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So we conclude our story as we had started it, with little Kaceystar. We begin a month after the last chapter.

Author's notes: tissues only please. no hit squads for me ending the story!

One month later…

It's very early. Dawn approached. I quietly left my room and moved down the hall. Mother and father are still recharging. I know for a fact as the door was not locked. Unlocked door was an open invitation in my processor. Only I do not sneak in with them this morning as I have done on many previous mornings. I am anxious to get the day started. For today, I leave with mother and father as we take a family vacation to show mother some of the beauties this world has to offer.

Outside our quarters all was quiet on the base as many Autobots are still recharging as well. I chuckled to myself, noticing that the twins have their door locked now whenever they're in their quarters. Mother didn't kill Sunny for telling me about interfacing. But she made it very clear that his life was at risk while on the base. One more corruption of my young processor and he was heading for the scrap heap.

I smiled as I pass by Bumblebee's quarters. My most laid back and fun uncle. Let's me do what I want…within reason. He loves to drive almost as much as I love to fly. The few times I have sneaked out with him and the twins I have watched from a cloaked aerial view as he out races Sunny and Sides on the highways. It's easier to keep a lookout for the Highway Patrol from my position in the sky so they don't get in trouble for racing. From time to time I even race with them even though I beat all of them each time.

Then there's Ironhide and his family's quarters. I beat him every time now on the firing range. He's rather proud of that and he says it helps him to try to improve, something he hasn't had to do in a very, very long time.

He told me the story of how my mother was a natural with a gun. She had good aim and better instincts than most seasoned veterans. All he did was hone her talents and teach her how to fire under pressure. She in turn used what she had learned from him to teach me. Still, I am young and there is much more I can learn from Ironhide. And he's more than willing to teach me and Nitro as we are allowed on the firing range but only under Ironhide's supervision.

Nitro and I are the best of friends. I've helped him start his training with my fighter drone. Sometimes we spar each other just for the fun of it. I hold back though as I don't wish to hurt him. I am stronger than most of the younglings but not as strong as the mature femmes or mechs. I do know one day Nitro's punches will actually start to hurt but by then I will be even stronger as well.

I've overheard Ironhide and Prowl talking saying that Nitro and I would make a great team once we're old enough to go on patrol. I couldn't think of anyone better to go out on patrol with than my best friend…other than my father that is! Oh my mother too!

Finally, I arrived at my intended destination and knocked on the door. The door slid open a few astroseconds later.

"Ah, Kacey, you're right on time," Alpha Trion smiled down at me. "This won't take very long then you can go on your way."

"I remember. It will be an orn next month since the last time you scanned my systems," I tell him as I enter his quarters.

"Primus, has it been that long?"

I nodded and watched as he held the small scanning device in his left hand and the data readout pad in his right. I stand tall and very still as he begins the scan. It doesn't bother me any. I am accustomed to Trion's scans and tests. I also understand his need, as a scientist, to continue to monitor my systems as I grow.

"I remember when you were a little sparkling how difficult it was to scan you!" he said, making me laugh. "You were always so full of energy. Your mother could barely hold you still long enough for me to get a proper reading. I learned quickly to scan you while you were recharging."

"Will we be continuing my studies as well?" I anxiously asked. "I've missed them and admit I have neglected them during my time here on Earth."

"I look forward to them. There is still so much for you to learn," he said as he stopped the scan. He looked at the data-pad. "My you've gotten a lot taller in one orn."

"Ratchet projected my height to be almost as tall as mother!" I said excitedly. "Tall enough to maybe kick uncle's aft!"

Trion laughed, "I see nothing has improved with your colorful language."

"Father doesn't seem to mind," I smiled up at him.

Trion stared thoughtfully down at me for a long moment.


"Nothing, we'll discuss everything when you get back from your vacation," he smiled. "Go have fun on your vacation."

"Thanks, Trion!" I smiled and headed out the door.

I still had a short while before sunrise so I took my time heading towards the main gate. I paused by the Med Bay when I thought I heard a familiar melody. Looking in, I saw Ratchet cradling his little sparkling and humming the same lullaby father hummed to me.

