Not entirely sure how this story will unfold. I just had to get this out of my head. Hope you enjoy it.



Alone and with hope the only thing to keeping one going is a terrifying situation for anyone.

Mother told me once that as long as there was hope, the will to survive, the strength to move on would always be there. Oh, how I miss her so much. I miss her words of affection, her loving touch. How I so much miss the mere sensation that I was deeply loved.

Fresh tears well up in my optics. I quickly stop them. I cannot afford to waste my energy with tears.

Yet, I wonder if I will ever feel such love again.

I sigh heavily.

The question plagues me often. As do many others.

Do I have the strength to continue my journey?

Do I have the courage to face the inevitable dangers that lie ahead of me?

My hope falters.

I'm so alone with no one to draw strength from.

My grief will never fade completely.

The tears fall.

I'm afraid.

My spark aches.

Despair begins to creep from the dark recesses of my mind.

"No," I growl refusing to allow my anguish to consume me.

I rise up, my hands balled into tight fists desperately clinging on to what little hope I still have.

My mother's final words suddenly fill my mind.

New tears fall as I hold my head high. My spark pulses with pride.

I am my father's daughter.

I must have the strength to continue.

I must have the courage to face my fears.

I am my father's daughter. No one in the vastness of space can take that from me.

No one

My pride wells up in me even more as I gaze up at the three moons and to the stars beyond.

My name is Kaceystar. I am the daughter of Optimus Prime. And I will fulfill my mother's final request to find my father.