Music Box Doll

AU:Squinoa. Rinoa's life of fun is ruined when her father hires SeeD to watch over her. Resolute never to change, Rinoa continually clashes with Squall, who is determined to follow his orders.

Author's Note: I'm kind of mixing up things in this fic. Where I live (UK) you have to be 17 to drive, 18 to drink/smoke, 16 to do pretty much everything else. Also, at 17 you could be working or in college, either way you would have finished school. In this fic Rinoa is still in 'school', but it's a higher education, and not mandatory. Probably waaay too much information there, but someone might be interested.

Further Summary: This is a story about the pressures of growing up, and how friends play a vital role in who we ultimately become. Warning, this fic contains potentially triggering content, regarding characters rather reckless attitudes towards sex. Plus some rather frank, unromantic discussion on the same topic. Read at your risk! This fic wont be for everyone.

Chapter One - Seifer's New Car

"I don't need looking after!" Rinoa shouted from the top of the stairs. She looked down upon her father who was standing at the bottom of the stairs. She knew that she wasn't making things any better for herself, but she couldn't help it, her father always made her so mad.

"Rinoa!" he called exasperated.

Rinoa turned on her heel and stomped into her room, slamming the door behind her. She didn't know why her father was suddenly so interested in her life, it wasn't so long ago that he would have given anything for her to go out of the house.

She had never been much of social butterfly, mostly she had spent her time reading books and hiding away in her room. But ever since they had moved to Deling City, and Rinoa had begun studying in Deling High, she had finally found some friends.

On her first day, Rinoa had walked through the corridors of the school feeling dreadfully out of place. Her hair clearly wasn't very fashionable, tied back tightly into a ponytail, and her clothes much too childish. She had caught sight of her reflection in a glass door, and had looked away again. She looked nothing like the girls she had just passed by.

In her first class, English Literature, she had arrived early and had sat at the side of the classroom, hoping that she wasn't taking anybody's place. The class had begun to fill a few minutes before it was due to start, and she had found herself sitting next to a girl who had styled her hair to be flicked up at the ends.

"You're new to the class?" the girl had asked.

Rinoa nodded.

"We annotated this poem last time," the girl said handing over her work for Rinoa to look at. "My name's Selphie by the way."

Rinoa's eyes had skimmed over the poem and the haphazard notes all over it, she soon realised that she was desperately behind in her work. She had put the paper on the desk, and had tried not to look nervous.

At the end of the day, she had come away from the school with a mountain of books, papers, and assignments, but also what she hoped was a friend.

However it seemed her father did not approve of Selphie, or rather, the company Selphie liked to keep, and subsequently who Rinoa became friends with. His daughter had gone from homebody to wild child in a matter of weeks, and he was not happy.

Rinoa stared out of her window, her father would be no doubt locking the door now. Putting the deadlock on and taking away the key, hoping that that would be enough to keep his daughter inside. Rinoa took her phone and began typing a message to Selphie.

Can't go out 2nite, Dad locked the door again. He's really angry. Rinoa Xx

She sent the text then returned to staring out of the window, a few seconds later her phone bleeped.

Aww, what? But Seifer said he'd pick us up. He has a new car! Come on.

Rinoa bit her lip, she could always sneak out, she'd done it before. But never when her father had bolted the door, she'd always respected his final word. But if she didn't go, her friends might think she couldn't be bothered with them anymore. Plus, Seifer had sent her a text earlier in the day, to which she hadn't replied out of shyness. Selphie was the one that spoke to the boys.

Rinoa opened her message box to read Seifer's message once more.

Hey Babe, how's U? Can't wait to take you out in my new car. X

She blushed as she closed his message, he'd put a kiss on the end. He'd never done that before. In fact he'd never actually text her before, he always sent messages to Selphie. But since Selphie had started going out with Irvine, he'd been more attentive.

Rinoa opened Selphie's message again to reply.

Ok, I'll sneak out. My dad will kill me tho. What time is Seifer getting here? C U later. Rin.

Hey Sweet that's awesome, 9pm. I'll make him stop down the road a bit. Sel.

Of course sneaking out was only half the problem, coming home was the difficult part. She never knew what state she would be in, or whether she would get caught. But she had devised what she hoped was a failsafe plan, tested through trial and error. She checked the clock, it was seven thirty, she had plenty of time to get ready if her father didn't call her down for dinner.

Rinoa ran a hand through her hair, and decided it was still Ok, and that she wouldn't have to wash it. Next she looked in her wardrobe and pushed her clothes this way and that on the rail, all the while wondering why she never had anything to wear.

Finally deciding on black jeans and a tight blue spaghetti strap top, Rinoa had just enough time to lay them out on her bed before her father shouted up to her.

"Rinoa, are you coming down for dinner?"

Rinoa grimaced, and then took a deep breath. It would be best not to make anymore trouble for herself.

"Yeah," she shouted. "In a sec!"

Rinoa pushed her food around on her plate, trying to hide it underneath the potatoes, hoping that her dad would think she was eating it. She hated going out a full stomach, it only made her feel bloated, and at worst, fat, and she was convinced that the slight bulge a meal made to her otherwise flat stomach was all too visible under her top.

Besides standing next to infuriatingly skinny Selphie didn't do much to boost her confidence. Luckily for Rinoa her father was paying her little attention, he was reading a letter with an important looking letterhead on the top. Rinoa scowled at it, it was something from his work.

He left her midway through the pudding, saying that he had to make a phone call. Rinoa sat staring at the fruit crumble, she hadn't touched it. Finally the maid came to clear the table.

Rinoa had never realised before they had moved that having a maid was something special. Or that not every home had it's own chef. She had been living in what she called a lie for so many years, only socialising with people her father chose for her. No wonder she thought, that she had never had any friends.

Rinoa checked her watch. It was twenty past eight now. Her father was unlikely to come back to the table, or to tell her goodnight, so Rinoa made her way back upstairs slowly, and locked her bedroom door. Once inside Rinoa began to panic, it always happened every time. She'd get butterflies in her stomach at the thought of going out with friends, as she just wasn't used to it.

She was usually completely overwhelmed with everything that happened, unable to flirt like Selphie, and often feeling like a lemon. She wondered why she was about to put herself through it all over again, when her heart was thudding in her chest. She was even more nervous tonight, and she dated her first jitters of the day to the moment she had received Seifer's text.

Pulling out her make-up bag, she knew it was too late to think up an excuse, she'd told Selphie she'd go, and now she'd have to. She hastily applied her foundation, eyeliner and mascara, and then checked the time. It was much earlier that she thought, and now she wished she had taken more care.

Next came the dilemma of choosing shoes, brown or black, heels or flats. If she wore heels and they ended up breaking into the old barn again up on Trotter's farm, she'd look like an idiot, equally if she wore flats and they snuck into a club, she'd feel underdressed.

In the end she chose the black boots with heels, and grabbed her coat before attempting to sneak outside. It was five to nine now, Seifer was most likely on his way, although he was usually late. She chose the back door leading onto the patio to sneak out from, then doubled back around the house to climb over the wall and onto the public pavement.

A red car zoomed by her, and came to a screeching stop a few yards further up. Not knowing whether it was for her, Rinoa hung back until she saw Selphie poke her head out of the back window and whistle at her. She blushed as she hurried towards them, she would have to sit in the front, next to Seifer.