I no longer play pranks on Ratchet and have forgiven him for the 'plasma burner incident' as it's called around the base. I figure he has his hands full as it was with Galen. The tiny mech was as cranky as his father if he didn't have a proper recharge.

"You can come in Kacey," he spoke softly. "Galen's not back in recharge yet."

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to disturb you. I just recognized the lullaby is all."

"It always calmed your father down after he had a bad dream when he was a youngling."

"Father had bad dreams too?"

"Yes, he had them for a long time."

I frowned, "I have bad dreams too. I don't remember them most of the time. But I always feel so alone when I wake up from them. Like when I woke up in the Badlands and couldn't find mother."

"But you're not now. You will never be alone here Kacey, I promise you that," he smiled warmly at me then glanced down at the sparkling. "Would you look at that, he finally fell into recharge. I'd better get him in his own bed now before he wakes up. See you when you get back from vacation."

"See you Ratchet!"

I hurried along now, passing by Prowl in the hall. He was heading to his shift in the command center, early as usual. Only he seemed busy reading a report so I didn't bother him.

Next to my father, Prowl was the most important mech on the base. He's the most disciplined and calmest mech I know. I've never seen him get angry even if I've made a mistake at my station. He patiently points out my error and gives me a list of suggestion on how to correct it.

I pay attention to the lessons Prowl teaches me. I fully understand my obligation to the Autobots. I know what it means to be the daughter of Optimus Prime. And even though I deeply wish that nothing ever happens to my father I know I must be prepared to accept the responsibilities of leading the Autobots.

I sighed taking flight to the cliff top above the base. The Autobots…they are truly my family and my friends. Ratchet was right. I will never be alone with so many Autobots around to guide and protect me, comfort me if necessary.

And even though, I stand alone watching the sunrise from my vantage point on the high cliff above the base, I am not alone. No matter where I am on this Earth I will never be totally alone for the love of my father and mother is with me always.

If I ever lost them, as long as I remember how much I love them and how much they love me I will carry that love within my spark. Their love is a part of me, always. For now, I take great comfort that I can feel their love. I can even feel the love that they have for each as they emerge from the main entrance of the base.

I know now that if anything ever happened to them I have the strength to go on and I have the courage to face whatever lies ahead of me. If my strength falters I know there will be someone to draw strength from. If my courage fails me I know there will be someone to help be through my fears.

I understand that if we Autobots ever have such a dark day, I know that I am the light…I am hope.

A smile fell across my faceplates as I felt the calling of my mother and father within my spark. They're waiting patiently for me. I jumped from the cliff and freefall for an astrosecond before activating my plasma burners. I love the rush of the air around me.

Primus, I love to fly.

"Can I fly over you for a while, father?" I asked after landing in front of them. "Just at least until we reach the main road."

"I have no problem as long as your mother agrees," he smiled.

I looked up expectantly at my mother.

"Ok, but stay close," she nodded.

"I will!"

I lifted off, remaining in my robot form, as my parents transformed into their vehicle forms. I do as my mother says and stay near them enjoying the warmth of the morning sun as it begins to rise higher in the sky. Below I can see the silver Mercedes 2008 ML63 AMG zigzagging playfully in front of my father.

My mother was taller than most femmes. But she carried herself with style and grace. To me, her vehicle form did the same. It was my favorite of the ones father had set aside for her. And it was father's favorite too.

However, I'm not entirely sure what he meant by sleek and sexy. I suppose the silver coloring and the shape of the vehicle when combined did seem rather elegant, just like my mother. I'd admit that mother's robot form was even more beautiful with the silver armor covering her slender frame.

Well, whatever sleek and sexy meant to my father the end result was mother getting pregnant. Ok, so maybe I do know that sexy meant lots of interfacing between my parents. I'm not totally naïve. I know sparks are created from the love of two parents. I just didn't know the exact process until Sunny explained it to me.

