I glance at his limp drained body. His blue lips beckon me to them, I lick the remianing blood off his cheek, "Cause of death: vampyre..." I get some sort of joy from coming up with causes of death. It gives me a thrill. I quickly stuff his body into a bag, I will come back and think of a more reasonable cause of death than this. But now, I must be off. I didn't want to keep little Alice waiting. I had fed because of what I wanted to do to her. We must not keep our host waiting.

Alice was sitting in her room, all alone as always. I turned to the nurse at the door, "Leave us." The brilliantly red-haired nurse smiled coyly and strutted back down the hall from where she came. She turned and blew me a kiss. I shook my head at Victoria, my mate. She was a witchy little thing, always helping me with my meals and other things. I closed the door to Alice's room.

"Hello, Alice. How are you today?" I smiled encouragingly. The girl had grown and entered womanhood without even knowing it.

She was not much taller at 4' 8". Her chest had swelled to reveal small, plump breasts (her gown barely hid them). Her hips expanded lightly to give her a curvy, but not overly womanous shape. Her face had become beautiful, but empty as always. What a waste. I reached out a hand and stroked her cheek. I had specifically asked that Victoria not administer Alice her medicine's today. I wanted her somewhat cognoisant of what I was doing to her. She turned to me blankly, her beautiful eyes reminding me of what I was going to do. I turned her around and untied her yellowed dressing gown. The gown slithered to the floor and she was revealed to me. I led her back to her bed and laid her naked on top of the covers. She would never know what happened. I licked her, tasted her skin. I wanted an appetizer before the main course. She shivered, from the cold I'm sure. I knelt on the bed next to her. She wasn't worth me raping. That would only cause more mess. I held her lips in mine and nipped them. Not enough to pierce her skin, just enough to redden them. She was like stone, unmoving. I touched her and felt her flesh, she was warm and so flavorful, every part of her. I was laying on her lathing my tongue over her chest. Her flesh rippling and her breasts tightening.

Maybe it was a sick thing to do, to treat her so before I killed her. It worked me up, it aroused me. It awakened me not in the way you humans would think of it, but it sensually awakened my drive, my bloodlust. Blood is to vampires, as sex is to human men. It feels sexual to us and turns us on. And I was getting aroused sexually too, but not enough to do anything to or with her. Humans revolted me that way. Just another meal. She began to squrim against me, making it more difficult to control myself in this way. She had no idea what was happening, but she was enjoying it. I nipped her breast, blood began beading into the small holes and oozing out. I restrainedly lapped it up.

I couldn't hold back anymore!

Clang...a not-so distant metallic echo rang down the hall, a male nurse was making rounds to check on patients. When he entered this room, even if she was in her bathroom, he would wait until he was sure she was here. There was only one thing to do.

The door to the room opened with a creak and a clang. He approached the bed I was hiding behind. When he saw her naked, his eyes became lustful. I saw a bulge tighten in his pants. I would have to have him as well.

He was stonding over her next to the bed. He stroked her face, his breathing heavy. She was awake and blindly staring at him. He put one leg on the bed and leaned over her. I would wait until he was fully preoccupied. I cleared my thoughts and began projecting images into his mind, images of lust. He nestled on top of her. He kissed her and began grinding against her. She just stared. I projected more and more images to him and stood from my hiding spot. I saw her face flinch slightly; I could not let him ruin my meal.

I made a throaty noise, "A-hem." I cleared my throat. The male nurse froze, completely startled. He turned and saw me, "D-doctor. What...oh my...I'm so s-sorry..." I grinned at him encouragingly. I slithered to the bed, "I understand, how could you ignore one so beautiful? She is so elegant and pure. Totally innocent...it would be very difficult to walk into this room and not notice her." I stroked her hair softly, "But...I'm afraid this is a situation I cannot ignore." I looked as sternly as possible, I was enjoying this so it was difficult not to smile. He stood with his back to me, and stiffly answered, "I am sorry, sir." I crept up and whispered in his ear, "That's not enough." I sunk my teeth into his neck and with a flick of my wrist I broke his neck. I drained him very quickly. It was not something I enjoyed, he tasted so vulgar. Of testoterone and male scent. But my mother had taught me never to waste. I turned back to my main course.

She was still lovely. I kissed her pulse-point on her neck. I nipped at her breasts again and again. There was blood spreading across her chest and abdomen. I began licking, never sucking, only licking what she offered. I held her wrist and sunk my teeth deeply. She writhed, so I began to touch her. She still squirmed, but the way I touched her was making her writhe in a different way. She was relaxed on the bed. I sucked and sucked at her wrist.

Noise. There was noise at the door. I couldn't let go of her. She tasted as good as I thought she would. Of wild honey and fruit, this was what she tasted of.

I was knocked from her wrist.

She was squriming slightly and whimpering, but she didn't scream. She now cradled her wrist and rocked back and forth. A doctor came forth and began bandaging her. Two others grabbed my arms and restrained me, or thought they did.

I flung my arms fron them and their bones snapped in several places. They crumble to the floor cradling their own shoulders, wrists, and elbows. The security guard burst in and shot at me. I heard the alarms go off. Another shot and the bastard got my chest with his bullet. It didn't harm me though. I screamed for dramatic effect, he dropped his weapon and I grabbed it. I shot him, "How does it feel?" His knees were bleeding through. I shot a few more rounds, his hands had holes. A few more, there were holes every where. He would die, but not so soon. I escaped the room and barely whispered for Victoria. She came to me at once and we ran.

We fled the asylum that had been our home for so long a time. I did not know what would happen to Alice.