I have to say the humans have a better word for it though as it involves love. I dare not say it out loud for fear my mother may kill me for thoroughly researching the matter on the internet. And if she doesn't kill me she will probably confine me to my room for the rest of my youngling life so my processor isn't exposed to any forms of corruption!

Regardless, mother was very happy. I was happy. Father was beyond happy. Primus, the entire base was happy!

I'll never forget that day when Ratchet confirmed that mother was with spark. Neither will any other Autobot for that matter!

Ironhide, Chromia, Bee, Sunny, Sides and Prowl, were all forced to wait outside the Med Bay as it was family only while Ratchet was examining my mother. I was sitting on the bed beside mother. I kept looking at my parents faces. I have never seen either of them so ecstatic before. I could even feel how happy they were deep within my spark.

It is a feeling I still carry within me. One I do not want to forget. I know I'll never forget what happened next! The stunned look on father's faceplates just before he fainted flat on his back when Ratchet happily announced that mother was having twins was priceless!

Primus, of course with Ironhide and the others bearing witness, the embarrassing rumor was all over the base in record breaking time that my father, the war wrecking, aft ripping mech, fainted. Then after Ratchet made another astonishing announcement came the ego inflating rumor that my father the great femme magnet Autobot leader fathered the rarest of twins…a mech and a femme!

Apparently, twins are rare, as Alpha Trion can only recall a few instances of twins before Sunny and Sides were born, but rarer still is the creation of the little sparks of a mech and femme.

In this instance, Orion and Ariel.

Mother came up with their names. Father wasn't going to argue with her since he was responsible for my name. His legs still get wobbly whenever he thinks about his little sparks pulsing safely within mother. He always smiles whenever his hand rests on my mother's abdomen. He even held my hand there so I'd understand why he smiled.

I still didn't understand completely when I felt my little siblings pulsing in unison. I'm only a youngling. Some things are still a mystery to me. But father and mother were happy and that's was good enough for me.

"Kaceystar, get your aft down now."

"Yes, mother," I replied then began to descend.

Father slowed a little indicating he wanted me between him and mother. I do my usual transformation into my vehicle form during a rotation. My engine revs loudly as the wheels touch the ground. I just love doing that. It's so cool, as the humans say!

"Primus, Optimus our little femme's such a show off! I wonder who she gets it from."

"Not me, I only show off for you, my love," he replied.


"Mother, he's a femme magnet! He can't help it!"

Mother's engine choked and sputtered as she kept driving!

"Primus Almight! Sunny, didn't tell you that one too, did he?" she asked me.

"No," I laughed. "Chromia told me. She said you didn't like it when the other femmes stared at father's tight..."

"Kacey, stay away from her! She'll corrupt your mind worse than Sunny!" mother ordered, interrupting me.

"Nothing's wrong with your mind, Elita and you've been best friends with Chromia for a very long time," father chuckled.

"Well, of course you wouldn't find anything wrong with it you big lugnut! We're both mature! Kacey's too young to be speaking about such things! I don't want my little sparkling's processor corrupted."

"She's not a little sparkling, my love," father said with earnest.

"Whatever, you don't want her learning from Sunny or Chromia! Do you?" mother countered.

"No, but we can't confine her to her room for the rest of her younglinghood. Our little Kaceystar is going to grow into a beautiful femme just like her mother and there isn't much we can do to stop that."

Mother sighed loudly. I sighed contently listening to my parents talking about me. Their love and affection comforts me deeply.

"As usual, you're not seeing the entire picture, Optimus. You got one thing right, she is our little Kaceystar. I had to fight mechs off until I was finally yours and considered off limits! Combine that with the fact that you can make the opposite sex melt into a pile of heated metal! Poor Kacey's going to be using her guns to keep a mech's hands off her!"

"Primus!" father gasped. "You're right! How long should we keep her in her room?"

I started giggling uncontrollably.

"That was funny, father! Keep me in my room…as if."

"Until she's twenty…or thirty orns?"

"At least thirty!" mother said, sounding very serious.

"You're joking, right?" I shakily asked. "Mother…you are joking."

"Maybe twenty-five would be better," father suggested in an equally serious tone.

"For pits sake, please, tell me you're joking!"

My spark was racing with fear! I didn't want to be confined to my room. It's as bad as being not being able to fly when I was being punished!

"Please, mother! Tell me you're joking!" I desperately pleaded.

Their laughter suddenly erupted over my communicator. I could even feel the amusement in their sparks as they both reached out to mine.

"That wasn't funny!" I shouted at them.

They only laughed harder. But I felt father give me a gentle nudge from behind. I too then started to laugh.

"Oh, I'm gonna get you both for that!"

"Hit me with your best shot, my daughter!" mother dared.

She did dare me. I couldn't refuse. We were still miles from the main highway. In fact, there was the perfect area to the right up ahead where I could get my revenge. I zipped around mother as fast as I could, pulling way from my parents. Then I veered off the road, plowing into the snow covered field. I quickly transformed and made the biggest snow ball I could throw.


I hit mother right in the face right after she finished transforming with father transforming beside her.

"Well, you did say for her to hit you with her best shot!" father laughed wildly as mother was wiping the snow from her faceplates.


"You were saying?" mother smiled, as father had to scoop off the snow that was plastered over his optics.

"I see your aim is better," he said to me.

"Is yours, father?" I countered with a defiant smirk on my faceplates.

"I think your daughter just challenged you. Is your ego gonna let her get away with it?"

"No, you take her left flank, I'll take her right," he said as they bent down, scooping up snow.

Of course, I wasn't going to let them get me. I had one thing they didn't have…a cloaking shield. I allowed them to throw a few at me, dodging them with ease before I cloaked.

I tried not to laugh to hard else I'd give away my position. Only father was clever. He followed my footprints in the snow. And mother was right there with him. Both of them throwing snowballs at where they thought I was. Some hit me, some didn't.

"Got you now you little spawn of Primus!" he growled playfully, giving chase.

I was laughing so hard I tripped and fell. I quickly uncloaked so they wouldn't trample me by mistake. They both tickle me, making me laugh until my side and my faceplates hurt!

"You ok, Elita?" father asked worriedly as mother suddenly sat down.

I quickly stop laughing for I am concerned too.

"I didn't hurt you did I?" I asked as I sat up.

"No, Kacey. I just got a little tired for a moment there," she smiled warmly as father sat down beside her, pulling her close to him.

I watched as father places his hand on mother's stomach. Mother smiles leaning into him, cover his hand with hers. Again, I'm confused by their actions.

"You will understand one day, my child," mother sighed to me as if sensing my thoughts. "Come on, let's get moving. My aft is getting cold!"

"And you say I have a glitch in my vocal processor," I harrumphed getting to my feet.

"Optimus told me you don't use such language all the time, just when you tend to get excited and all fired up. I can live with that."

"Just don't ask Sunny and Chromia for romantic advice, for my spark's sake," father smiled as he gently picked me up. "You're mother and I want you to be able to come to us with any questions you may have."

"No matter what the question?"

"No matter what the question," mother answered.

"I love you both so very much," I spoke softly, nearly coming to tears as I could not contain the love I felt for them either.

"We know, my child," father whispered, holding me close. "We beautiful star."

My spark instantly filled with their love. The sensation that I was deeply loved was too overwhelming and I could not stop my tears from falling. My journey was finally complete as both my parents held me close.

But where one journey ends, another one begins. My future is before me. What it may be, I do not know yet. I only know this - there is nothing ordinary about being the daughter of Optimus Prime and Elita-One. We're going to be in for one hell of a ride!

Stay tuned for the first sequel coming very soon! It will pick up almost where Hope's Journey leaves off. I cannot let my readers go without reading about the birth of Orion and Ariel! I've decided on a title as well for the sequel: The Fall and Rise of a Beautiful Star. Upon it's conclusion we will continue with the second sequel, Hold On Before It's Too Late, the love story between Bumblebee and Kaceystar.

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